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Lew Lipset’s Online & Telephone Auction ( In Progress – Ends April 7, 2011

Auction Report is proud to be initiate coverage on Lew Lipset’s Online & Telephone Auction ( Lew Lipset has been in or hobby on a full-time basis since 1978. Lew Lipset’s current auction is open for bidding, and scheduled to end on April 7, 2011. This auction features a wide variety of cards and memorabilia including 19th Century Cards, Sets and near sets, Topps, Bowman and Fleer Sets, Graded Cards, Topps and Bowman cards, Advertising, Display and Publications, Autographs from various sports, and more!  Be sure to visit our web site at for more information. Make sure to register for this auction too.  Specific highlights of the auction include:

Rare cards including an N175 large Gypsy Queen, an 1870 CDV of the Forest City team, an 1890 Waldon Smith Players Leagu Cabinet of the Boston Club; A complete run of 1952 Topps High numbers, all PSA graded; Near complete T205, T206, T207 sets which have been broken down into 26 lots; Better complete sets including B18 Blankets, 1934 Goudey, Goudy Heads Up, Scrapps, 1948-9 Leafs (in 4 lots), Dandee Potato Chips, Journal American nr set; Historic 19th Century Cabinet cards and Baseball newspapers; over 50 Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays cards in individual lots . . .

A terrific baseball book collection from a MLB executive featuring the very rare Mike “King” Kelly’s “Play Ball” and “Busting ‘Em” with the dust jacket; Almost every Topps and Bowman baseball set from 1948-1975; A high grade run of 1952 Topps High numbers, all PSA graded in 28 lots; Almost all the Topps and Bowman Football sets; An unusually large Postcard section highlighted by a lot of 22 Bregstones, a Winthrop Flip Movie postcard of McGinnity, Panoramic team postcards of the 1907 Rustlers and the 1907 Giants; A small but powerful autograph section highlighted by 3 Babe Ruth signed items, a possible Ty Cobb single signed ball and a large collection of over 450 signed members of the College Football Hall of Fame . . .

all authenticated; Also a World Series ticket collection starting in 1912; A collection of 17 Rare Whitehead & Hoag PCL PM5’s and other rare pins; An enormous amount of wholesale lots for dealers from tobacco to thirties gum cards to hundreds of Exhibits to thousands of 1950-‘s Topps and Bowmans; In addition there are 33 lots of Football sets, rare Basketball yearbooks, 46 lots of rare golf items and 41 lots of non-sports including several rarely seen.

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