Love of the Game Auctions: A New Internet Sports Auction House

My name is Al Crisafulli, and I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to my company, Love of the Game Auctions.  Love of the Game Auctions is a new internet sports auction house catering to the passionate collector of memorabilia and cards.  We would simply like to point you in the direction of the company website, and respectfully ask you to consider registering as a bidder for our inaugural auction, slated for this October.

As a longtime collector, I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a marketing consultant for quite a few companies in the hobby. I’ve authored several collecting-related articles, served as a keynote speaker on marketing within the hobby, and been a member of several card-related message boards for quite some time. This experience has taught me a great deal about the things that are important to both collectors and consignors, and it is my hope that Love of the Game will cater to those needs. We strive to offer bidders:

• Trustworthy auctions with no hidden reserves
• No bidding against house or employee accounts
• No alteration of cards or undisclosed restoration of memorabilia
• No consignors bidding on their own material
• Fair bid increments
• Lower buyer’s premiums

I’ve always thought it was cool to follow a new company, see how it progresses, and watch its growth. I invite you to join in and follow Love of the Game, our progress, and the excellent items we’ve got lined up for our inaugural auction. It’s easy – just register on the company website here . You can also follow along on our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter – each of those pages are easily accessible from the LOTG home page.

I’d also be thrilled if you would consider LOTG if you’re interested in consigning quality material to a future auction. The deadline for our October auction is August 31, and then we’ll be gearing up for our winter sale. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to me directly at

Al Crisafulli
Love of the Game Auctions