Mastro Auctions December Premier Sale Tops Off Flurry Of Year-End Events

Mastro Auctions last event of 2008 promises to bring additional excitement to a hobby already buzzing about the company`s several year-end, high quality events. Following closely behind the Mastro Auction`s Live Legends sale in New York City on December 8 and a live Connoisseur auction scheduled for December 13, the December Premier Auction will close on December 17 and 18. The auction will include thousands of premier sports and Americana collectibles. Bidding will being on December 1

`The past few months have been extremely busy,` said Doug Allen, COO and president of Mastro Auctions. `Despite the economic challenges we are all facing, Mastro Auctions continues to attract premium consignments.` Allen cites as evidence the recent acquisition of the largest private football collection, which is fueling the company`s Live Legends auction in December and a new privately held Babe Ruth collection.
Allen says that among the most amazing items being offered in the December Premier sale is some of the items of the recently released Babe Ruth collection. Consigned by the family of a long-time friend of Babe Ruth, the collection includes fresh hobby items in great condition with impeccable provenance. In addition, the December Premier sale will feature Mastro Auctions` usual assortment of high-end game used bats, historically significant baseballs and game gear, phenomenal autographed items, baseball cards and other coveted baseball and sports-related memorabilia. Non-sports collectors will find an assortment of pristine non-sports cards, political mementoes and historical autographs.
Specific highlights include:



Incredible Early 1952 Mickey Mantle Game Used Bat – PSA 8
This autographed Hillerich & Bradsby “M110″ signature model bat was employed by Mickey Mantle during his first full season (1952) in the major leagues. The 35”, 33-1/2-oz. white ash example was turned during 1952 (as factory records attest). It is an uncracked game used heirloom that showcases Mantle’s bold, black marker signature, which resonates “9-10” quality just below the barrel stampings. Outstanding game use is evident. Minimum bid $10,000.

1924 Babe Ruth Personalized Game Used Bat – PSA 10, MEARS A-10
Babe Ruth used this Hillerich & Bradsby signature model bat ably as he helped shape the New York Yankees into the game’s most formidable dynasty. Hailing from the 1922-1925 labeling period, this 36-inch, 42-ounce war club features telling attributes that place it directly in Ruth’s hands. Uncracked, the lumber shows evidence of outstanding game use, all of which are consistent with Ruth’s gamers. While there were only slight cosmetic differences in bats made for professional use and those manufactured for retail sale, the numeric identifier was a constant on both varieties. Most popular, of course, was “125.” Plain and simple, this meant that the retail cost was $1.25. Seldom seen, models whose centerbrand denoted “250” were produced by the Kentucky-based bat giant. Crafted from the highest quality wood, these were truly the top of the line in terms of lumber. Minimum bid $10,000.

Ted Williams H&B Game Used Bat
In his efforts to impart on his baseball teams the prowess on the diamond that made him worthy of induction into Cooperstown, Williams employed the offered bat. The H&B “W183″ professional model item was turned for Ted Williams during the 1969-1972 labeling period, long after the Hall of Fame athlete put his finishing touches on an unparalleled career. The 35”, 32-oz. white ash, “coaching era” lumber is uncracked and bears Williams’ retired number “9” at the knob end in vintage black marker. Ball marks are present about the barrel, evidencing heavy use. Minimum bid 2,500.

Duke Snider 1950s H&B Game Used Bat – PSA 5
During a decade that saw New York teams dominate both circuits (rosters from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Harlem combined to take fourteen of twenty pennants during the 1950s), Dodgers slugger Duke Snider was the game’s most prolific home run hitter. This Hillerich & Bradsby “G117L” signature model bat was brandished by Snider during that decade of dominance. This 35″, 33-oz. white ash weapon was turned during the 1950-1960 labeling period. Uncracked, the item shows moderate to heavy use. Minimum bid $1,000.

Hack Wilson 1932 H&B Game Used Bat- PSA 6
Wilson wielded this Hillerich & Bradsby signature model bat during the 1932 season. Dealt by the Chicago Cubs to St. Louis in exchange for an aged Burleigh Grimes, Wilson had only just learned of his Gateway City destination when he was swapped again—to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The 35-1/2″, 34-oz. high-grade ash example features a rich brown patina and pronounced stampings. With a series of ball marks confined to the left barrel, the uncracked lumber exhibits heavy use. Minimum bid $1,000.


Extremely High Grade 1971 Topps Baseball Complete Set
This is the finest 1971 Topps set that Mastro Auctions has had the privilege to offer to the discerning high-grade collector. The key piece is the Ernie Banks “1 of 1” specimen in a highly coveted, mind boggling PSA GEM MT 10 holder. It should be noted that almost all of the MINT 9 examples reside at the highest level adjudged by PSA, with none graded higher. An astonishing 96 cards have been graded by a third-party service. Includes: Graded PSA GEM MT 10: 1 card, #525 Banks (“1 of 1”); PSA MINT 9: 58 cards w/#’s 20 Jackson, 50 McCovey, 55 Carlton, 160 Seaver, 180 Kaline, 210 Carew, 230 Stargell, 250 Bench, 341 Garvey, 350 Williams, 400 Aaron, 513 Ryan, 530 Yastrzemski, 550 Killebrew, 570 Palmer, 600 Mays, 625 Brock, 630 Clemente, 640 Robinson, and 740 Aparicio; SGC 96 MINT 9: 4 cards; BVG 9 MINT: 3 cards w/# 110 Mazeroski; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 11 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 13 cards; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 6 cards w/# 300 Robinson. Minimum bid $5,000.

1933 Goudey #53 Babe Ruth – PSA NM 7Â
The “yellow background” card of Babe Ruth is, without a doubt, his most difficult and sought-after entry in the 1933 Goudey set. The offered card is an exceptionally fresh-looking example. The Bambino’s image is superb and the card’s colors are very bright. All four corners remain well-shaped. Minimum bid $2,500.

1952 Topps #407 Ed Mathews Rookie Card – GAI NM-MT+ 8.5Â
Anyone who wants to assemble the hobby’s ultimate 1952 Topps set will encounter a stumbling block in Ed Mathews! The offered card is centered beautifully for the type and the integrity of its corners is above challenge. The card is clean and fresh with merely a hint of toning, and its back is distinctly and vividly printed. Minimum bid $2,500.

1909-11 T206 White Border PSA EX 5 Collection (96 Different)
Nearly a fifth of the full set is represented in the gallery, which is highlighted by the scarce Hal Chase “Throwing, White Cap” variation. All of the items feature “Piedmont” or “Sweet Caporal” back designs except as noted. Minimum bid $2,500.

Remarkable 1963 Fleer Complete Set (66) Plus Checklist – #6 on the PSA Set Registry!Â
Each card has been graded NM-MT 8 or finer by PSA. The 1963 Fleer issue was a brief but delightful change of pace among the regular productions released by the Topps monolith, and a number of the time’s biggest stars were included in its roster. Packaged with a cookie instead of gum, the series enjoyed only moderate success in 1963, yet remains a nostalgic favorite more than four decades after its initial distribution. Includes: Graded PSA GEM MT 10: 2 cards; PSA MINT 9: 39 cards w/#’s 4 B Robinson, 5 Mays, 8 Yastrzemski, 41 Drysdale, 42 Koufax, 45 Spahn, 56 Clemente, and 61 Gibson; and PSA NM-MT 8: 26 cards. Minimum bid $2,500.

1933 R319 Goudey Partial Set (170/239) Including Two Ruths!
This immensely popular and colorful edition is certainly one of the most highly sought-after series from the 1930s or any other decade. The tremendous artwork and colors pay due homage to the extensive selection of Hall of Famers. In total, 81 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: Graded Cards – PSA NM-MT 8 (OC): 6 cards w/# 165 Sewell; PSA NM+ 7.5: 1 card; PSA NM 7: 14 cards w/#’s 138 Pennock, 197 Ferrell (OC), and 229 Vaughan; PSA EX-MT+ 6.5: 3 cards w/# 31 Lazzeri; PSA EX-MT 6: 15 cards w/#’s 2 Vance, 7 Lyons, and 25 P. Waner; PSA EX 5: 21 cards w/#’s 79 Faber, 128 Klein, 144 Ruth, 194 Averill, 202 Hartnett, and 211 Wilson; and PSA VG-EX 4: 1 card. Minimum bid $2,500.

The Finest Complete Set of 1931 W517 Uncut Panel Candy Store Strip Cards (54 Cards on 18 Strips!)Â
The W517 collectibles demonstrated marked advancements in size, image quality and superstar content over previously issued “strip card” productions of the time. The offered full set of 54 cards—presented on 18 intact, uncut strips—boasts spectacular preservation and features nicely focused images throughout its array. The strips comprising the fully numbered set include: #’s 11 Kelly (Reds)/13/28 Manush, 10 Klein/33 O’Doul (Phillies)/27 Lazzeri, 9 Harris/17/24 Lindstrom, 20 Ruth/21 Foxx/8, 19 Cuyler/36 Vance/34 P. Waner, 12 Jackson/14 Heilmann/53, 35 Gehrig/5 Cissell (Chicago)/31, 29 Hafey (Cards)/1 Combs/2 Traynor, 25/37 Cochrane/48, 43/18/15 Alexander, 41/23 Terry/7, 38 Hornsby/42 Wilson/32, 47 Goslin/4 Ruth/30 Ott, 46 Sewell/6/44, 45 Lyons/51 Averill/16 Frisch, 54 Cochrane/22/40 Simmons, 50/26/39 Grove and 49/3 Roush/52 E. Collins. Minimum bid $2,500.

1958 Topps Signed Near Set (493/494)Â
Each card in this near set has been autographed by its respective subject. Many of the star athletes who have contributed their signatures to this gallery are now deceased. The ballplayer’s scriptings appear in vintage ballpoint on the items’ cardfronts and their strength and clarity rate overall “7-9”. Highlights include: #’s 1 Williams, 5 Mays, 25 Drysdale, 30 Aaron, 47 Maris, 52 Clemente, 70 Kaline, 88 Snider, 100 Wynn, 142 Slaughter, 150 Mantle, 162 Hodges, 187 Koufax, 230 Ashburn, 270 Spahn, 285 F. Robinson, 288 Killebrew, 300 Harridge/Giles, 304 Kaline/Kuenn, 307 B. Robinson, 310 Banks, 314 Snider/Alston, 320 Ford, 321 Kluszewski/Williams, 336 Hamric, 343 Cepeda, 351 Crandall/Mathews/Aaron/Adcock, 370 Berra, 375 Reese, 382 Cicotte, 386 Bailey/Tebbetts/F. Robinson, 400 Fox, 418 Mantle/Aaron, 440 Mathews, 475 Haney/Stengel AS, 476 Musial AS, 480 Mathews AS, 482 Banks AS, 484 F. Robinson AS, 485 Williams AS, 486 Mays AS, 487 Mantle AS, and 488 Aaron AS. Minimum bid $2,500.

1965 Topps Complete Set (598) – #13 on the PSA Set Registry
Each card has been graded NM-MT 8 by PSA. This mid-decade edition is one of the company’s more popular 60s releases. The clean, uncluttered design is complemented by bright colors and sharp photography. It is certainly an ideal starting point toward assembling one of the finer 1965 sets in the hobby. Highlights include: Graded PSA NM-MT 8: 598 cards w/#’s 2 Clemente/Aaron LL, 3 Mantle LL, 5 Mantle LL, 8 Koufax/Drysdale LL, 16 Morgan, 120 F. Robinson, 130 Kaline, 134 Mantle WS, 150 B. Robinson, 160 Clemente, 170 Aaron, 176 McCovey, 205 Spahn, 207 Rose, 236 McLain, 250 Mays, 300 Koufax, 320 Gibson, 330 Ford, 350 Mantle, 385 Yastrzemski, 400 Killebrew, 461 Niekro, 470 Berra, 477 Carlton, 500 Mathews, 510 Banks, 526 Hunter, 540 Brock, and 581 Perez. The items’ cumulative SMR value is nearly $20,000. Minimum bid $2,500.

1909-1911 T206 White Border Near Set (520/524)Â
This presentation’s journey through time includes all of the great names of the era like Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, and Napoleon Lajoie plus a significant number of their contemporaries. The majority sport a “Piedmont” or “Sweet Caporal”-branded advertising back. Unless noted, the key cards have either a “Piedmont” or “Sweet Caporal” reverse. In total, 33 cards have been graded by SGC. Minimum bid $2,500.

1910 D322 Tip Top Pittsburgh Pirates Complete Set (25) – #1 on SGC Set Regstry
Tip Top Bakery has long been a franchised operation. On three separate occasions during the 20th Century, the company promoted itself with baseball “card” productions. Each of these extremely scarce subjects feature colorful portraits of the player’s, except for, of course the Forbes Field example, with their last name and “World’s Champions” boldly printed neatly on the card’s bottom. The card reverses advises readers to “Save 50 labels from TIP-TOP BREAD and secure this entire series (25 cards) free.” Includes: Graded SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card, Babe Adams; SGC 60 EX 5: 4 cards w/ Honus Wagner; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 10 cards w/Ed Fred Clarke; SGC 40 VG 3: 4 cards w/ The Tip-Top Boy Mascot, and Deacon Phillippe; SGC 30 GD 2: 4 cards; SGC 10 PR 1: 2 cards w/Forbes Field. Minimum bid $2,500.

1940 Play Ball Near Set Missing FourÂ
Included in this issue are not only the stars of the day, such as Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams, but a good mix of past legends of the diamond such as Joe Jackson, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. These treasures were released at the important hobby crossroads between the Golden Era of Goudey gumcards and the post-war Topps and Bowman period. In total, 75 cards have been graded by PSA or SGC. Includes: Graded Cards – Graded SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 2 cards; SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 1 card, #134 Cronin; PSA NM 7: 1 card, #167 Frisch; SGC 84 NM 7: 11 cards w/#’s 38 Doerr, 105 Waner, 132 Mack, 170 Speaker, 175 Mathewson, 179 Sisler, and 237 Keeler; PSA EX-MT 6: 23 cards w/#’s 27 Williams, 124 Combs, 171 Heilmann and 234 Chance; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 6 cards w/#’s 40 Greenberg, 168 Wagner, 229 and 235 McGraw; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card, #223 Jennings; SGC 60 EX 5: 6 cards w/#’s 41 Gehringer, 87 Hubbell, 88 Ott (“Lionel Carter” collection), 119 Alexander, 133 Foxx and 225 Jackson; PSA EX 5: 24 cards w/#’s 1 DiMaggio, 21 Ferrell, 122 Kelly, 173 Lajoie, and 180 Cochrane. Minimum bid $1,500.

1887 N173 Old Judge Cabinet Card – Capt. Anson
Hall of Famer “Cap” Anson was the game’s first superstar, and is generally regarded as the best player of the 19th Century. The offered cabinet is a very solid example and pictures Anson in his famous suit-and-tie pose. Its important image is completely clear with good contrast, and the mount’s back side is unmarked. Minimum bid $1,000.

1956 Topps High Grade Complete Set (340) Plus Both ChecklistsÂ
The offered 1956 Topps complete set is the product of a long series of careful selections. With lavish full-color artwork that features each player “In Action” next to his portrait, the 1956 Topps set is one of the most popular sets ever produced by the company. In total, 47 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: Graded Cards – Graded PSA MINT 9: 2 cards w/# 180 Roberts; PSA NM-MT 8: 22 cards w/#’s 120 Ashburn, 164 Killebrew, and 292 Aparacio; PSA NM+ 7.5: 2 cards; PSA NM 7: 13 cards w/#’s 1 Harridge, 5 Williams, 33 Clemente, 79 Koufax, 135 Mantle, and 150 Snider; PSA EX-MT 6: 8 cards w/#’s 20 Kaline, 30 Robinson, 31 Aaron, 101 Campanella, 109 Slaughter, 110 Berra, 130 Mays and 240 Ford. Minimum bid $1,000.


Spectacular Babe Ruth Single Signed OAL Ball PSA/DNA Graded Near Mint to Mint 8!
This is an absolutely phenomenal example of Ruth’s unwavering accord with all who sought a piece of him: an OAL (Harridge) ball decorated with one of the boldest and most spectacular Ruth signatures. Among the finest Ruth balls in the hobby, this is among the very few warranting an assessment of “8” or better by PSA’s most discriminating standards. The offered treasure hails from Ruth’s final years—perhaps as his demise was almost complete. Evidence of this comes in the form of the stamped OAL identifiers. A star just below William Harridge’s facsimile signature dates the orb to sometime after 1946. The clean and creamy surface is virtually free from blemishes of any sort. On the sweet spot, Ruth’s blue ink signature shows strength and vigor. Minimum bid $10,000.

Spectacular Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig Signed Official League Ball
While a falling out brought an abrupt finish to what had been a strong friendship just before Ruth’s departure, the two remain inseparable likenesses in American culture. The offered sphere is an appropriate canvas for the scriptings of both Hall of Fame pinstripers. The unofficial “GOLDSMITH” sphere features bold stampings and vibrant, alternating red and blue laces. In its customary occupancy of the sweet spot, Ruth’s black ink autograph projects “8-9” strength. Gehrig has signed to show the same quality as his more celebrated teammate. Minimum bid $2,500.

Babe Ruth Single Signed Ball
There is no hobby item that inspires greater interest and more universal recognition than a single signed Babe Ruth baseball. Presented is a red-stitched “Official Cincinnati Reds Baseball – Warren Giles” sphere bearing the immaculate single signature of the “Sultan of Swat,” Babe Ruth. The sweet spot panel of this off-white ball is the perfect background to highlight the awesome autograph of Ruth, which has been placed in robust fountain pen ink (“9-10”). Minimum bid $2,500.


Hoard of PSA/DNA Mint 9 Graded Ty Cobb Cobb Signed Checks (29)
This remarkable ensemble contains twenty-nine personal checks (with one example a bank counter check); each signed “Tyrus R. Cobb” by the Hall of Famer. Each item has been signed in a variety of ink types and colors (including twelve in his trademark green ink) and each 3-1/8″ x 8-1/8″ item is decorated with a lengthy paraph—a trademark feature on Cobb scriptings. The documents cross a 15-year span between 1945 and 1960 and were drawn on his personal account at the First National Bank of Nevada. Minimum bid $5,000.

Babe Ruth Oversized Signed Batting Photo
The vintage of the image is uncertain but, distinctly, this is the Babe in his late prime. It’s an impromptu view capturing the moment when he realized that this clout would result in four bases—at a leisurely trot. By virtue of its condition and the iconic subject in his most defining instant, this photo would be a collector’s treasure in itself. Ruth, however, signed this one, specifically for his dear friend, Jimmie Donohue. This writing and its signature are “8” in strength. Minimum bid $2,500.

1949 Bowman Complete Set (240) Including 215 Signed Cards!
In total, 215 of the items are front-signed in vintage ink by their respective subjects (“6-9”, averaging “8”). A magnificent array of autographed pieces, the scriptings of many deceased athletes is featured. The set’s highlights include: 11 Boudreau (miscut), 23 Doerr (EX/MT), 24 Musial (miscut), 26 Kell (EX), 27 Feller (miscut), 29 Kiner (EX/MT), 33 Spahn (miscut), 36 Reese (VG/EX), 46 Roberts (GD), 50 Robinson (miscut), 60 Berra (miscut), 65 Slaughter (VG/EX), 85 Mize (VG/EX), 98 Rizzuto (miscut), 110 Wynn (EX), 111 Schoendienst (EX/MT), 175 Appling (VG), 214 Ashburn (VG), 224 Paige (unsigned, GD), 226 Snider (VG/EX), 233 Doby (NM), 238 Lemon (VG). Minimum bid $1,500.


Incredible Hoard of 1870s-1880s “Boston Base Ball Club” Stock Certificates (69)
The flagship piece in the array dates to 1876, the year the Boston organization continued its enduring run—in the newly established National League—as the oldest continually active franchise in the history of American professional sports. The talk of the sporting world in the years that followed the Civil War, the Cincinnati Red Stockings toured the eastern portion of America, subduing all opponents as they compiled an 87-game winning streak. In Boston during June of 1870, this juggernaut felled at least two local teams, posting decisive tallies of 40-12 and 46-15. Impressed—and eager to match the Red Stockings’ feats with a team of his own—local net and twine magnate Ivers Whitney Adams was quick to assemble investors and capital for a professional team in Beantown. These actual stock certificates detail many of those initial cash investments in the Boston Red Stockings—a charter member of the National Association and the original version of today’s Atlanta Braves. The certificates’ primary portions measure about 8-1/2″ x 5. Many are signed and countersigned in docket fashion on their reverse sides. The majority of the pieces carry a circular embossment (“Boston Base Ball Association – Organized 1871”) and the fully executed documents—all with a printed “face” value of $100 per share—have been countersigned in the proper locations by the organization’s sitting President and Treasurer. Minimum bid $10,000.

2003 World Champions Florida Marlins Ring (Mills – Scout) in Elaborate Original BoxÂ
Florida Marlins team scout Spencer Mills was awarded this championship ring following the South Florida ballclub’s 2003 World Series triumph over the New York Yankees. Several cubic zirconiums and red-colored stones form a baseball motif, atop which rests the gold-colored Marlins emblem. Raised lettering bordering this elaborate presentation proclaims, “WORLD CHAMPIONS.” On one side, “MILLS” and “SCOUT” flank the detailed representation of a World Series trophy; the opposing shank exhibits the series records for each one of the Marlins’ postseason victories, as well as the World Series emblem. Minimum bid $2,500.

Scarce 1884 Climax Tobacco “Representatives of Professional Baseball in America” Advertising PrintÂ
The New York-based Root & Tinker printing company for the P. LORILLARD & CO. tobacco firm of Jersey City, New Jersey produced this spectacular sepia lithograph in 1884. The illustrious pictorial lineup includes men like A.G. Spalding, Harry Wright, former and current National League presidents A.G. Mills and N.E. Young, “The Three Veterans”—Start, Anson and Snyder—and stars like Ewing, Morrill, Bennett, Hecker, Whitney, Stovey, Keefe, Brouthers, and Deasley. The rare lithograph is entitled “Representatives of Professional Baseball in America” along its lower edge and was created to advertise the company’s Climax Red Tin Tag Plug Tobacco. Minimum bid $2,500.

Tim Raines 1998 New York Yankees Championship Trophy Â
To mark the New York Yankees’ banner season of 1998—a campaign in which the Bombers’ win column established the most “W’s” by any team in baseball’s vaunted history—Yankees players, members of the front office, and team scouts received a coveted annual rite of passage: team-issued championship trophies. This award was bestowed upon Yankees left-fielder/DH Tim Raines. The official Championship trophy (manufactured by Balfour) features 30 gold-colored pennants (each bearing the team name of a Major League franchise) positioned around the perimeter of a circular black wooden base. The interior metal design consists of a silver baseball motif set within a vertical gold band, atop of which rests a crown. Displayed directly in front of this design are the 1998 World Series press pins for the Yankees and San Diego Padres. The gold-colored band affixed around the base reads, “WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS – NEW YORK YANKEES – 1998 – TIM RAINES” in black lettering. Minimum bid $1,500.


Hank Aaron 1976 Milwaukee Brewers Game Worn Home Jersey
Having been named to the All-Star team for the 24th time in 1975, Aaron represented the Junior Circuit at Milwaukee’s County Stadium—the very venue at which he had made his first Mid-Summer Classic appearance back in 1955. Back for his swan song in 1976, Aaron, at age 42, held to his pattern of double-digit home runs. Donned by Aaron that season—and quite possibly as he drilled that last on a lengthy list of home runs—this cream-colored knit pullover garment features “BREWERS” arched atop the chest in blue-on-gold double tackle twill and Aaron’s since-retired number “44” sewn to the back and left front. During this era, players were typically issued two home and two away jerseys. All original, the item exhibits season-long wear and shows no alterations. Minimum bid $2,500.

George Brett 1980 Kansas City Royals Game Worn Home Jersey – MEARS A-10
In his dogged pursuit of immortality, Brett wore this white knit pullover garment with “Royals” angled across the chest in blue tackle twill, the script-style mascot name highlighted by a lengthy paraph. Sewn to the back in like fashion, “G. BRETT” is arched atop the batting champion’s since-retired number “5.” It should be noted that Ken Brett did not join the club until August 11, after which, “G. BRETT” was necessary on George Brett’s jersey, thus dating this jersey to the peak of his run at .400. The item shows moderate wear. Minimum bid $1,000.


1894 N302 Mayo Cut Plug Football Near Set (34/35) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry!
The excruciatingly scarce N302 Mayo 19th Century sepia-photo football cards are the true foundation pieces of that sport’s collecting hobby. The black-bordered tobacco inserts feature an array of the time’s outstanding Ivy League players, and the issue was the first ever made to showcase exclusively gridiron subjects. Aside from one example, these are members of extremely low census totals at their respective tiers. Four examples are singular “1 of 1’s,” with none graded higher. Includes: PSA NM-MT 8: 1 card; PSA NM 7: 1 card; PSA EX-MT 6: 7 cards; PSA EX 5: 11 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 6 cards; PSA VG 3: 3 cards; PSA GD 2: 5 cards. Minimum bid $10,000.

Mid-1960’s Mike Ditka Chicago Bears Game Used Home Jersey
A very seldom-seen Ditka treasure is presented in this Chicago Bears home jersey worn by Ditka during his mid-1960s stint with the “Monsters of the Midway.” This midnight navy blue (now purple), cotton tearaway pullover garment features Ditka’s number “89” sewn to the front, back, and sleeves in white-on-orange tackle twill numerals. The team’s white-blue-and-orange striped pattern adorns each sleeve. Minimum bid $2,500.

1981 World Champion San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Players Ring (Thomas)Â
Rookie defensive back Lynn Thomas was awarded this Super Bowl ring following the San Francisco 49ers first ever league title in 1981. Seventeen diamonds form a football motif atop the 10K heirloom, and raised lettering surrounding the brilliant diamond display reveals, “SAN FRANCISCO – WORLD CHAMPIONS.” On one side, “THOMAS” and “49ERS” flank the detailed representation of a 49ers helmet; the opposing shank pictures the Golden Gate Bridge, a football, “SUPER BOWL XVI,” and the score of the game (“26-21”). Accompanying this item is its original Balfour display box. Minimum bid $2,500.

Gigantic 1985 William Perry Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champion Salesman’s Sample Ring in Original Box
Identical to The Fridge’s diamond-encrusted, 10-karat-gold Super Bowl keepsake, the band of this heirloom is large enough to pass a half-dollar coin through. A glittering array of cubic zirconiums form the Bears logo at the top of the piece and surrounding border, while the perimeter reads “CHICAGO BEARS 1985 WORLD CHAMPIONS” in raised lettering. The shanks are anchored with the words “ATTITUDE” and “TEAM” and carry Perry’s name, a Bears helmet, a Super Bowl XX logo, an NFC insignia, the Lombardi Trophy, the Bears’ complete record (“18-1”), and the score of the game (“BEARS 46 – PATRIOTS 10”). Engraved within the whopping size 23 band is “10K 3983 – 25,” as well as the numbers “10. – 312.” Minimum bid $1,000.


Spectacular 1997 World Champion Chicago Bulls Ring (Executive)Â
Following the Chicago Bulls 1996-97 NBA championship, longtime team executive Judy Lynch requested a full-size men’s ring instead of the charms and keepsakes that were usually awarded to women. A glistening sea of authentic diamonds forms the “angry Bull” logo at the top of the piece. Raised characters on one side of the ring display “WORLD CHAMPIONS – TEAM OF THE DECADE – 96-97.” On the opposing shank, “LYNCH” and “TKTDPT” (ticket department) flank the detailed representations of five NBA trophies. Accompanying this spectacular piece is its original, hinged wood presentation box. Minimum bid $5,000.

Pete Maravich 1977 Utah Jazz Game Worn Road Jersey
On hand for many a gravity-defying stunt, the offered jersey is a purple mesh pullover garment with “JAZZ” heat-pressed across the chest in white lettering. The legend’s since-retired number “7” appears on the front and back, while “MARAVICH” is arched atop the number on the back in white tackle twill. Minimum bid $2,500.

John Havlicek Boston Celtics Signed Game Worn JerseyÂ
The first man in league history to score 1,000-plus points in 16 straight seasons, Havlicek donned this cream-colored knit pullover garment en route to doing so. Promptly hung in the Garden’s rafters after his 1978 retirement, “Hondo’s” number “17” is sewn to the front and back in green tackle twill, with “CELTICS” arched atop the front number and “HAVLICEK” applied in similar fashion on the back. Solid wear is evident, with no signs of repair or alteration. The Hall of Famer boldly signed the front of the jersey in blue Sharpie (“10”). Minimum bid $1,500.

1998 World Champion Chicago Bulls Pendant Presented to Coach Tex Winters Wife, Nancy
This 18K gold pendant was awarded to the wife of Chicago Bulls assistant coach Tex Winter following the team’s famed “repeat of the three-peat.” Eleven real diamonds form a championship trophy motif at the top of the elegantly crafted charm, and surrounding this glimmering display are sixty-three more authentic stones. On the back of the piece, “NANCY WINTER” is engraved above raised lettering that denotes, “1998 18K.” Minimum bid $1,000.


1963/64 Parkhurst Complete Set (99) – #3 on the PSA Set Registry!
A splendid window to an exciting period in the sport, the issue reveals numerous Hall of Famers and stars in the Canadian manufacturer’s distinctive, large-sized portrayals. Includes: Graded PSA GEM MT 10: 1 card; PSA MINT 9: 52 cards 17 Mahovlich, 29 Geoffrion, 55 Howe, 75 Keon, 77 Mahovlich, 82 Richard, 89 Beliveau, and 98 Worsley; PSA NM-MT 8: 45 cards 3 Kelly, 23 Richard, 30 Beliveau, 39 Worsley, 50 Delvecchio, 53 Sawchuk, 63 Kelly, and 88 Geoffrion; PSA NM 7: 1 card. Minimum bid $900.

1972/73 Topps Complete Set (176) – #2 on the PSA Set Registry!Â
This particular series is prized for the first Topps cards of Marcel Dionne and Guy Lafleur. The 132 cards in the offered set exhibit crisp hues, sharp corners, and an overall pack-fresh quality. Includes: Graded PSA GEM MT 10: 97 cards w/#’s 18 Dionne, 24 Plante, 60 Bucyk, 79 Lafleur, 88 Keon, 100 Orr, 121 T. Esposito AS, P. Esposito AS, 127 Dryden AS, 141 Delvecchio, 150 P. Esposito, and 160 Dryden; PSA MINT 9: 79 cards w/#’s 20 T. Esposito, 56 Mikita, 90 Clarke, 122 Orr AS, 126 Hull AS, and 136, 140 Mahovlich. Minimum bid $500.


Circa 1995 Jeff Hamilton Muhammad Ali Protype Commemorative JacketÂ
Jeff Hamilton has long populated the hobby with his unique brand of garment-artwork. This is arguably Hamilton’s greatest design: his 1995 prototype Muhammad Ali garment that was once part of the famous Ronnie Paloger collection, the most comprehensive gathering of Ali memorabilia ever assembled. The black leather, button-down item is decorated in flamboyant Ali championship patches. With thought-provoking detail, the artist used the back of the jacket to replicate the familiar scene when Ali stood triumphant over a defeated Sonny Liston. Sewn inside the piece is a leather patch that bears the boxer’s blue ink inscription of “Muhammad Ali – To My Greatest Fan” (“8”). Minimum bid $1,000.

Extremely Rare 1926 Dempsey/Tunney Fight Pinback – One of Only 2 Known Examples!
Up for the challenge in 1926, former U.S. Marine Gene Tunney shocked his heavily favored Irish counterpart—before a record 120,757 at Philadelphia’s Sesquicentennial Stadium. This pinback button hawked that famous Dempsey/Tunney tilt. One of only two known examples, this celluloid treasure displays black-and-white cameo likenesses of each fighter, with patriotic red, white, and blue rings accenting the piece. On the reverse, the pinback mechanism is completely intact, while the backpaper insert showcases a “Lucke Badge & Button Co. – Baltimore, Md.” manufacturer’s logo. Minimum bid $500.

Scarce 19th Century Boxers CDVs Collection (17 Different) Including Sullivan, Kilrain and CorbettÂ
The cards bear sepia illustrations, attached to cardboard mounts measuring about 2-1/2″ x 4″. They show no manufacturer or studio attributions, but they share a similar style, and each features a printed caption identifying its subject. Includes: John L. Sullivan, Peter Jackson (“Colored Champion” notation accompanying name in caption) and Jake Kilrain, as well as Corbett, Kilrain, and Jem Smith (2 poses). Minimum bid $500.



Tremendous George Washington 1796 Two-Page ALS Discussing The “Federal City” That Would Bear His NameÂ
Like Rome, Washington D.C. was not built in a day. It began as an idea: a glorious “Federal City” that would be under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress, on territory ceded from Virginia and Maryland. The 100-square-mile tract, situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Eastern Branch Rivers, would include a residence for the President and a meeting place for Congress. It would be European in design, with broad tree-lined avenues, imposing statues and monuments, and expansive open spaces. Elaborate homes would be built for dignitaries. This utopian vision was officially set in motion on July 16, 1790, when President George Washington signed the Residence Act. In this extraordinarily significant letter, handwritten from Philadelphia in the sixth year of the new capital city project, President George Washington directly references “lands to be rented in the vicinity of the Federal City, or to be sold.” His esteemed correspondent is the U.S. Minister to Great Britain, Thomas Pinckney, who would soon be the Federalist candidate for Vice President. Washington writes of entrusting Pinckney with important documents regarding land development. Washington then shifts gears to discuss his Mount Vernon estate. He describes the rental arrangement of his land, as it pertains to the wheat crop. This two-page letter, dated February 20, 1796, is beautifully scripted in dark-brown ink and signed “G°: Washington” (“9-10”). Minimum bid $10,000.

1848 Congressman Abraham Lincoln Signs a Presidential Campaign Solicitation for Zachary Taylor – Perhaps Unique in Private Hands!
Presented is a one-page political solicitation letter for presidential candidate Zachary Taylor, signed by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), the man who later became the 16th President of the United States. This 1848 letter is one of the rarest Lincoln signed political documents in existence, having been signed by the “Great Emancipator” during his first term in the United States Congress, and is one of only a few known examples. The printed solicitation form letter, bearing the heading “Washington 1848,” was distributed and signed by Lincoln in support of fellow Whig Presidential candidate Zachary Taylor. This particular 1848 solicitation document, signed by Lincoln, is one of only a handful of known examples, with one of the remaining few in the possession of the Illinois Historical Society. Minimum bid $5,000.

Circa 1800 President Thomas Jefferson Liverpool PitcherÂ
Actively sought-after and much-appreciated pitchers, tankards, and bowls, of the composition displayed by this marvelous artifact, were manufactured in Liverpool, England from the 1780s through the first quarter of the 19th Century. On the side, of the offered, cream-colored pitcher, a large and detailed portrait of Jefferson is surrounded by a wreath, into which is woven a ribbon with the names of the fifteen states admitted to the Union through 1792. “Thomas Jefferson – President of the United States of America,” appears in bold lettering around his portrait. The reverse aspect carries a transfer of an early version of the Great Seal of the United States surrounded by sixteen interlocking rings, upon each of which is printed a state’s name. Minimum bid $2,500.

President William Howard Tafts Last Will and Testament with Accompanying Letters, Family Photographs and EphemeraÂ
Includes: Signed Document – two-page, 8″ x 13″ typewritten document entitled “Last Will And Testament of William H. Taft.” Dated June 3, 1925, the second page is boldly signed “Wm. H. Taft” (“9-10″) in black fountain pen; Envelope – This copy was kept by his son, Robert Taft, and accompanying is a 4″ x 9-1/2” envelope (with the return address of his Ohio law firm) and Robert Taft’s handwritten notation, “Copy of Will of William H. Taft.”; Handwritten Signed Letter – one page, 5″ x 8″ handwritten signed letter dated June 8, 1925 and sent to his son, Robert, that reads in part, “I am enclosing a copy of my will I executed June 3rd 1925 ” Signed “Your loving father / Wm. H. Taft” (“10″); Telegram – 5″ x 8″ page, written by a clerk and sent to Taft’s wife; Tickets (3) – each admitting the bearer to the 1909 Inaugural Ball; Photographs (9) – 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ to 11″ x 14, the sepia images feature family and presidential-themed images; Pharmacy Note – one-page, 4″ x 5-1/4” note from a Cincinnati drug store sent to Taft’s wife and dated February 26, 1902; Poem – carbon copy of the typewritten poem “To our Mr. Taft” dated September 15, 1927. Minimum bid $1,000.


“The Holy Grail” – 1920 “Cox-Roosevelt Club” Jugate 1″ Campaign Pinback
This pin is widely considered the most valuable and desirable of all celluloid campaign items, and the pinnacle piece of any political collection. Even within the sparse community of Cox/Roosevelt pins there exists a hierarchy of condition. This example is a super-high-end 1-inch specimen in Near Mint condition. The red-lettered “Cox-Roosevelt Club” border caption is flawless. The pin bears a crystal-clear blue-tinted photographic image of the candidates, with an exceptionally clean surface and a near-total absence of toning on its pure white background. The centering of the pin is outstanding, and the maker’s identity (M.F. Shafer & Co.) appears in red letters on the lower rim, invisible to direct frontward viewing, as intended. Minimum bid $10,000.

Magnificent 1860 Abraham Lincoln Jumbo Ambrotype Campaign Badge
The offered ambrotype is unusual for its genre, in that it was fashioned without the benefit of a sitting subject. The “Ambrotype Artist” who conceived and assembled this piece (“Geo. W. Clark, Jr., & Co.,” of Boston, as printed on the reverse) adapted the technology of the craft to facilitate replication, of the famous Cooper Union photograph of Lincoln. This is one of the most classic of all Lincoln images. The styled and deep-gold-colored, metal-bordered frame of this badge measures 2-1/8″ x 2-5/8″ in an oval configuration. The ambrotype portrait comprises the inner oval. The backing paper on the reverse is original and completely intact. This is a museum-quality article—a treasure from one of America’s most important campaigns. Minimum bid $5,000.

Very Unusual and Rare 1868 Grant/Colfax Campaign FlagÂ
The candidates’ surnames are stenciled in black to the right of the star-filled canton, and contrast well against the piece’s red- and cream-colored stripes. On this rare relic, the large, stylishly serifed lettering is placed ideally to create an artistic, attention-getting effect, and, owing to this attribute, it stands apart, visually, from others of the genre. Minimum bid $2,500.

Extremely Rare 1868 Seymour/Blair Campaign Flag
This delicate artifact showcases the names of Seymour and Blair (as well as their respective office aspirations) in bold blue lettering placed inside the flag’s white stripes. It is a splendid piece, recalling a pair of candidates whose political activities are memorialized by few objects. Minimum bid $2,500.


1933 R73 Goudey “Indian Gum” Near Complete Master Set (418/432) Including Two Different WrappersÂ
As objects of fascination, the Native American personages created excitement on a par with contemporary baseball players and candy manufacturers treated the Indians accordingly. This near master set is the product of several decades of unceasing effort to complete this behemoth of an ever-popular production. Overall, this impressive near master set grades 3% NM to NM/MT, 38% EX to EX/MT, 46% VG to VG/EX, 13% lesser. In total, 32 cards have been graded by PSA. Minimum bid $2,500.

1938 R69 Gum, Inc. “Horrors of War” Complete Set (288) Plus a Trio of Reverse Variations
This classic 1930s war issue is considered by many to be the ultimate “propaganda” set. The cards are unequaled in their breathtaking artwork and gruesome graphics. Their colorful, detailed images of bloody battlefield scenes and other war venues, as well as the accurate historical reverse text, make the comprehensive set a truly unforgettable reminder of the “Horrors of War.” In total, 118 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: Graded – PSA MINT 9 (OC): 2 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 16 cards; PSA NM+ 7.5: 6 cards; PSA NM 7: 41 cards; PSA EX-MT+ 6.5: 3 cards; PSA EX-MT 6: 31 cards; PSA EX+ 5.5: 3 cards; PSA EX 5: 15 cards; PSA VG 3: 1 card. Minimum bid $2,500.

1962 Topps “Mars Attacks” Complete Set Hoard (10)
Much more than a card set, Topps’ Mars Attacks is a cultural commodity shared by anyone who ever experienced wonder about “space aliens,” thought about the universe beyond our own sphere, or any baby boomers who opened a pack of bubble gum. Casual enthusiasts are awe-struck by the color and action reflected in the images. Seasoned hobbyists, those who are intimately familiar with the product’s nuances, and who may have completed their own project in building the set, can view the entire assembly in their mind’s eye. Mars Attacks never fails to provoke a reaction, and this is a phenomenon that remains true for each deliciously drawn item in the series. Minimum bid $2,500.

1952 Topps “Look ‘N See” Complete Set (135) – #3 on the PSA Set Registry!
With its perpetually fascinating content of world leaders and accomplished individuals, Topps’ Look ‘n See cards appeal to the fancy of almost every collecting enthusiast. Nearly 30% of the assembly stands as the highest graded at their enviable tier, with none graded higher. Includes: Graded PSA MINT 9: 4 cards; PSA NM-MT+ 8.5: 3 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 84 cards; PSA NM+ 7.5: 2 cards; PSA NM 7: 37 cards; and PSA EX-MT 6: 5 cards. Minimum bid $2,500.


1970’s-1980’s High Grade Comic Book Hoard (Over 7,000!)Â
Featured in this lot is an incredible assortment of some of the best comics created from the late Bronze Age and into the early to mid Copper Age. With an astounding 6,825 books (approximately), and a total Overstreet valuation (approximately) of $46,500 in condition, this offering will set one bidder directly into the ranks of high grade comic book collecting, investing, or dealing. The DC titles with the heaviest concentration include: All Star Squadron, Alpha Flight, Batman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Presents, Legion of Super Heroes and New Teen Titans. The Marvel titles with strong representation include Amazing Spider-Man, Classic X-Men, Fantastic Four, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, New Mutants, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and Star Wars. Key individual books in the collection include: Incredible Hulk #180 (VF), Kamandi #1 (VF/NM), Marvel Master Works (6) (NM) and X-Men #94 (FN). Minimum bid $5,000.

1962-1974 “Space Family Robinson Lost in Space” Ultra High Grade Examples (23) – Mostly Pacific Coast Copies, Including #1!Â
This collection includes the following 23 issues of Space Family Robinson (later entitled Space Family Robinson Lost in Space): #’s 1, 5, 7, 10, 13, 15-19, 21-25, 27, 28, 30-32, 34, 35 and 38. While our title for this lot stresses that most of these 23 offered issues are desirable Pacific Coast copies, what it does not stress is that all but one are imprinted with some type of pedigree or File Copy designation on their uniform blue CGC Universal Grade labeling. The 13 Pacific Coast copies include #1 (CGC VF- 7.5), #’s 18, 24 and 34 (all CGC NM 9.4), #’s 5, 7, 16, 17 and 21 (all CGC NM+ 9.6), and #’s 10, 13, 23 and 25 (all CGC NM/MT 9.8). Minimum bid $900.

1961-1970 Spectacular “Flintstones” High Grade CGC File Copy Collection (34)
This offering includes 33 different issues from the 60-issue Dell/Gold Key run of The Flintstones, plus one of the early Gold Key giants. All have been awarded CGC’s Universal Grade, falling between VF/NM 9.0 and NM+ 9.6, and all but the final issue have been marked “File Copy” on their blue certification labels. Minimum bid $500.


The Dr. Ben Braude Autograph Collection – Nearly Two Centuries of Signatures! (2,500+)
Dr. Benjamin Braude was a man of many talents, wide and varied interests, and inexhaustible determination. He began his huge collection of autographs by requesting signatures of famous magicians to compliment his own avocation as an amateur illusionist. In the 1950s he began a project that consumed four decades of his life. Through the late 1980s, he wrote individual letters to famous people in every field imaginable. The letters were not simply a request for an autograph. Rather, they were very personal and well thought out pieces of correspondence. Each lauded the accomplishments of the recipient and requested an answer to a question about the person’s career or a list of his life’s achievements. The responses were amazing. Some authors sent back letters containing lists of their works or signed books; Nobel Prize winners sent back copies of their Nobel theses or speeches; and more often than not, celebrities returned signed letters, photographs, or programs. The categories of autographs include virtually every category of interest to hobbyists, with the text of some of the letters displaying some revealing content. The spectrum of variety is amazing. During the period of this quest, Dr. Braude also purchased signature examples of famous people who had died, some as early as the 1800s. Technically speaking, then, what is offered here is close to 200 years worth of autographs! Highlights include: Muhammad Ali (dated “April 24 – 80”), Enrico Caruso, Joan Crawford, George Cruikshank, Thomas E. Dewey, Joe DiMaggio, Lillian Gish, Margaret Hamilton, Katharine Hepburn, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Herbert Hoover, King Hussein (Jordanian ruler), Grace Kelly (“Grace de Monaco”), Douglas MacArthur, Horace Mann, Mickey Mantle, William McKinley, Golda Meir, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Richard Nixon (“Dick Nixon”), Jesse Owens, Norman Rockwell, Eleanor Roosevelt, Erno Rubik, Nolan Ryan, George Bernard Shaw, William Howard Taft, Elizabeth Taylor, Harry S. Truman, Ted Williams, and Chuck Yeager. Minimum bid $5,000.

Thomas Alva Edison 1883 Signed Patent Application for the Electric Light Bulb!Â
Thomas Alva Edison revolutionized the way people live. His patented light bulb was arguably the single greatest invention of the past 150 years. This is the actual patent application for the light bulb, the document sent by Thomas Edison to the Governor General of India on August 11, 1883. With his American patent secured, the inventor set his sights on the world. He submitted individual patent applications to governments of countries that might have the technology to develop the incandescent bulb—and thereby deprive Edison of the royalties entitled to him. It is signed in black fountain pen, “Thomas Alva Edison.` Minimum bid $5,000.

Historically Significant 1969 Apollo 11 Astronauts Signed Insurance Cover
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins—the heroic astronauts of the historic Apollo 11 moon flight, have boldly signed this First Day Cover in blue marker. All three signatures rate beautiful “10” strength, with Armstrong and Aldrin signing in blue Sharpie and Collins employing black Sharpie to script his name to the NM/MT condition envelope. Prior to Apollo 11’s launch, the three crew members were presented with special Apollo 11 postal covers created by the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Stamp Club. These covers were produced for the crew to sign together in pre-flight quarantine, shortly before launch to the moon, and then leave behind with their families as a form of insurance that could be sold should they fail to return. In the pre-launch hours, the crew signed the covers and gave them to a trusted emissary. Minimum bid $1,000.


The Only Known John Lennon Signed Personal Check! – Encapsulated with Autograph Grade MINT 9 by PSA/DNA
On August 10, 1976, just two weeks after receiving his long-awaited status as a permanent U.S. resident—which the Immigration and Naturalization Service had steadfastly denied, him during a four-year bureaucratic battle—John Lennon shifted $10,000 from his account at Chase Manhattan to the London-based Barclays Bank. As Beatles collectors are well aware, the Lennon checks one uniformly comes across are those issued in relation to “Apple Records” or “Lennon Productions” by two British institutions—National Westminster Bank Limited and District Bank Limited. Nowhere on them is Lennon’s full name printed out by the issuer to signify a personal account, as it is in the upper left here: “John Lennon.” The front and reverse are filled out with blue-ballpoint ink in another hand, with the reverse reading, “For Deposit to the acct of John Lennon #051-84350-1 Barclays Bank of N.Y.,” above penciled figures of “$328,664.95” and “$84,975.75.” Lennon’s front-side signature is a magnificent black-ink example. Minimum bid $2,500.

1964 Beatles Signed Publicity PhotoÂ
This 6-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ publicity photo hails from Hoffman’s famous 1963 studio session, which spawned a variety of promo pics as well as a widely distributed Beatles poster. The mod mop-toppers’ blue-ballpoint, full-name signatures rate “9-10” as a whole, with maximum visual contrast and the uniform presence of their trademark X’s, indicating that “Pat” (“To Pat love from THE BEATLES”) was indeed a female admirer. Minimum bid $1,000.

Spock’s Ears from Star Trek VI with Leonard Nimoy
Aside from the Enterprise itself, there is perhaps no greater symbol of the Star Trek universe than the green-blooded, pointy-eared Vulcan. Worn by Leonard Nimoy during the filming of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), these pointy prosthetic ears transformed the actor into Captain Spock for his final big screen appearance! Nimoy originally sent these ears to his friend, actor Ben Vereen, who was undergoing physical therapy after being critically injured in a car accident. Displayed along with the ears is a typewritten letter composed on Nimoy’s personal stationery. Dated August 11, 1992, the letter reads in part, “These ears were worn in the performance of Spock in START TREK VI. They have great healing power. Keep them close by. God’s speed.” He has signed “Leonard Nimoy” (6-7″) in blue ink. Minimum bid $1,000.

1961 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Three-Sheet Movie PosterÂ
This spectacular three-sheet movie poster from the 1961 Paramount Pictures release Breakfast at Tiffany’s features a prominent image of Audrey Hepburn in her role as Holly Golightly. From its classic theme of Moon River, to its introduction of Givenchy’s little black dress, Breakfast at Tiffany’s continues to influence style to this day. The two separate sections of the poster (as issued) have now been beautifully joined by a quality linen-backing. Minimum bid $1,000.

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