Mastro Auctions April Premier Sale Offers Variety and Depth to Collecting Public

Amazing assortment includes high-end game used baseball bats, game worn gear, baseball cards and blue-chip items from other sports and non-sports genre Mastro Auctions’ Sports and Americana Premier sales are known for many things in the industry. With each Premier Auction, the hobby not only anticipates but expects quality, diversity and that something extra that Mastro Auctions always brings to the bidding table. In the upcoming April Premier event that extra bonus manifests itself in the form of extraordinary depth in a number of collecting areas. According to Doug Allen, president and COO of Mastro Auctions, the phenomenal array of items in certain categories will give collectors an amazing opportunity to deepen the quality and breadth of their collections.

“While all our Premier sales have an inherent quality of variety, this one goes a step further by adding an impressive vertical dimension in many areas,” says Allen. “Our clients are use to our well-rounded auctions, but this one is especially unique because it is so volume rich in many of the most popular items individuals collect.”

One of the areas that Allen says will be hard for bidders to ignore is the Premier Auction’s assortment of game used baseball bats. Similarly, the auction will feature a wide array of stellar autographed baseballs, photographs, game worn gear, as well as a deep selection of baseball cards anchored by consignments from various sources including the Gotham and Skydash Collections.

But the highlights of the auction aren’t limited to great baseball memorabilia. Allen says that there is fantastic golf and football offering with several one-of-a-kind items. In addition, the scope of the non-sports portion of the Premier Sports and Americana Auction is also substantial. “Non-sports cards and autographs, especially of political significance abound in this event,” says Allen. “We experienced a considerable influx of this type of material based on the successful fine tuning of our Premier sales last year.” Allen is referring to the company’s decision to begin offering live Connoisseur Auctions and redistributing consignments between the Premier and Connoisseur sales in a manner that was based on market feedback and research. “Both consignors and bidders have given us their stamp of approval on how we have realigned these events,” said Allen. “When the number of consignments continues to increase, you know you’re doing it right.” Bidding in Mastro Auctions’ phone/internet Premier Sports and Americana

Auction will begin on April 14 and conclude on Wednesday, April 29 and Thursday, April 30.

Specific highlights include:


Baseball Bats
Historic Babe Ruth 1934 Game Used Bat Used to Hit His 702nd Home Run and Signed by Ruth, Gehrig and 16 Other Yankee Teammates
Ruth launched this home run on July 22, 1934 in Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL. The bat signed by Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and 16 other New York Yankees was originally given to Albert V. Ott, an Equitable Life Insurance salesman with the New York Yankees at a pub in Chicago after the game.

Some eleven years following its acquisition, Ott awarded gave the bat (and along with it, an autographed ball from that same occasion) to his nephew, Jon Flamming, in South Dakota.
Headline news in Flamming’s rustic surroundings, the bat and its origins were documented in
detail in the October 4, 1945 edition of the Tyndall Tribune and Register. The bat remained in family hands until 2002, when it was released into the hobby.

The 35”, 37 oz. bat was turned to the specifications of the “R43” model which Ruth had begun ordering in 1933. This bat’s attributes date it to 1934. The black ink pennings still resonate mostly in “4-6″ strength. The scriptings include: Babe Ruth, Ben Chapman, Earle Combs, Frank Crosetti, Bill Dickey, Lou Gehrig, Lefty Gomez, Tony Lazzeri, Chas Ruffing, Joe Sewell (coach), Russ Van Atta and Dixie Walker. Added shortly thereafter, the pennings of former Yankees Jimmy Burke (coach), Eddie Farrell and Herb Pennock appear—as does the signature of former National League hurler Cy Moore. The minimum bid is $25,000.

Lou Gehrig Game Used Bat
It has been described as one of the finest game used Gehrig bats in existence. Gehrig used this bat to wreak havoc on American League pitchers during the early portion of a remarkable run. The weighty, 36-1/2-ounce weapon measures 35-3/4 inches in length. The rich, brown patina is accented by a pronounced centerbrand and well-defined barrel stampings. The smooth surface is interrupted only by scattered cleat marks. Uncracked, the high-grade ash treasure shows phenomenal game use. The minimum bid is $10,000.

Rare 1920 Walter Johnson Side Written Game Used Bat – PSA 8
A prominent collector originally obtained this war club from the Hillerich & Bradsby vault in 1982. The fact that it is the only bat to have been used by Johnson that has been offered at public auction (there is one signature model known) puts it in a league of its own. The relic hails from the 1917-1921 labeling period and its side-writing pinpoints its use to the 1920 spring training session. At 34-3/4”, 37-oz., this sizable weapon flaunts a deep brown, furniture-like patina with a pronounced, legible centerbrand and equally defined, block-letter (last name only) barrel stampings. Extending from the lower left of “dash-dot-dash” centerbrand to just beyond the barrel stamping, a grease pencil notation of “3-13-20 – 39 oz – Walter Johnson – 3-13-20” places the item directly in The Big Train’s hands. The side-writing is the equivalent of a request for the shipment of identical models from this one’s Kentucky birthplace. The minimum bid is $10,000.

Jimmy Foxx Bat
This Hillerich & Bradsby signature model batwielded by the appropriately nicknamed “Double X” during the latter portion of his remarkable career. Turned during the 1944-1945 labeling period, this 35″, 35-1/2 oz. white ash weapon is “Ruthian” in its dimensions-especiallyso among post 1920s and 1930s examples. The rich brown furniture-like finish is accented by a pronounced centerbrand and barrel stampings, the latter detail flaunting a
well-defined facsimile signature. The lack of a model number stamping pinpoints this particular treasure to 1944 or 1945, undeniably sealing its status as a Hall of Fame gamer. The telltale signs of use are absolutely phenomenal. Minimum bid $5,000.

Roy Campanella Game Used Bat – PSA 6
Here offered is a Dodger blue hitting relic whose one-time owner succeeded in helping break the game’s color barrier: a Hillerich & Bradsby “G80″ block-letter (last name only) bat brandished by Roy Campanella during his spectacular and abbreviated career. The offered weapon was turned during the 1950-1960 labeling period and can be narrowed to 1950-1957, as Campanella was paralyzed in an automobile wreck shortly after the latter season thus, robbing the 36-year-old—and Major League Baseball—of additional seasons of stellar play. This 35-1/2”, 35-1/2-oz. white ash weapon features a rich brown patina from which the centerbrand and barrel stampings emerge prominently. Minimum bid $2,500.

1930s Rogers Hornsby Game Used Bat
Hornsby used this Hillerich & Bradsby signature model bat during the twilight of his storied career. Turned during the 1934-1944 labeling period, this particular white ash lumber can be narrowed to the first four seasons of that span. With dimensions of 34-3/4 inches and 35-1/2 ounces, this Kentucky-turned weapon boasts a rich brown finish, prominent centerbrand and barrel stampings. The item shows heavy use, with ball, bat-rack, cleat and surface marks throughout. Minimum bid $2,500.


Graded Single Cards and Sets

1912 E270 Colgan’s Chips Tin Top Joe Jackson – SGC 86 NM+ 7.5
During the brief period of this piece’s circulation, “Shoeless Joe” was among the most idolized and successful baseball players in the sport. This fabled rarity, measuring about 1-1/2″ in diameter, devotes the entirety of its obverse to Jackson’s likeness, background, and caption. This is one of just two copies, in total, documented by major third-party grading services. This amazing collectible is from the Skydash Collection. The minimum bid is $10,000.

1952 Bowman #101 Mickey Mantle – PSA GEM MT 10 “1 of 2!”
Just one other example is confirmed at this level. Presented is a spectacular copy of Mickey Mantle’s second-year card. The depiction of “The Mick” is radiant, and every detail glows with perfect gloss and pack-fresh brightness. Impossibly white borders surround his fabulously centered picture, and the most distinct corners ever seen complete this immaculate card’s front presentation. The reverse is commensurately fine in all respects. Minimum bid $5,000.

1936 World Wide Gum #51 Joe DiMaggio Rookie – SGC 84 NM7
Presented is an almost never-seen, very early Joe DiMaggio collectible that was produced in Canada for distribution solely in that country. The compelling, black-and-white photo card hails from the sparsely distributed 1936 V355 World Wide Gum series, a counterpart to Goudey’s “Big League Chewing Gum” product. This is an admirably clean card, with a striking image on its obverse. The Hall of Famer’s unique portrait image is strong and well-detailed. This is an emotionally gratifying and historically meaningful baseball relic of the highest caliber. Minimum bid $2,500.

1933 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie – PSA EX 5
The offered card’s colors are bold and bright. All aspects of its print are legible, and the card’s eye appeal is quite favorable. This example, of one of the hobby’s pair of most sought-after baseball cards (the other, of course, being the famous T206 Honus Wagner), stands ready to fill a 70-year-old omission in a thoroughly supreme ’33 Goudey set. Minimum bid $2,500.

1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle Rookie – PSA NM-MT 8
Among more than 1,000 copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting, just eleven examples have been placed at a higher tier. This is a nicely centered and printline-free, flagship collectible. Minimum bid $2,500.

1909-11 T206 White Border Christy Mathewson – White Cap Proof Card – SGC “Authentic”
Outside of a significant find of proof cards discovered at the American Sports Card Collectors Association Show in 1973, very few T206 artifacts of this kind have surfaced. All of those cards have been absorbed into collections, and examples are very seldom made available. As is typical with proof cards, this “Mathewson, White Cap” specimen is hand-cut and carries printed proofing marks in the margins. It displays a blank back and is missing the name and caption. Ex-Copeland Collection. Minimum bid $2,500.

1923-24 “Billiken” Oscar Charleston – SGC 60 EX 5
This is a “1 of 1″ at its tier with just two higher-graded copies extant. The consummate superstar, exacting his skills through much of the history of the 20th Century, Oscar Charleston was exceptional in every aspect of the game. Like many of his peers, Charleston played the regular season in an assortment of American venues, then, without interruption, continued through the winter months in Latin America. This card of the great Charleston delivers his image as a young man when he played for Santa Clara (as is captioned beneath his photo) in the Cuban League. Distributed as insert pieces and sponsored by Billiken Cigars, the issue appeared in 1923. Minimum bid $2,500.

1953 Stahl Meyer PSA-Graded Complete Set – #1 on the PSA Set Registry
Stahl-Meyer baseball cards, the regionally confined, 3-1/4″ x 4-1/2” collectibles picturing selected Giants, Dodgers and Yankees, are guaranteed to provoke nostalgia-fests among serious hobbyists. With respect to desirability, as well as holistic visual appeal, the offered examples form an assembly that is advanced beyond all others on earth and which has, indeed, so convincingly surpassed any existing counterpart that it literally inhabits “a league of its own.” The set includes: PSA MINT 9: 4 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 3 cards; PSA NM 7: 1 card; PSA EX-MT 6: 1 card. The minimum bid is $5,000.

1956 Topps PSA NM 7 Complete Master Set (354)
The offered 1956 Topps complete master set is clearly the product of a long series of very careful selections. Many cards have been meticulously hand-picked for centering and aesthetic eye-appeal. The set merits significant accolades for condition and preservation qualities throughout. Lavishly wonderful full-color artwork that features each player in action subtly placed next to his portrait, the 1956 Topps set has turned out to be one of the most popular sets ever produced by the company. Minimum bid $5,000.

1951 Bowman PSA NM-MT 8 Partial Set (169/252)
Just over 60% of the 1960 Topps set is represented here, all in stellar high-grade condition. Includes: Graded PSA NM-MT 8: 169 cards. The cards’ aggregate SMR value is more than $17,000. Minimum bid $5,000.

1941 Play Ball Low Number PSA NM-MT 8 Collection (39 Different)
Presented is a 39-card gallery of 1941 Play Ball baseball cards, each among the low-number series, #’s 1 through 48. Card #’s 1, 4, 11, 28, 40 and 47 match the highest grade known and have none graded higher. The cards’ combined SMR value exceeds $14,500. Minimum bid $2,500.

1951 Bowman PSA MINT 9 Collection (21)
Every card in this assembly has a population no higher than six; almost every card equals the highest grade level known with none graded higher. The cards’ combined SMR value exceeds $8,500. Minimum bid $2,500.

1951 Bowman Low Number PSA MINT 9 Collection (32)
Almost two-thirds of this assembly equals the highest grade level known with no like example graded higher. The cards’ combined SMR value exceeds $13,500. Minimum bid $2,500.

1909 E95 Philadelphia Caramel Complete Set (25) – #3 on the PSA Set Registry!
This edition is the first of two card sets issued by the Philadelphia Caramel Co. beginning in 1909. The E95 series is considered one of the finest looking early candy/caramel issues. The Philadelphia Caramel Co. relied heavily on previously used art for its non-baseball issues, so it is with a bit of irony that this series offers some of the finest looking illustrative portraits found within any of these early issues. Includes PSA EX-MT 6: 7 cards; PSA EX 5: 12 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 4 cards; PSA VG 3: 2 cards. Minimum bid $2,500.

1948 Leaf SGC-Graded Complete Master Set (101)
Arguably the most difficult post-war gum set to complete is the 1948-49 Leaf issue. Skip-numbered throughout (possibly to confound young collector’s into buying more cards), the set is replete with 49 difficult single-prints, comprising half the basic 98-card set. This presentation also offers all three of the cataloged variation cards (#102 Gene Hermanski/”Hermansk” #136 Alberson short sleeve and #142 Peterson/Red Cap) for “master set” status. Includes: SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 1 card; SGC 84 NM 7: 18 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 17 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 21 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 14 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 18 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 4 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 4 cards; SGC Authentic: 1 card. Minimum bid $2,500.

1921 E253 Oxford Confectionery PSA-Graded Complete Set (20)
Judging by the lack of surviving examples, and no known redemption offer of any type, these cards probably saw very limited distribution. This is potentially an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire such fine examples from this very scarce, condition sensitive issue. Includes PSA NM-MT 8: 2 cards; PSA NM 7: 4 cards; PSA EX-MT 6: 5 cards; PSA EX 5: 3 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 4 cards; PSA VG 3: 1 card; PSA GD 2: 1 card. Minimum bid $2,500.

1910 D322 Tip Top Bread Pittsburgh Pirates SGC-Graded Near Set (24/25)
Tip Top Bakery has long been a franchised operation. On three separate occasions during the 20th Century, the company promoted itself with baseball “card” productions. Presented is a 24-card near set of that earliest effort, which became available in western Pennsylvania in 1910 and specifically celebrated the World Champions Pittsburgh Pirates. The method of distribution for the issue is uncertain. Includes: Graded SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 1 card; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 11 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 4 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 5 cards; SGC 10 PR 1: 1 card. Minimum bid $2,500.

1911 T9 Turkey Red Boxers Complete Set (26) – #6 on the PSA Set Registry!
The T3 Turkey Red baseball cards are considered by many to be the most beautiful sport card issues ever created. The T9 Turkey Red boxing cards, with the same high class artwork and ornate golden wood-grain borders are every bit as breathtaking as their baseball counterparts. Includes: Graded PSA EX 5: 15 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 6 cards; PSA GD 2: 2 cards; and PSA PR-FR 1: 3 cards. Minimum bid $1,000.

Partially Graded or Ungraded Single Cards and Sets

1909-11 T206 White Border Near Set (518/524)
The 1909-11 T206 White Border tobacco insert series is undoubtedly the most immediately recognizable and widely collected issue in our industry. Included in this assembly are the great names of Cobb, Johnson, Young, Lajoie, and a significant number of their contemporaries. In total, 129 cards have been graded by SGC. Minimum bid $5,000.

1911 T205 Gold Border Near Master Set (219/220)
The 1911 T205 Gold Border issue is one of the most visually stunning productions. Card after card, every detailed portrait offers sharp detail and grand colors, each encompassed by a regal frame of glistening gold. In total, 104 cards have been graded by a third party service. Includes: PSA EX 5: 5 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 1 card; PSA VG-EX 4: 34 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 4 cards; PSA VG 3: 22 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 10 cards; GAI G-VG 2.5: 1 card; PSA GD 2: 12 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 4 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 6 cards; GAI FR 1.5: 1 card; PSA PR-FR 1: 2 cards; SGC 10 PR 1: 2 cards. Minimum bid $2,500.

1949-1951 Bowman Complete Sets (3)
In total, 36 Hall of Famers, stars, “key” rookie cards, and some higher grade commons have been graded by SGC. Includes: 1949 Bowman (240) – Complete set of 240 cards; 1950 Bowman (252) – Complete set of 252 cards; 1951 Bowman (324) – Complete set of 324 cards. Minimum bid $2,500.

1922 E120 American Caramel Complete Set (240)
This 240-card project of all Major League players was one of the first sets produced utilizing two distinct motifs depending on the league. Sepia-tone cards portray American League players while a greenish-blue hue was reserved for National League representatives. In total, 32 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card; SGC 60 EX 5: 6 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 6 cards: SGC 40 VG 3: 13 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 3 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 2 cards; SGC Authentic: 1 card. Minimum bid $2,500.

1909-11 T206 White Border Partial Set (440/521)
From the Skydash Collection. The three-year T206 White Border production is without a doubt the building block of most, if not all, vintage card collections. This is the first time the following group is being offered at public auction. In total, 97 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: Graded SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 20 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 41 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 29 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 5 cards. The minimum bid is $2,500.

1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders Complete Set (132)
This popular tobacco issue is one of the most ingenious sets ever produced. The set boasts an abundance of Hall of Famers, including multiple cards of Cobb, Mathewson, Johnson, Speaker and others. In total, 87 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: Graded PSA NM-MT+ 8.5: 1 card; PSA NM-MT 8: 1 card; PSA NM 7: 1 card; PSA EX-MT 6: 11 cards; PSA EX+ 5.5: 6 cards; PSA EX 5: 32 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 20 cards; PSA VG 3: 2 cards; PSA FR 1.5: 1 card; PSA PR 1: 4 cards. Minimum bid $2,500.


Mickey Mantle’s 1958 New York Yankees Road Jersey
The gray flannel button-down garment features “NEW YORK” arched across the chest in blue felt characters—completely original in their block-style arrangement. Within the collar, a felt strip tag reads: “Mantle – 1958,” which is embroidered in blue cursive. The tapered left front tail features a “Wilson” size “42” manufacturer’s label. The latter identifier bears a handwritten (black marker) notation of “59.” This is undoubtedly an indication that the jersey was subsequently worn at the minor league level. On the back, the outline of Mantle’s famed number “7” is very clear, filled right down to the serifed borders with the bluish tint from the since-removed felt. Sewn atop the aforementioned remnants, “57” appears in blue felt, with the latter number a different style than the jersey’s original “7.” The jersey shows evidence of heavy wear. Minimum bid $25,000.

Earl Averill Early to Mid 1930s Cleveland Indians Jersey
The Hall of Famer wore this Cleveland Indians road jersey during the 1937 season. Having not debuted until the age of 27, Averill was 35 as he performed in this flannel/wool blend button-down garment. Averill’s ’37 jersey features a blue pinstripe pattern and blue-and-white-striped piping along the neck line and button path. In black felt characters, “CLEVELAND” is arched across the chest, while Averill’s since-retired number “3” is sewn to the back. Heavy wear is evident. Minimum bid $2,500.

Fred Toney Late 1910s – Early 1920s New York Giants Game Worn Ensemble Including Jersey
This gray flannel button-down garment features an embroidered “NY” on the left sleeve. Within the collar, a vintage “A.G. SPALDING” manufacturer’s label is sewn just below a chain-stitched cursive notation of “Toney.” The latter feature suggests use by former pitcher Fred Toney, who was not to debut (with the Chicago Cubs) until the year following the completion of this style’s run. Recalled almost exclusively as one of the principals in baseball’s only “double no-hit” game, Toney may have reported to the Giants spring camp during this era and simply never made the opening day roster. Original and unaltered, the jersey shows medium wear. Minimum bid $2,500.

Reggie Jackson 1968 Oakland Athletics Game Worn Uniform
This Oakland A’s home jersey was worn by Jackson during the team’s inaugural campaign in the Bay Area. Like Jackson, this gold-colored flannel button-down vest is truly “one of a kind,” as its particular design was used in 1968 only. Arched across the chest green-on-white, “OAKLAND” is stitched in upper case characters. On the back, the Hall of Famer’s since-retired number “9” is sewn in green-on-white double twill. Completely original and unaltered, this prized apparel shows medium wear. Minimum bid $2,500.


Fantastic Babe Ruth Single Signed Ball – PSA/DNA NM+ 7.5
Presented is an OAL (Harridge) baseball bearing the immaculate single signature of the “Sultan of Swat,” Babe Ruth. The sweet spot panel of this off-white sphere is the perfect background to highlight the awesome autograph of Ruth, which has been placed in deep and robust blue ink. There is no hobby item that inspires greater interest and more universal recognition than a single signed Babe Ruth baseball. The unmarked ball, which hails from the 1940s and carries a muted effect in its manufacturer’s stampings, acts as the ideal canvas for the autograph of baseball’s greatest hero. Minimum bid $10,000.

Mint Condition Babe Ruth Single Signed Ball – Another One!
The “star” beneath President Harridge’s facsimile signature—and with it, Ruth’s signature—dates the ball to sometime between opening day of 1946 and August 16, 1948. It was during the former year that Ruth complained of severe pain above his left eye. The source of this discomfort was a malignant tumor on the left side of his neck—a growth that almost completely encircled his artery. His cancer well advanced, Ruth could only endure radiation treatments and occasional remission—but by and large, he dealt with a horribly painful bout during which his once-massive frame was reduced to a mere shell. Once his days became numbered, Ruth was the recipient of hundreds of letters daily. Most contained autograph requests, prompting Ruth to gesture for “My cards”—a stack of picture postcards that he signed, usually 100 at a time. That compliant and giving spirit is evidenced on the offered ball. Minimum bid $10,000.

Roberto Clemente Single Signed Ball
A splendid “8-9” blue ink signature is nicely situated on the sweet spot of the Worth “Official League” sphere. Clemente “singles” of this quality are quite desirable and rarely offered. Clemente passed away in 1972 and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973. Minimum bid $1,000.

1929 Jimmy Foxx’s First Home Run Ball
Here is a chance to own a one-of-a-kind October and Cooperstown relic: the actual ball hit by Foxx for his first World Series home run. Priceless in that regard alone, the sphere is all the more appealing in that twenty members of that world championship squad have signed it. The man who retrieved Foxx’s blast subsequently had it decorated with twenty of the victors’ autographs. This OAL (Barnard) example features black ink signatures that project “7-9″Â overall strength (with a few lesser). The pennings include: Mickey Cochrane, Eddie Collins, Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove, Connie Mack (Mgr), and Al Simmons, Minimum bid $1,000.

Superb Ruth, Gehrig, W. Johnson and Cronin Signed Ball
Throughout the history of the American League, it seems the New York Yankees have somehow been assigned the role of circuit enforcers, annually running the table en route to October supremacy. The offered OAL (Harridge) baseball can be viewed as symbolic of the above-mentioned traditions and the willingness of contenders to comply. The unusual quartet of black ink, fountain tip pennings includes Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe Cronin, and Walter Johnson. The medium hails from the early portion of Harridge’s presidency, most likely, from 1932. Ruth has assumed occupancy of the sweet spot, where his trademark sizable scripting projects “9” strength. Ever the co-star, Lou Gehrig has signed an adjacent panel, his signature showing “8” strength. Walter Johnson and Joe Cronin signed on opposite panels. Executed just above Harridge’s facsimile signature, Cronin’s autograph shows “7-8” quality. Johnson’s penmanship warrants a “3” assessment. Minimum bid $1,000.

1918 Cincinnati Reds Team Signed Ball with Mathewson
In 1918, Cincinnati Reds skipper Christy Mathewson enlisted in the U.S. Army—with 10 games remaining in a season that was abbreviated by order of the government. Stationed in France with the Chemical Service unit, the Hall of Fame pitcher was accidentally gassed during a training exercise, causing him to contract tuberculosis that was to fell him less than seven years later. Here offered is an ONL (Heydler) ball signed by Mathewson and his Reds charges during that 1918 campaign—Matty’s last as a big league pilot. Executed in black ink, 18 steel tip fountain pen signatures average about “4-6” strength. Includes: Haines (“5-6”), Mathewson (Mgr, “5-6”), and Roush (“3-4”). Minimum bid $1,000.

1930s Multi Signed Ball with Johnson, Ruth, Cobb and Numerous Others
One by one, the brightest stars in the baseball firmament signed the offered ONL (Heydler) ball nearly a century ago. The signings likely initiated at the 1924 World Series, the factors that combined in gathering such coveted scriptings most definitely included extensive travel and patience. Includes: Ty Cobb (sweet spot, (“5-6”), Frankie Frisch, Bucky Harris (“9”), Travis Jackson (“3”), Hugh Jennings, George Kelly (“5-6”), Walter Johnson (“8”), Babe Ruth (“9″), Bill Terry, Hack Wilson, and Ross Youngs. Minimum bid $1,000.


George Burke Significant Negative Collection
A veritable treasure trove is offered in this extensive collection of 3,721 different original negatives. Taken by either noted photographer George Burke or his partner George Brace, numerous vivid depictions of baseball’s greatest names are contained within this significant archive. These pieces are well-preserved, and each moment captured on these primarily 5″ x 7″ items (54 images measure 3-1/2″ x 4-3/4″) can be transferred onto modern photographic paper. Within the array of film images that picture one or more superstars (a very small percentage of items feature multiple players), are 81 different Cooperstown inductees. Includes: Chief Bender, Kiki Cuyler (9), Dizzy Dean (7), Joe DiMaggio (5), Leo Durocher (7), Johnny Evers, Jimmie Foxx (20), Lou Gehrig (5), Rogers Hornsby (7), Walter Johnson (3), Connie Mack (2), Rabbit Marranville (4), Stan Musial, Mel Ott (6), Pee Wee Reese, Sam Rice (2), Babe Ruth (7), Casey Stengel (4), Pie Traynor (4), Honus Wagner, Lloyd Waner (8), Paul Waner (8), and Ted Williams (4). Minimum bid $5,000.

1910s-1980s Hall of Famers Photographs Collection (712) Including Clemente, DiMaggio and Ott
This fascinating and extensive array of 712 photos—with virtually no duplication—covers individuals and groups, close-ups and full-length depictions of nearly 100 different Cooperstown enshrinees, the vast majority of whom were captured during their playing career. Many of the (mostly) first-generation news service photographs (only a small number are second generation or photographers shots) were made famous through books, national periodicals, and publications such as The Sporting News. The Hall of Famers captured include Aaron (2), Clemente (2), Cuyler (2), Dean (17), DiMaggio (3), Durocher (10), Foxx (4), Greenberg (29), Hornsby (9), Koufax (20), Lajoie (3), Landis (5), Lazzeri (3), Ott (7), Paige (12), Veeck (15), L. Waner (4), and P. Waner (5), Minimum bid $5,000.

1920s-1940s Original George Burke 4″ x 6″ Photographic Archive (2,500+) Including More Than 180 Hall of Famer Images!
This is the largest and finest George Burke/George Brace photo collection ever presented at auction. It is a thoroughly engrossing gathering of more than 2,500 pictures produced by the Windy City outfit. As the official photographers for the Chicago Cubs, the tandem quickly became renowned for their candid pre-game photos and thought-provoking portrait depictions. The significantly extensive assortment of mainly first-generation, 4″ x 6” photos has truly captured the essence of America’s game, as it existed during the early 20th Century. Showcased within this collection are a number of single-subject, multi-subject, and team shots made iconic by various card sets and publications such as Who’s Who in the Major Leagues, The Sporting News, and Baseball Digest. Among the ballplayers pictured—many of whom appear multiple times in differing poses—are Earl Averill, Jim Bottomley, Earle Combs, Kiki Cuyler, Dizzy Dean, Leo Durocher, Red Faber, Bob Feller, Rick Ferrell, Jimmie Foxx, Frank Frisch, Lou Gehrig, Chas. Gehringer, Lefty Gomez, Goose Goslin, Hank Greenberg, Burleigh Grimes, Chick Haffey, Jesse Haines, Gabby Hartnett, Bill Herman, Rogers Hornsby, Waite Hoyt, Travis Jackson, Walter Johnson, George Kelley, Chuck Klein, Freddie Lindstrom, Ernie Lombardi, Al Lopez, Heinie Manush, Rabbit Maranville, Joe McCarthy, Bill McKechnie, Joe Medwick, Johnny Mize, Hal Newhouser, Mel Ott, Edd Roush, Red Ruffing, Babe Ruth, Al Simmons, Enos Slaughter, Duke Snider, Casey Stengel, Lloyd Waner, Paul Waner and Hack Wilson. Minimum bid $5,000.


Remarkable 1931 Josh Gibson Twice-Signed Harrison Studios Photo Postcard – PSA “Authentic”
The foremost authorities of Negro League history unanimously agree that its mightiest slugger was Josh Gibson. The prodigious output of his home run performances (said to be as many as 800 in his 16-year career) is the stuff of legend. Much like his very sudden home runs, Josh Gibson didn’t slowly graduate into a career of professional baseball. Ultimately, he served the Homestead Grays for the majority of his career, but did so by way of three separate tenures. It was during the first of these (1930-33) that his image was recorded for this photo postcard. This is the only card known of Gibson shown alone during his playing days. Incredibly, there appears his autograph on the reverse as well. This one is personalized “To my pal Joe Lewis From Joshua Gibson.” Minimum bid $5,000.

Incredibly Rare 1930s Jud Wilson Signed Photo Postcard – PSA “Authentic”
This is not only the rookie card of Jud Wilson, it’s currently the only known card of him! A third baseman by trade, Wilson plied his career chiefly with the Baltimore Black Sox and the Philadelphia Stars. In two separate tenures, however, he contracted with the Homestead Grays (1931-32, and again toward his autumn years). And it was during the former period, it is thought, that his image was conveyed in this postcard. Wilson signed this postcard in its broad lower border. Penned simply “J. Wilson,” it is a splendid autograph projecting at a magnitude of “9.” Minimum bid $2,500.

Babe Ruth Autographed Bat with Spectacular Signature
The offered bat was turned during the 1933-1934 labeling period to “imitation” specifications, but its retail status is quickly disregarded when beholding the bold and distinct signature of Ruth, himself. This white ash weapon was meant for use by a player not quite up to Ruth’s everyday strength, as its 32-oz weight is decidedly less than that of the models to which Ruth was accustomed. Store model or not, all estimations of the lumber’s inherent value are quickly escalated upon viewing the hitting surface. There, Ruth’s black ink, steel tip scripting resonates “8” in strength. Minimum bid $1,500.

1901 Pittsburgh Pirates Oversized Team Photo Signed by Harry Pulliam
It’s simply outrageous—an original team photograph of the pennant-winning Pirates of 1901 AND a centrally situated signature of Harry Pulliam. First to the matter of the players themselves. This studio-orchestrated assembly was posed very late in the season (most likely shortly after Pittsburgh clinched the circuit’s title). Featured are: Jack Chesbro, Honus Wagner and Fred Clarke. The crown jewel of this photograph, however, is its signed presentation. Signings penned by Harry Pulliam are indeed rare. Minimum bid $1,000.


Luis Aparicio’s 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series Champion Ring
Following Chicago’s 2005 World Series victory, ex-Sox shortstop and Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio—who starred for the ballclub from 1956-1962, and again from 1968-1970—was awarded this World Series ring. Thirty-four shimmering diamonds form the “SOX” symbol at the top of the ring. Then, a string of twenty-eight brilliant stones, and a second string consisting of thirty authentic jewels border the glistening team emblem. On one side, the ring displays “APARICIO,” the team record of “99-63,” the MLB symbol and the former standout’s jersey number, “11.” The raised design on the opposing shank exhibits “WORLD CHAMPIONS 2005” and the team’s postseason record of “11-1.” Minimum bid $5,000.

1996 World Champion New York Yankees World Series Ring
Here is one of the finest keepsakes available from the magical 1966 season: a genuine, 10K gold, diamond-studded championship ring once bestowed on franchise executive Eddie Robinson. Twenty-three diamonds form the club’s “NY” insignia at the top of the piece, and bordering the diamond design is raised lettering that exhibits, “WORLD CHAMPIONS 1996.” On one shank, the ring displays the team logo flanked by the depiction of the Yankee Stadium facade and engraved lettering that reads, “TRADITION.” The opposing shank showcases “ROBINSON,” a detailed depiction of the World Series trophy, and the engraved “COURAGE” and “HEART.” Minimum bid $2,500.

1998 World Champion New York Yankees World Series Ring (Executive)
This Yankees World Series ring was awarded to team executive Eddie Robinson following the Bombers’ 1998 Fall Classic triumph. The shimmering, 10-karat-gold example features the Yankees “NY” insignia formed by 24 diamonds against an iridescent blue stone. The perimeter of this brilliant presentation is surrounded by 24 more authentic stones, which are then bordered by the words “WORLD CHAMPIONS 1998.” On one side, the Balfour size 9 ring showcases “125-50” and “Best Ever” flanking the Yankees top-hat logo design. The opposing shank exhibits the name “ROBINSON” seated above a relief of Yankee Stadium and the championship trophy. Minimum bid $2,500.


Amazing 1894 N302 Mayo Cut Plug Football PSA-Graded Complete Set (35) – #1 Set on the Registry the Last 4 Years!
The excruciatingly scarce N302 Mayo 19th Century sepia-photo football cards are the true foundation pieces of that sport’s collecting hobby. The 1-5/8″ x 2-7/8″, black-bordered tobacco inserts feature an array of the era’s outstanding Ivy League players, and the issue was the first ever made to showcase exclusively gridiron subjects. This is without question one of the most significant football card offerings to emerge in recent memory. The minimum bid is $10,000.

Water Color Artwork of Notre Dame’s “Touchdown Jesus”
This is an original water color artwork of the endearing mosaic that graces the entrance to Hesburgh Library at the University of Notre Dame. Mirroring the raised arms of a referee signifying that a touchdown has been scored, the image, installed during the Spring of 1964, was conceived by artist Millard Sheets (1907-1989) who was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Howard V. Phalin to create a work large enough to cover the southern face of the tower that would be visible from the football stadium. This colorful rendition (24″ x 62″) appears to be a preliminary “sketch” of the final composition. Minimum bid $2,500.

1955 Through 1976 Topps Complete Set Run (23 Different) – An Instant Collection!
Remarkably preserved through the years, this mid to high-grade assembly encompasses just over two decades of Topps issues. Showcasing this collection are the rookie appearances of the grid-iron greats; Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Paul Hornung, Jim Brown, Mike Ditka, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Namath, O.J. Simpson, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach and Walter Payton. An astonishing 150 cards have been graded by PSA. Minimum bid $1,500.


Tiger Woods Signed 2006 Masters Tournament Final Round Worn Nike Polo
It is difficult to overstate the immense significance of this offering. Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer in history—as well as one of the most dominant athletes in the annals of all sports—and the Sunday final-round “red shirt” is his calling card at the Masters. Tiger’s iconic shirt from that fateful Sunday, April 9, 2006, displays the white Nike “swoosh” on the left chest, and stitched on the back, just below the collar, is the integrated “TW” emblem that designates Woods’ own brand of links regalia. Tiger graced the front of the piece with a carefully executed, black Sharpie signature, “Tiger Woods” (perfect “10”). What’s more, Woods himself acknowledged the singularity of the item by adding “1/1″ to note that this shirt is the only such example of its kind. The minimum bid is $10,000.

Phenomenal Tiger Woods Signed Buick Match Used Golf Bag
Two of Tiger Woods’ closest relationships in the world of golf began in 1999, when the budding superstar was enjoying his fourth season on the PGA Tour. First came his caddy and confidant Steve Williams. Next, his ubiquitous sponsor Buick. In the past nearly ten years, both of those relationships have endured and expanded. All the while, Tiger’s Buick golf bag on Williams’ shoulders has become part of Tiger Woods’ Identity. Presented here is one of those very golf bags, produced and match-issued for Tiger Woods himself. But what makes this leather bag so particularly special is the adornment of Tiger’s picture-perfect signature. The black-marker autograph is both gargantuan and supremely impressive, measuring 5″ wide by 6” tall (!) and rating no less than “10” in strength. Minimum bid $5,000.

Jack Nicklaus’ Twice-Signed, Tournament Used MacGregor Golf Bag
Following the 1988 Ronald McDonald House charity event held at the Brookridge Country Club in Overland Park, Kansas, Nicklaus contributed this item, which was one of three tournament-used bags donated for the major event (the other two were bags used by Lee Trevino and Ray Floyd). The green-and-white bag displays “Jack Nicklaus” embossed on the front in white lettering, and the sides exhibit “MacGregor” in green characters. Nicklaus added a pair of signatures to the sides of the bag. The neatly penned, black marker inscriptions project “9” strength. Minimum bid $900.


Ultra-Rare 1969/70 Topps Complete Set (99 Cards) Full Uncut Sheet – One of Only Two Known Examples!
Just one surviving counterpart of this impressive, fully printed item has been confirmed to exist. The sheet’s content, presented in a 9-card-by-11-card arrangement, includes the rookie card of Lew Alcindor, as well as collectibles of Wilt Chamberlain, John Havlicek, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and other stars. Minimum bid $2,500.

Amazing Connie Hawkins 1967-68 Pittsburgh Pipers ABA Warm-Up Jacket
Making his mark in the inaugural season (1967-68) of the upstart ABA, Hawkins poured in a league-best 26.8 points per game and earned MVP laurels as he led the Pittsburgh Pipers to the championship. Offered here is a Pittsburgh Pipers warm-up jacket worn by the 6-foot-8 forward/center during that auspicious showing. This white fleece (snap) button-down garment features a 14″-diameter ABA logo patch on the back, with “ALL LEAGUE” and “1967 1968” flanking the badge-style logo in white characters. Atop that feature, a blue name plate is home to “HAWKINS.” Moderate wear is evident. Minimum bid $1,500.

Extremely Scarce 1970/71 Topps Full Uncut Sheet (99 Cards) Including Three Pete Maravich Rookie Cards – The Only Known Example!
This is the only sheet of its kind that’s been confirmed to exist in fully intact form. The attention-grabbing survivor measures 28” x 43”, and its content are spectacular! Three Pete Maravich rookie cards are present, plus collectibles of West (3), Frazier (3), Robertson AS (3), Baylor AS (3), Havlicek AS (3) and Cunningham (3). Minimum bid $1,500.


Wayne Gretzky Early 1980s Edmonton Oilers Game Worn Home Jersey
By the time he took flight to Los Angeles in 1988, Gretzky owned or shared 49 different records and was the vital component on four Stanley Cup championship teams. On the ice during the early portion of the amazing run was the very apparel offered here. Includes: Jersey – a blue-mesh, pullover garment with team logo patch sewn to the front center. On a white, satin-like backing, “OILERS” is embroidered in blue. In orange-on-white double satin twill, the legend’s since-retired (league-wide) number “99” decorates the back and three-quarter length sleeves. On a name plate atop the number on the back, “GRETZKY” is chain stitched in white characters. The jersey exhibits solid wear. Pants – tailored from blue nylon, the leg wear features multiple pads sewn within the thighs and throughout the waistline. The pants exhibit expected wear, as well, with war-induced scuff marks throughout. Minimum bid $2,500.

Mark Messier 1984/85 Edmonton Oilers Game Worn Road Jersey
This Oilers road jersey was worn by the gritty Hall of Famer-to be during that initial championship season of 1984-85. This blue mesh, long-sleeve pullover garment boasts a 9-1/2″-diameter “OILERS” team logo patch and the club’s “A” emblem is stitched to the left breast in orange-blue-and-white twill to indicate Messier’s assistant captain status. The ice icon’s familiar number “11” is sewn to the back and mid-portion of each sleeve in blue-outlined, orange-on-white tackle twill with “MESSIER” sewn above the number on the back in white characters. One is hard-pressed to find a Messier game jersey with more appropriate wear. Minimum bid $1,500.

1991 NHL All-Star Steve Yerzman ‘s Signed Game Worn Western Conference Jersey
This All-Star Game jersey was worn and signed by the Canadian-born superstar as he represented the Campbell Conference’s finest in the 1991 tilt at the Chicago Stadium. This white mesh pullover garment boasts a sizable “NHL” crest sewn to the front in black-on-orange-on-white triple tackle twill. Yzerman’s since-retired number “19” is sewn to the back in orange-on-black double twill while “YZERMAN” is sewn to a name plate atop the number in black block-style characters. On the upper left front, Yzerman’s black marker signature projects “8” strength. Minimum bid $1,000.


Extensive 1920s Thru 1950s Boxing Exhibit Card Collection (685)
This amazing hoard is among the largest and most comprehensive collection of 1920’s-50’s boxing exhibit cards that Mastro Auctions has ever offered. Almost every card is different. Totals include: 1921 (47), 1922 (16), 1923 (36), 1925 (45), 1926 (18), 1927 (46), 1928 various colors (142), 1920’s-30’s anonymous (141) and 1940’s-50’s (192). Some of the champions include: James Corbett, Jack Johnson, Jim Jeffries (2), Stanley Ketchel, John L. Sullivan, Jack Dempsey (15), Jess Willard (4), Gene Tunney (11), Georges Carpentier (5), Max Schmeling (7), Rocky Marciano (2 – one is graded SGC 80 EX/NM 6), Ray Robinson (4 – one is graded SGC 80 EX/NM 6), Cassius Clay, Sonny Liston (2), Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson (3) and many, many other champions from all weight classes. Minimum bid $1,500.

1890 N310 Mayo’s Cut Plug Boxers SGC-Graded Matched “Type A/Name At Top” Complete Set (35) – #1 on the SGC Set Registry!
Presented is a 35-card complete set of one of the earliest and most significant 19th Century tobacco insert card series dedicated to the sport of boxing. Its members include such prizefighting champions as John L. Sullivan, Bob Fitzsimmons, Jake Kilrain and Jas. J. Corbett, as well as some of the earliest portrayals of African-American athletes, all depicted in flattering “fists-up” or portrait poses in a pleasing, sepia-photo medium. Includes: SGC 60 EX 5: 1 card; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 7 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 10 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 10 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 3 cards; SGC 10 PR 1: 3 cards; SGC Authentic: 1 card. A key fact about the offered set is that these 35 cards constitute a “matched set” of the issue’s challenging Type A variety—wherein the name of each fighter appears at the top of the obverse illustration. Minimum bid $1,000.


1887 N184 Kimball “Champions of Games and Sports” SGC-Graded Complete Set (50) – Matched Set of Rare “Without Ad” Varieties
To remain competitive with Goodwin’s and Allen & Ginter’s popular Champions series (N162 and N28, respectively), Kimball introduced their own series of “Champions of Games and Sports,” which showcased 50 stars of various athletic fields including four representatives from America’s newest pastime—baseball. The illustrations display a wonderful level of elegance and refinement for an issue that is overlooked by many hobbyists. Includes: Graded SGC 84 NM 7: 2 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 1 card; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 12 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 9 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 15 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 4 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 3 cards; SGC 10 PR 1: 1 card; SGC Authentic: 1 card. Minimum bid $1,500.

Kenny Bernstein 1990 Budweiser Racing Uniform Fire Suit
A man widely hailed as the greatest drag racer in the sport’s history, Kenny Bernstein, wore this Budweiser racing uniform/fire suit. The long-sleeved, zippered jumpsuit-style outfit shows “Budweiser” across the midsection on both the front and back, and “Quaker State” is featured above the beer-maker’s designation on the back of the piece. Embossed on the left chest is “Bud – KING OF BEERS,” “MAC TOOLS,” and “Autolite.” The right chest displays the name “Kenny Bernstein,” the Quaker State emblem, and a Simpson Race Products logo patch. Minimum bid $1,500



Exceptional Sept. 19,1776 Samuel Adams, Declaration Signer, Signed Appointment
Samuel Adams, as secretary of the Massachusetts-Bay Council, signed this judicial appointment on September 19, 1776. Adams’ signature, “Samuel Adams Secr’y,” appears with prominence and legibility in impeccably bold ink, rating “10”. What makes this offering even more enticing (beyond its 1776 timing and Adams’ Declaration signer status) is the roster of 16 Revolutionary-era signatures along the left side, all of whom appear to be members of the Massachusetts-Bay Council—essentially, the temporary standing-committee-style government set up on the advice of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The minimum bid is $2,500.

Rare Circa 1800 Liverpool Creamware Pitcher Showing Map of the City of Washington
Produced to commemorate the planning and construction of Washington, D.C., this bulbous creamware pitcher was thereafter professionally hand-decorated (or “clobbered”) with gilt embellishments on the occasion of a wedding. On opposite central panels of the pitcher reside two vibrant transfer images. The first carries military symbolism surrounding the creed “PEACE, PLENTY and INDEPENDENCE.” The second, more-important transfer offers two enrobed ladies regarding Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s plan for Washington, D.C., which was founded on July 16, 1790. Minimum bid $500.


1940 R145 Gum, Inc. “Superman” Complete Set on Three Uncut Sheets
Superman was an instant success following his creation in 1939, and he has endured for three generations as the most popular super-hero of all time. On these phenomenal relics, the first son of Krypton is portrayed in dozens of ways. These are four-color, final production full sheets (each measuring approximately 18-1/2″ x 10″), with printing processes fulfilled on both sides. The multi-hued backgrounds of the cards frame exciting “in-action” depictions of Superman, and their brilliant, unbroken colors and uncanny image registration are wondrous to behold. This incredible, three-part artifact is the first, the best, and quite probably the only equivalent threesome of “Superman” uncut sheets in the world. The minimum bid is $10,000.

1933-1934 National Chicle “Sky Birds” Complete Set (108)
This ever-popular non-sports series features famous aviators and their planes. Subjects range from the Wright Brothers to Amelia Earhart, and the cards are much appreciated by collectors today both for their nostalgic, 1930s-style character and their beautifully executed artwork. The classic Sky Birds subjects include Edward Rickenbacker, Baron Von Richthofen, Lt. James Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and Amelia Earhart. In total, 28 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 3 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 4 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 8 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 9 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 3 cards; and SGC 20 FR 1.5: 1 card. Minimum bid $1,000.

1964 Topps Canadian “Outer Limits” Five-Cent Wax Box with 35 Packs
Each of the 35 wrappers inside—which are still tightly sealed around their factory-fresh contents—maintains the creepy theme. The 8″ x 3-1/4″ x 2″ box, which remains in at least EX/MT condition, is the type that once vended the classic, black-bordered sci-fi cards north of the border. The box, wrappers and cards were printed in Canada, and echo the designs first used in the U.S. market’s “Topps/Bubbles” version. Minimum bid $1,000.


Exquisite 1881 James Garfield Appointment Signed As President!
President James A. Garfield served the second shortest term in U.S. history—199 days. For more than a third of that time, the former Ohio senator lay immobile at the White House, struggling to recover from a bullet wound he sustained on July 2, 1881. Due to Garfield’s brief tenure as Chief Executive, not to mention his fleeting good health during that time, the extreme rarity of his signature is second only to that of President William Henry Harrison, who died one month after his own inauguration. This large one-page presidential appointment, dated May 16, 1881 is graced with a resolute black ink “9” signature, “James A. Garfield.” Garfield’s name and presidential title appear in prominent typeface at the top of the document, along with the engraved image of a bald eagle. This exceedingly impressive document appoints Edwin H. Tomlinson to the position of postmaster in Plainville, Connecticut. Minimum bid $2,500.

Unique Offering of a Complete Set of 1860 Campaign Jugate Ferrotype Pins
Any single jugate campaign ferrotype, from the crowded and contentious 1860 presidential race, is exceptionally rare. This is one of the few times in the history of the memorabilia industry that a full set of these extremely rare ferrotypes has been offered as a single unit, and this collection is absolutely unchallenged as the finest of its kind in the hobby. The men portrayed include: 1) Abraham Lincoln/Hannibal Hamlin, the ultimately victorious Republican ticket; 2) John C. Breckinridge/Joseph Lane, the “runner-up” candidates representing the Southern Democratic and National Democratic factions; 3) John Bell/Edward Everett, Constitutional Union Party standard bearers; and 4) Stephen A. Douglas/Herschel V. Johnson, the Northern Democratic slate. Minimum bid $2,500.

1911-2003 Presidential White House Gift Prints Collection (42 Different) Including 1931 Hoover, 1963 JFK and Eisenhower Artwork Prints!
For collectors, obtaining copies of each president’s Christmas offering has proved markedly difficult due to the fact that most such exemplars were gifted to friends, family, and members of the White House staff. This impressive assortment of presidential Christmas memorabilia contains forty-one different official presidential gift prints, three of which boast the desirable penmanship of their venerable senders. Highlighting the superb gathering is the 1931 gift print, a photo dated “December 25, 1931” and signed by Mr. and Mrs. Hoover in black ink (respectively “7” and “10”). A second key item in this wonderful collection is a framed photo penned by subjects Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt (respectively “9-10” and “6”), which were gifts for the 1941 holiday season. Also featured among the rare pieces is a copy of President Roosevelt’s 1944 “D-Day Prayer,” the Trumans’ signed 1946 gift print that pictures Harry and Bess Truman boarding the president’s private plane (both “10”), the seldom seen 1963 Green Room Painting, which Mrs. Kennedy presented to the White House staff for Christmas after the President’s death, and six prints that were produced using President Eisenhower’s own artwork. Included are items gifted by the following commanders-in-chief with years noted: Herbert Hoover (1931), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1941, 1944), Harry Truman (1946, 1950, 1951, 1952), Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960), John F. Kennedy (1961, 1962, 1963), Lyndon B. Johnson (1965, 1967), Richard Nixon (1969, 1971, 1972, 1973), Gerald Ford (1974), Ronald Reagan (1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988), George Bush (1989, 1991, 1992), Bill Clinton (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000), and George W. Bush (2003). LOA from Steve Grad & Zach Rullo and John Reznikoff/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.

1860 Presidential Campaign Salt Print Jugate Portraits Complete Set (8 Different) Including Lincoln/Hamlin and Douglas/Johnson
All four of the most prominent contenders for the U.S. Presidency in 1860 and their running mates are pictured in this incredible gallery of historically significant likenesses. The array of candidates records the desperately important choice faced by a country on the brink of war, and seems to bring to life the impact of America’s ultimate decision in the most important election in its history. The depicted candidates and their affiliations include: Abraham Lincoln/Hannibal Hamlin, Republican; John C. Breckinridge/Joseph Lane, Southern Democrat/National Democrat; John Bell/Edward Everett, Constitutional Union Party; Stephen A. Douglas/Herschel V. Johnson, Northern Democrat. Minimum bid $2,500.

1864 Abraham Lincoln Signed Military Commission
With their dramatic engravings and commanding size, military commissions are one of the finest mediums for a presidential signature. This exquisite piece is no exception, displaying apparent Near Mint condition and a blazing full-name signature, “Abraham Lincoln.” The green seal of the War Office is completely intact in the upper-left quadrant, below a vintage, attractively scripted filing notation in red ink. Lincoln’s signature is a carefully executed, dark-ink “9.” Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton’s signature rates “9-10”. Minimum bid $1,000.

Magnificent 1798 President John Adams Signed Ships PapersÂ
John Adams’ presidency coincided with the 20-year window of time allowed by the 1789 U.S. Constitution for continuation of the slave trade. Adams’ prominent, confident signature approves passage of the ship Port Mary from New York to Belfast carrying “Flaxseed, Ashes, Tobacco, Indigo, Rosin, Tar, Turpentine & Slaves.” The statement implied by this list, of course, is that “Slaves” were not considered human passengers but objects, supplies, pieces of cargo, property. The four-language certificate is dated January 26, 1798 and retains both of its official seals. Adams’ dark-ink script rates a phenomenal “9-10″, as does that of Secretary of State Timothy Pickering. Minimum bid $1,000.


February 16, 1964 Ed Sullivan Show Schedule Signed by the Beatles
This is an 8-1/2″ x 11” show schedule for the February 16, 1964 airing of The Ed Sullivan Show, signed on the reverse by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr (who has also added “Beatles” above his name). The penciled scriptings project “9-10” strength. The typed schedule reveals that the Beatles were the headliners that week, hitting the airwaves shortly after the show’s opening. Their first set consisted of “She Loves You,” “This Boy,” and “All My Loving.” Teens undoubted waited anxiously through more commercials and performances by Mitzi Gaynor before the “Fab Four” returned to sing “I Saw Her Standing There,” “From Me To You,” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” to round out the set. Minimum bid $2,500.

Incredible 1968-1975 “Mike Douglas Show” Autograph Album Collection – 30 Books with over 1,300 Signatures! Including John Lennon, Jackie Robinson and Robert Kennedy
Television talk shows are, by their very nature, endless parades of celebrities. Stars from all walks of life make their appearance, schmooze briefly with the host, and then depart, to return to their natural realms. Imagine having a guest book, and access to a eight years worth of renowned visitors. Imagine further having 30 of those books. That’s exactly what’s offered here! Presented is the result of a Mike Douglas Show staffer’s willingness to pursue his hobby: 30 completely-filled autograph books signed by the show’s celebrity guests between 1968 and 1975. A mere sampling, of the personalities included on these pages, reveals Arthur Ashe, Pearl S. Buck, Truman Capote, The Carpenters, Joe DiMaggio, Henry Fonda, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, Gregory Peck, Jackie Robinson, Frank Sinatra, Wernher von Braun, and John Wayne. Many of these actors, musicians, athletes, and politicians are now deceased, and a great many of them are also notable in the collecting hobby as “tough” signatures. Minimum bid $2,500.


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