Mastro Auctions June Classic Collector Auction Packed With Excitement

Mastro Auctions to offer huge array of Sports and Americana Collectibles. Since Mastro Auctions introduced its Classic Collector events a couple years ago, the sales have been a bonafide industry hit. Never has that fact been more obvious than when Mastro Auctions prepared for its June Classic Collector event. According to Doug Allen, COO and president of Mastro Auctions, consignments for the June sale were closed before the February sale was even completed. “Due to the sheer volume of consignments we had received by that time, we knew our June sale would be off the charts in terms of material,` says Allen. “The auction is literally busting at the seams with great items”.

Allen says the trend appears to be holding as Mastro Auctions looks ahead to the October Classic Collector event. `We still have some room for additional consignments but the window is closing fast,` says Allen. `The popularity of our Classic Collector auctions has never been stronger for both buyers and consignors. If a seller wants to take advantage of the benefits that one of these sales generates in 2008, now is the time to contact us.`

In the meantime, for buyers, there are plenty of amazing items to bid on in the June Classic Collector event. Over 2,100 auction lots will open with a minimum bid of $100. Bidding, conducted entirely over the internet, will begin on June 9 and conclude on June 25 and 26. Specific highlights include:



1916 D329 Weil Baking Co. #39 Ty Cobb – PSA VG-EX 4 “1 of 1!”
This is the lone copy at its tier with none graded higher. Presented is one of the key cards from the 1916 D329 Weil Baking set. This issue shares its checklist with the M101-4 Blank Back series and related issues that were sold during the same year. H. Weil Baking brand cards are among the more difficult brand backs for modern hobbyists to obtain, as the cards’ distribution was limited to the New Orleans area.

1930 Baguer Chocolate Rogers Hornsby – SGC 60 EX 5
This rare and diminutive Cuban-issued piece features a vivid black-and-white photo of the American Hall of Famer on the obverse and a red-inked inscription, “Chocolate Baguer – El mas popular,” on its back. It is an outstanding “type” example.

1914 T213 Type 2 Coupon Cigarettes Christy Mathewson – SGC 40 VG 3
Although T213’s are capable of generating confusion through their reuse of player likenesses similar to those in the earlier T206 release they bear unmistakable distinguishing features. The appearance of the cardstock and subtle differences in print, margins, texture, and even its size, will make this exceptional piece immediately recognizable and exciting to the specialist collector. On its white reverse, the “20 for 5 cts.” and Coupon-brand advertisement targeted consumers in certain areas of Louisiana and Texas. The illustration of Mathewson delivers a glowing depiction of the great player.

1909-12 PX7 Sweet Caporal Domino Discs John McGraw – PSA MINT 9 “1 of 1!”
This one of the key entries in the release. The PX7 are closely associated with the P2 pins that were also distributed with Sweet Caporal Cigarettes. The discs feature black-and-white portraits set against solid backgrounds of red, green, blue or brown. The backs of the discs bear an image of a domino, hence their name.

1907-09 PC805 Novelty Cutlery Postcard Three Finger Brown – PSA VG 3 “1 of 2!”
This spectacular postcard qualifies as the ultimate Mordecai Brown showpiece in any collection. Featuring a classic pose of the period superstar, this black-and-white image is from the series sponsored by a knife company headquartered in Canton, Ohio. The ornately designed Novelty Cutlery postcards are very difficult to find in top condition.

Scarce 1911 M110 Sporting Life Cabinet Card Hal Chase – SGC Authentic
This visually dramatic full-color premium boasts a magnificent, pastel-toned portrayal framed by a wide, grey-toned border. The offered example of Chase displays beautiful hues. The reverse side’s “Sporting Life” advertisement is bold and unblemished.

1911 T205 Gold Border George Bell, Rare “Broad Leaf” Back – SGC 60 EX 5
There is only one other example of this subject—featuring the scarce and desirable “Broad Leaf” back design—holdered by SGC. Mild touches affect three of the piece’s corners and its important and distinctive reverse-side text is strongly printed.

1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb, Portrait, Green Background – PSA VG-EX 4
This attractive portrayal features a crystal-clear image of the Hall of Fame legend placed inside snow-white borders. The well-shaped corners reveal meaningful wear only at their outermost tips.

1952 Topps #404 Dick Brodowski – PSA NM-MT+ 8.5
This is the lone example at its tier (with only two graded higher) among a total of 196 copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting.

1910 E90-3 American Caramel Joe Tinker – SGC 40 VG 3
This card originates from the Lionel Carter Collection. It features the coveted Hall of Famer from an especially scarce, regional issue. The card is one of just five examples at its tier (with six graded higher) among a total of eighteen copies recorded in SGC’s census reporting.

1935 R321 Goudey 4-in-1 Brandt, Maranville, McManus, Ruth – SGC 80 EX/NM 6
From the waning days of the great Babe Ruth’s career comes this scarce Goudey collectible, an item whose obverse he shares with fellow Braves Ed Brandt, Rabbit Maranville and Marty McManus. This example features attractive clarity in each of its four likenesses. The card’s black-and-white, “Picture 3 – Card A” reverse reveals the face of Frankie Frisch.

1948 Leaf Short Print #104 Edward Stewart – PSA NM 7
This is one of just nine examples at its tier (with four at a higher, unqualified level) among a total of 57 copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting.

1962 Topps #200 Mickey Mantle – PSA NM-MT 8
This collectible captures the great Yankee outfielder in his prime, and it delivers a more-than-worthy tribute to the incomparable Mantle. The card presents beautifully, with remarkable intensity of color on both the front and reverse. The exceptionally vivid overall cast of the piece is complemented by incredibly bright wood-tones in the borders and a pack-fresh appearance. The card is extremely well centered.

1911 T3 Turkey Red Cabinets #36 Tris Speaker – PSA VG-EX+ 4.5
This is the lone copy at its tier with only eight graded higher. This attractive piece concedes mild, almost imperceptible wear at the corners, with a somewhat heavier “bump” at the lower right.

1911 T3 Turkey Red Cabinets #9 Ty Cobb – SGC 50 VG/EX 4
This is only one of two copies at its tier. Here is a classic T3 with a nice illustration. The offered collectible displays its issue’s Checklist/”Offer” reverse (#’s 1-75).

1909-11 T206 White Border Miller Huggins, Portrait, “Broad Leaf – 350 Subjects” Back – PSA VG-EX 4
This Hall of Fame collectible carries a solidly printed and fully legible brown-ink rendering of the T206 issue’s very scarce “Broad Leaf – 350 Subjects” reverse side advertising design.

1910 E93 Standard Caramel Johnny Evers – SGC 50 VG/EX 4
This is just one of four copies at its tier. The card front illustration is bright and unblemished.

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life John McGraw – SGC 80 EX/NM 6
There are just two cards like this one graded higher. Here is a very desirable, “key” piece from one of its time’s most scarce and challenging issues. The depiction of John McGraw boasts a bright and clean, blue-printed reverse.

1887 N184 Kimball “Champions Of Games and Sports” Dell Darling – SGC 50 VG/EX 4
Here’s an extremely desirable—and very scarce —depiction of the 19th Century catcher from the N184 release. Front and back surfaces of this sensitive piece are outstanding in their preservation and freshness.

1953 Bowman Color #33 “Pee Wee” Reese – PSA MINT 9
This is one of just fifteen examples at its tier (with one graded higher) among a total of nearly 850 copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting.

1967 Topps #581 Tom Seaver Rookie Card – PSA NM-MT 8
This always challenging “high number” entry showcases the youthful likeness of one of the game’s greats. It is a nicely centered, glossy example.

1968 Topps Test 3-D Willie Davis – PSA GEM MT 10
This is one of just thirteen examples at its tier among a total of 59 copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting.

1954 Red Heart Mickey Mantle – SGC 88 NM/MT 8
A classic, brightly colored piece! This sought-after Mantle collectible features quality centering, clear and crisp printing, and fundamentally uncirculated surfaces and corners.

1909-10 E97 Briggs Co. Lozenge Cy Young, Cleveland American – SGC 20 FR 1.5
From the Lionel Carter Collection. Cy Young is certainly the “key” card in E97, and his entry is highly prized by advanced hobbyists. Astute collectors will recognize that the image on the piece actually pictures Irv Young, a left-handed pitcher from the time.

1911 E94 George Close “Hans Wagner” – SGC 20 FR 1.5
This is one of just three Wagner examples at its tier among a total of twenty-six copies recorded in SGC’s census reporting. The rare insert’s blue background illustration is compelling.

Rare 1910-Era Ty Cobb “Card” – Hand Cut from Promotional Piece
A visually engaging and rare “mystery” piece! The beautifully hued Ty Cobb collectible looks like a cross between a period tobacco insert and an “E”-card. The back is blank and vestiges of red-color surround can be seen at spots along the slightly irregular, hand-cut edges.

1928 Babe Ruth Uncataloged Japanese-Issue Card
This delicate and extremely scarce piece is printed on both sides in the Japanese language. It presents a sepia-toned image of the larger-than-life Babe Ruth participating in a rodeo-themed exhibition. So rare, the piece remains unreported in specialized hobby references.

1951 Topps Red Backs High Grade Complete Master Set (54) Including 17 Cards Graded PSA MINT 9!
Effectively standing as an eye-catching prelude to the company’s revered 1952 creation, the production featured a number of 1951’s most popular players. In total, 24 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes PSA MINT 9: 17 cards; and PSA NM-MT 8: 7 cards.

1984 Topps Nestl̩ #8 Don Mattingly Rookie Cards Collection (8) РAll SGC 98 GEM 10!
These scarce Don Mattingly rookie cards were only available on uncut sheets through mail order. They then required hand-cutting with absolute precision. All of the phenomenally bright and sharp pieces comprising this mini-hoard stand among the industry’s finest copies.

1959 Topps Complete Set (572)
In total, 22 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 96 MINT 9: 1 card; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 1 card; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 4 cards; SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 2 cards; SGC 84 NM 7: 2 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 4 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 4 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 1 card; and SGC 40 VG 3: 1 card.

1968 Topps High Grade Complete Set (598)
In total, 25 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 96 MINT 9: 5 cards; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 4 cards; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 7 cards; SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 2 cards; SGC 84 NM 7: 5 cards; and SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 2 cards.
1909-11 T206 White Border Collection (184) Including Hofers!
This is an amazing array that originates from the Skydash Collection. Here is a content driven collection of mostly different 1909-11 T206 White Border tobacco insert cards. Sixteen collectibles have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 60 EX 5: 1 card; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 1 card; SGC 40 VG 3: 8 cards; and SGC 30 GD 2: 6 cards.

1924 New York Yankees Signed Ball (6 Signatures) – Including Babe Ruth
The offered OAL (Johnson) ball is signed by six of 1924’s Bronx principals. The sweet spot signature of Babe Ruth manages about “5-6” in strength. Consistent with Ruth scriptings of the era, this one is accented by quotation marks around “Babe.” On an adjacent panel, the pennings of Benny Bengough, Milt Gaston, Shags Horan, Mike McNally and Bob Meusel have faded, but remain legible enough to show “2” in quality.
1999 New York Yankees World Champions Team Signed Ball (30 Signatures)
This official 1999 World Series (Selig) ball is signed by thirty members of the franchise’s 25th World Championship roster. This snow white example showcases blue ballpoint pennings that project “9-10” strength throughout (with a few lesser, as noted). Includes: Cone, Jeter (“6-7″), Rivera, Strawberry, and Torre.

1965 Topps Five-Cent Display Box
Here is an empty five-cent, 24-count display box, measuring 8″ x 5″ x 1-7/8″. It features EX/MT presentation quality and is neatly and securely shrink-wrapped to shape.

1969/70 Topps Ten-Cent Display Box
This is an empty ten-cent, 24-count display box, measuring 8″ x 5″ x 2-1/4”. It is EX/MT in quality with routinely popped perforations on lid and light to moderate shelf wear at the corners and edges.

MLB Hall of Famers Signed Commemorative Bat (52 Signatures) Including Aaron, Mays and Musial
This 34″-long, Hall of Fame commemorative lumber bears the signatures of 52 different Cooperstown enshrinees. The blue Sharpie scriptings decorating the barrel boast “8-10” strength and clarity (mostly “9-10”). Represented inductees include: Aaron, Berra, Drysdale, Ford, Leonard, Mays, McCovey, Musial, B. Robinson, Snider and Spahn.

Alex Rodriguez 1997-1998 Louisville Slugger Game Used Bat
This Louisville Slugger “C271″ signature model bat was used by the perennial All-Star during his days with the Seattle Mariners. Turned during the 1997-1998 labeling period, this 34”, 30-oz. white ash weapon features a glossy black “Smith” finish, which is highlighted by a silver-hued centerbrand and barrel stampings. The uncracked bat shows picture-perfect game use.

1938 Detroit Tigers Multi Signed Mickey Cochrane Store Model Bat (29 Signatures) Including Gehringer and Greenberg
This treasure, a Hillerich & Bradsby bat, was signed by 28 members of Detroit’s 1938 roster. The 36″ Mickey Cochrane signature model lumber is of the retail variety but its bold black ink signatures are big league, showing “7-10” strength throughout. The “OIL TEMPERED” designator atop the centerbrand suggests a 1933 manufacture, but in black paint, “DETROIT TIGERS – 1938” is meticulously executed along the handle, dating the signatures to that year—likely just after Cochrane’s 4-1/2-year managerial stint. Opposite the hitting surface, the signatures include: Gehringer (“8”) and Greenberg (“7″).


Satchel Paige Circa 1948 Signed Real Photo Postcard
Satchel Paige used black felt tip to sign this 3-1/2″ x 5-3/8” black-and-white, real photo postcard. His scripting of “Satchel Paige” projects “7” strength. The vintage postcard, likely dates to the late 1940s and his early major league playing days (as the “youthful” pitcher is shown wearing an Indians jersey).

Circa 1960 Yoo-Hoo Advertising Clock – Signed by Yogi Berra
This is a highly visual and electrically lighted, 12″ x 29″ advertising display clock featuring number “8” of the Yankees, Yoo-Hoo spokesman Yogi Berra. Likely displayed in a retail store during the late 1950s or early 1960s. The clockface’s plastic shell has been signed and inscribed by Berra at the upper left corner.

Pristine 1946 “The Detroit Tigers” Hardcover Book – Signed by Tiger Legends
The first page of this 276-page volume displays vintage signatures from Tigers legends Charles Gehringer and Harry Heilmann, as well as the author. All three of the autographs were obtained at a notable book signing done at The Boston Store in Detroit and project “9-10” strength.

1950s-2000s Signed Envelopes, Cachets and First Day Covers Collection (1,450+) Including Bill Buckner, Don Larsen and Ron Santo
Offered is an impressive gathering of more than 1,450 signed envelopes, cachets and First Day Covers. The signatures provide a sizable representation of diamond stars from the 1950s through the present (with several key multiples). The autographs have been penned in a variety of ink types and colors and average “8-9” strength.


Oversized Toledo Mud Hens 1924 and 1925 Original Team Photographs (2)
Their famed mascot derived from marsh birds that frequented the swamp-like terrain surrounding Bay View Stadium, the Toledo Mud Hens have been one of the American Association’s most colorful teams for more than a century. These two vintage oversized photographs respectively depicting the franchise’s 1924 and 1925 versions.

Cincinnati Reds 1941 Team Signed Oversized Photo (34 Signatures) Including Warren Giles, Lombardi, McKechnie, Lloyd Waner and Johnny Vander Meer
In defense of their first world championship in 21 seasons, the 1941 Cincinnati Reds remained atop the heap. This wondrous display item depicts those ’41 Reds in an oversized photograph signed by 34 members of that Queen City squad. This vintage black-and-white photograph reveals the team in a three-tier pose at its Crosley Field venue. Below the image, a sizable white border is the canvas for black ink signatures that show “8-10” overall strength.

1950s-1980s News Service Photographs and Wire Photographs Collection (279) Including Berra, Durocher and Ford
The overwhelming majority of these photos are “action” shots. The compilation of mostly 8″ x 10″ photos average EX condition. Nearly all of the photographs have editorial notations, news service stampings, or caption information on the reverse. Player highlights include: Tony Armas, Sal Bando, Don Baylor, Yogi Berra, Bobby Bonds, Ron Cey, Leo Durocher, Carlton Fisk, Nellie Fox, Steve Garvey, Rickey Henderson, Keith Hernandez, Dick Howser, Bo Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Tommy John, Billy Martin, Joe McCarthy, Gil McDougald, Bill McKechnie, Rick Monday, Jack Morris, Mike Norris, Charles O’Finley, Raphael Ramirez, Bob Richardson, Cookie Rojas, Pete Rose, Jerry Ruess, Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandberg, Ted Sizemore, Moose Skowron, Darryl Strawberry, Casey Stengel, Gary Templeton, Joe Torre, Manny Trillo, and Robin Yount.


Rick Barry 1965-66 Philadelphia Sports Writers NBA Rookie of the Year Award
Named one of the “50 Greatest Players” ever by the NBA, the talented forward was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1987. The Philadelphia Sports Writers following the 1965-66 season awarded this NBA Rookie of the Year award to the sensational athlete. The award is topped by the gold-plated figure of a basketball player, and an ornate column connects the detailed sculpture to the base. A pair of gold-plated plaques situated at the base respectively proclaims, “PHILA. SPORTS WRITERS BASKETBALL CLUB,” and “1965-66 N.B.A. ROOKIE OF YEAR – RICK BARRY – SAN FRANCISCO.”

LeRoy Neiman “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” Lithograph (3 Signatures) Including Thomson, Branca and Neiman – Serial Numbered “243” in a Limited Edition of 600 Pieces
The multi-hued rendition captures the exact moment when Bobby Thomson connected with a Ralph Branca pitch to secure a victory for the New York Giants. Along with the artist’s signature, the black Sharpie scriptings of Thomson and Branca are featured just below the image, and all three autographs project “10” strength.


Willie Horton 1975 Detroit Tigers Game Worn Home Jersey
The sizable righthanded power hitter wore this Detroit Tigers home jersey during the 1975 campaign. The white knit button-down garment features the club’s famed olde English “D” sewn to the left breast in navy tackle twill. Sewn to the back in block-style characters, “HORTON” is arched atop his since-retired number “23.” The item shows fabulous wear.


1965 Topps #122 Joe Namath SP Rookie Card – PSA EX-MT 6
The Namath rookie is widely regarded as a “budget-buster” for those pursuing a 1965 set. The offered Namath debut collectible boasts impeccable depth in its background color, outstanding registration for the 1965 “SP” category, and a distinctive absence of the production’s usual print imperfections and overspray.

1981 Topps #216 Joe Montana Rookie Cards SGC-Graded High Grade Collection (40)
Each card has been graded 88 NM/MT 8 or higher by SGC. This breathtaking multiple of essentially pack-fresh rookie collectibles includes: SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 15 cards; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 25 cards.

1956 Ohio State Football Jersey and Letterman’s Jacket (2 Items)
In defense of their 1955 Big 10 title, the 1956 Ohio State Buckeyes set a conference record with their 17th straight win (eclipsing the previous standard of 15, which had been accomplished by Michigan). Offered here is two apparel items worn by the collegiate power’s William Booth, a signal caller during that ’56 season. Includes: Jersey – a red dureen blend pullover garment with “28” sewn to the front and back in cream-colored twill and a black-white-and-gray striped pattern on each of the long sleeves. Solid wear is evident. Letterman’s Jacket – button-down sideline wear comprised of a red wool body and white leather sleeves. On the left breast, a 6-1/4″-diameter patch pays homage to the “BIG TEN CHAMPIONS – 1955.” Leather edges line the two front pockets and an embroidered notation of “W Booth” is situated on a felt panel just above the right pocket.

Historic NFL Legends Signed 2003 Pro Football Hall of Fame 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Print (109 Signatures!) Including Namath and Walsh – Serial-Numbered “55” in a Limited Edition of 120 Pieces
The central image is that of early grid warriors “in action,” and surrounding the colorful rendition are the signatures of 109 NFL legends. Each athlete signed the piece is black marker, and all 109 scriptings boast “10” quality. The artist’s signature has been scripted at the center of the piece, and the limited edition designation of “055/120” is noted at left center.

1903 Univ. of Michigan vs. Univ. of Wisconsin Football Program
The University of Michigan’s football team of 1902 was universally acclaimed the best in the nation. As Fielding Yost guided his Wolverines into 1903, the campus of Ann Arbor was flush in the expectations of another national crown—which was, indeed, realized (tempered only by sharing that accolade with Princeton). In the course of the 1903 schedule, Michigan hosted the University of Wisconsin Badgers, and available to patrons that day was this program. This is a magnificent antique of Michigan football heritage.

Extremely Desirable 1919 Univ. of Michigan vs. Ohio State Football Program
The year 1919 was somewhat of a watershed season for the Michigan football team. Officially, the Wolverines had returned to the Big Ten fold (actually, in 1917), but an intense schedule within the conference wasn’t fulfilled until ’19. The “Big One”, in 1919, was the contest held in Ann Arbor against the Buckeyes of Ohio State. From that game, remains this program.

Historic Oct. 18, 1924 Univ. of Michigan at Univ. of Illinois Football Program – The Red Grange Game!
Few will now dispute that October 18, 1924 was the defining date of collegiate football at the University of Illinois. Three mighty forces converged that day in Champaign. It marked the school’s annual Homecoming, but beyond that, dedication ceremonies were conducted for the opening of the Illini’s new Memorial Stadium. Universally heralded as the country’s most glorious edifice of its kind, Memorial Stadium, and its unveiling, wondrously coincided with Red Grange’s tour de force gridiron achievement. On that October 18, Red Grange staged an absolutely spellbinding performance—the kind that inspires writers to verse, and earns front-cover accolades in national news journals. With the opening kickoff, Grange “galloped” 95 yards for first blood. In the ensuing first quarter, Grange raced for another 168 yards, reaching TD paydirt three more times. He sat out the second quarter, but returned after halftime ceremonies to register two more scores. From truly one of the epic performances in the history of the game, survives this published relic. It’s the official program citing the school’s Homecoming and Dedication of the Stadium.

Extremely Desirable Oct. 22, 1927 Ohio State at Univ. of Michigan Football Program and Ticket Stub for the New “High Stadium” Dedication (2 Items)
One of the major milestones in the history of the University of Michigan was the passing, in 1927, of old Ferry Field. Under the concerted urgings of coaching legend, Fielding Yost, the university took a great stride in commissioning the mighty gridiron shrine, Michigan Stadium, which opened on October 22, 1927. Most appropriately, the dedicatory celebration was aligned to the annual game against the arch-rival Ohio State Buckeyes. The two keepsakes from that momentous day include: Program – The most symbolic keepsake generated by the event is this program. It is in remarkable condition. Ticket Stub – Its first recipient, by the way, kept the corresponding ticket to this monumental game.

1934 Univ. of Michigan Football Programs Collection (8 Different)
From national champions in the 1932 and ’33 seasons, the Wolverines fell on hard times in 1934. Michigan played an eight-game schedule in 1934, and this collection encompasses the entirety of the programs pertinent to that campaign. These include: October 6th vs. Michigan State; October 13th at University of Chicago; October 20th vs. Georgia Tech; October 27th vs. Illinois (Michigan’s Homecoming): November 3 (erroneously printed “October 27th”) at Minnesota (Homecoming in Minneapolis);Â November 10th vs. Wisconsin; November 17th at Ohio State (Homecoming in Columbus); and November 24th vs. Northwestern.


1986/87 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan Rookie Card – BGS MINT 9
This is one of the most sought-after modern cards of any type. The pack-fresh example displays impeccable centering and superb color. The bold, perfectly focused and brilliant image of Jordan absolutely radiates through its pristine layer of uninterrupted, original surface gloss.

1986/87 Fleer High Grade Complete Set (132) Plus Stickers (11) -Â Including Six PSA GEM MT 10 Examples!
This milestone production was the issue that single-handedly brought about a renaissance in the basketball card hobby. The 1986/87 Fleer set’s arrival, and its reception by an eager market, launched the segment of the industry into a stratosphere that few, if any, anticipated. The issue’s rookies and brilliant colors all contribute to its already legendary mystique. In total, 15 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: PSA GEM MT 10: 6 cards; PSA MINT 9: 5 cards; and PSA NM-MT 8: 3 cards.

Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Signed Basketballs (2 Items)
In terms of desirability, few basketball signatures are more hotly sought-after than those of the Hall of Fame pair, and in Chamberlain’s case, his penmanship is understandably becoming more difficult to acquire. The athletes each added his signature in silver Sharpie, and both are “10s”.

Michael Jordan UDA Signed 1998 NBA Finals Game Used Floor Segments Display – Serial-Numbered “68” in a Limited Edition of 223 Pieces
These three framed pieces of hardwood from the Delta Center were used during Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals—Michael Jordan’s final game! The three 2″ x 4″ sections are set in a horizontal side-by-side arrangement, and “His Airness” has added his black Sharpie autograph along the length of two of the pieces. The bold example of Jordan’s penmanship projects “10” in strength and printed at the bottom left of the first hardwood segment is the display’s limited edition designation of “68/223.”

1972/73 to 1981/82 Topps Sets Hoard (68)
Presented is an amazing 68-set Topps basketball card hoard. Spanning just under a decade of collecting, over 9,250 cards are offered in this assembly. The array is filled with stunning Hall of Fame content, featuring multiple examples of such hometown favorites as Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving and Jerry West.

1984-85 Philadelphia 76ers Team Signed Basketball (11 Signatures) Including Barkley, Erving and Malone
The basketball features the autographs of eleven members of the Eastern Conference NBA Finals representatives. The black Sharpie signatures include those of Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, Clemon Johnson, George Johnson, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Clint Richardson, Sedale Threatt, Andrew Toney, and Sam Williams.


Joe Louis and Max Schmeling Signed Print – Serial-Numbered “268” in a Limited Edition of 1,500
This is a 17″ x 21″ print by artist B. Peak of Max Schmeling and Joe Louis slugging it out in the ring. Limited to 1,500 prints, this example is numbered “268/1,500.” The image is from an early 1970s Sports Illustrated series of famous athletes. It is signed boldly in pencil along the bottom border by both fighters, with the signatures projecting “10” strength.

1950s Joe Louis Portrait Photograph
This black-and-white portrait image pictures the larger-than-life pugilist in a suit-and-tie with “Joe Louis” printed at bottom right in white lettering. A markered notation scripted on the back of the frame reads, “Property of Pompton Lakes Training Camp 1952.”

Johnson vs. Jeffries 1909 “Fight Signing” George Bain News Service Photograph
Dubbed “The Fight of the Century,” the 1910 bout between Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson and former titlist James Jeffries was marred by racist overtones and resultant rioting. This original George Bain photograph depicts this much-anticipated announcement of the famous battle. Measuring 7″ x 5-1/8″, this sepia-toned photo captures the festive gathering at which Johnson and his opponent agreed (presumably, in writing) to go at it in a custom-built ring in Reno, Nevada. Assembled in a sizable parlour, literally hundreds of men in suits and ties appear, their gazes focused on some common point. Sporting a fedora, Johnson is the lone black man among the crowd.

Rare 1910 T223 Dixie Queen SGC-Graded Collection (10 Different)
This is a rare gallery of some of the most difficult to acquire early 20th Century boxing cardboard collectibles. Due to their parallel status with another, much easier to find brand, this tough brand is largely overlooked. Includes: Graded SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 3 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 2 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 2 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 2 cards; and SGC 10 PR 1: 1 card.

Boxing Legends Signed Gloves Collection (6) Including Ali, Frazier and “Cassius Clay”
These six boxing gloves are individually signed in black Sharpie by some of the sport’s greatest luminaries. Each seemingly unused item presents EX/MT to NM and showcases a boldly scripted “9-10” autograph. Includes: Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay, Joe Frazier, Kid Gavilan, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Mike Tyson.



1932 Lambert & Butler “History of Aviation” Complete Set (25) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry!
Each collectible boasts “1 of 1” status, with none graded higher. Beginning with Sir George Cayley’s (1774-1857) attempt to mathematically explain the principles of mechanical flight, this 25-card array, providing nearly 100 years of history, forms one of the time’s most comprehensive visual chronicles of aviation history. Includes: PSA NM-MT 8: 9 cards; PSA NM 7: 10 cards; PSA EX-MT 6: 5 cards; and PSA EX 5: 1 card.

1966 Topps “Superman” High Grade Complete Set (66)
In total, 30 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 96 MINT 9: 7 cards; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 6 cards; and SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 17 cards.

1889 N226 Kinney “Navy Vessels of the World” SGC-Graded Complete Set (25)
This is the only the second complete set of these scarce and condition-sensitive pieces graded by SGC. The series’ gallery of famous ships includes: SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 9 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 7 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 5 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 1 card; and SGC 10 PR 1: 1 card.

1962 Leaf “Famous Discoveries and Adventures” Complete Set (50)
Ten cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 96 MINT 9: 5 cards; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 1 card; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 3 cards; and SGC 84 NM 7: 1 card.

1940s Mutoscope Pin-Ups SGC-Graded Collection (73)
Includes: 1940s Mutoscope “Glamour Girls” (12) – SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 6 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 3 cards; and SGC 60 EX 5: 3 cards. 1940s Mutoscope “All-American Girls” (22) – Partial set 22 of 32 cards. Includes: SGC 84 NM 7: 2 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 9 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 8 cards; and SGC 60 EX 5: 3 cards. 1940s Mutoscope “Yankee Doodle Girls” (4) – SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card; SGC 60 EX 5: 3 cards. 1940s Mutoscope “Artist Pin-Ups” (24) – SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 1 card; SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 1 card; SGC 84 NM 7: 8 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 8 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card; and SGC 60 EX 5: 5 cards. 1940s Mutoscope “Hot-Cha Girls” (11) – SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 4 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card; SGC 60 EX 5: 2 cards; and SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 4 cards.

1954 Topps “Scoop” Complete Set (156)
The attention-grabbing headlines of Topps’ 1954 Scoop cards informed youngsters about world events ranging from the abdication of kings to natural disasters. On their colorful, artfully fashioned card fronts, new countries were formed, sports feats were documented and assassinations were recorded. In total, 16 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: PSA NM-MT 8: 2 cards; PSA NM-MT 8 (OC): 4 cards; PSA NM+ 7.5: 1 card; PSA NM 7: 3 cards; PSA EX-MT 6: 3 cards; PSA EX 5: 2 cards; and PSA VG-EX 4: 1 card.

1938 R69 Gum, Inc. “Horrors of War” #163 “Loyalist President Leaves Barcelona” – PSA NM-MT 8 “1 of 1!”
This is the lone example at its tier (with none graded higher) among a total of 16 copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting.

“The Three Stooges” Signed Card Display (3 Signatures) Including Moe, Larry and Shemp
The toned card (apparent VG/EX) has been inscribed in blue ballpoint (possibly by Larry): “Sincerely The 3 Stooges” and then autographed by all three men. As was their custom, Moe, Larry, and Shemp signed only their first names, with the penmanship exhibiting “perfect 10” strength.

1942 R164 Gum Inc. “War Gum” Complete Set (132)
The detailed and well-drawn illustrations stand in stark contrast to the cartoon style associated with other Gum Inc. productions. The set was well designed and delivered, in the form of bubble gum trading cards. They are a wealth of information relating to news, biographies of important world figures (FDR, Douglas MacArthur, Winston Churchill, among many others), and events of the then-ongoing global conflict.

Extremely Rare 1952 Merita Bread “Lone Ranger” Labels Partial Set (14/16)
This edition was issued in two series of eight labels each. Titles include: Dan Reid and Victor, Hi-Yo Silver, Lone Ranger Fights Outlaws, Lone Ranger Nurses Silver, Lone Ranger Official Seal, Lone Ranger Saves Silver, Partners for Life, Scout, Silver Fights Buffalo King, Silver Rescues Lone Ranger, Silver Sees Buffalo Herd, The Lone Ranger, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, and Tonto.
1966 Topps “Batman – 1st Series” Unopened Five-Cent Wax Pack – GAI Gem Mint 9.5
This is a gorgeous repository of never-touched “Orange-Back” Batman collectibles, in Gem Mint condition. It is just waiting to take its place in an outstanding collection.

Jefferson and James Madison 1801 Signed Land Grant
This partly printed land grant, dated November 4, 1801, awards “One Hundred acres situate between the Little Miami and Sciota Rivers, north-west of the River Ohio” in “consideration of military service performed by William Triplett, a Lieutenant for three years.” The complete signature of “Thos. Jefferson,” the sitting President, graces the lower right corner. His Secretary of State, “James Madison,” has affixed his written name in equally dark script beneath. Both signatures are superb in quality, form, and dimension and project “8-9″ strength. A 3″-diameter Presidential seal remains firmly attached.

John F. Kennedy 1953 Signed Letter on U.S. Senate Stationery!
This 6-1/4″ x 9-1/4” sheet of United States Senate stationery carries a typed message and black ink signature of the man who became the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy (1917-1963). The brief letter is dated August 3, 1953, during his first year in the Senate. The one-page letter is written to a resident of Westfield, Massachusetts. The future president’s full signature assesses at the “9” level for strength and completeness.

Extremely Rare 1920 James Cox “The Tie That Binds” Presidential Campaign Sheet Music
By 1920, all of the political giants of the earliest years of the 20th Century were gone. The U.S. Presidential contest of 1920 proved to be between two former newspaper editors who had turned professional politicians, both representing their home state of Ohio: Republican Warren G. Harding (running on a ticket with Calvin Coolidge) and Democrat James Cox (running with a 37-year-old Franklin Delano Roosevelt). Cox was a strong supporter of Wilson. Harding won handily, as the country had endured enough of both men’s policies. This small, four-page leaflet on glossy stock is actually a diminutive version of the sheet music for the soon-to-be-defeated Cox’s campaign song, “The Tie That Binds, or Jimmy is the Man for Us.” This smaller version measures only 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ and is extremely rare in this size, with only a few examples known to still exist.

Extremely Rare and Gigantic 1956 Eisenhower Display Button – 9″ Diameter!
With an outside diameter of approximately nine inches, this artifact is more than a pin; it’s a significant display piece. The condition of this special button is as noteworthy as its size. The item is in extraordinary like-new condition. The button, which carries as its central image a smiling portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower, was produced by Pat Gogerty Displays of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. (with Union Labels plainly featured), and is much more rare than any of the manufacturer’s other political items.

Abraham Lincoln February 20, 1864 Handwritten “Let the Request Herein Be Granted” Cut Passage with Signature
This example of Abraham Lincoln’s signature dates to his presidency. The black ink salutation “Let the request herein be granted. / A. Lincoln,” rates “10” strength, and is dated “Feb. 20, 1864.”

John Adams Free Frank Signature
This undated envelope bears the free frank signature of John Adams (1735–1826), the second President of the United States. The identifier “John Adams, 2nd President of the U.S.” was stenciled at the top border at a later date. Addressed to a “Mrs. Hubbard” of Madison County in Hamilton, New York, Adams has noted “Free” along the right edge and signed “J. Adams” in black fountain pen. His penmanship has since faded to brown but still projects “8” strength.

1896 McKinley/Hobart “Home Defenders” Campaign Poster
Everything a voter could conceivably wish to know, about the platform and positions of the McKinley/Hobart 1896 presidential campaign slate, is presented on the surface of this magnificent poster. The 6-3/4″-tall oval jugate portraits of McKinley and Hobart seem to float at the center of a sea of charts, graphs, poems, fine print, slogans, and details. Some of the poster’s surface space is given over to raw data. Other areas are devoted to pedagogical depictions of sheep values and haystack size, pre- and post-tariff. By far, however, the most captivating nuggets are found in the good vs. evil dichotomy presented near the poster’s top edge. This poster is copyrighted 1896 by Gillespie, Metzgar & Kelley.

Scarce 1916 Charles Evans Hughes “For President” 1-3/4″ Pinback
At the time this Hughes button was being circulated, the nation already had a strong leader in the person of President Woodrow Wilson. He had the advantage of ongoing economic prosperity and satisfactory progress in such reforms as universal women’s suffrage. Hughes’ portrait is surrounded here by a beautiful and patriotic design distinguished by red-white-and-blue with goldish-brown colors. It has a “Whitehead & Hoag” manufacturer’s backpaper insert.

Jumbo 1912 Wilson/Marshall Jugate Campaign Pin
A pin the size of this one, featuring a gorgeous black-and-white photo jugate in eye-popping proportions, is set apart at once from many of its overwhelmingly drab contemporaries. This seldom-seen variety displays a strong design, enhanced by overall Excellent condition.


The Most Desirable Stock Certificate – 1888 “Standard Oil Trust” Signed by John D. Rockefeller and Henry Flagler
Issued by the Standard Oil Trust, the document, numbered “A1154,” is signed in black fountain pen next to their respective titles by President “J.D. Rockefeller” (“9-10”) and Secretary “H.M. Flagler” (“7”). The Standard Oil Trust was formed in 1882 to consolidate Rockefeller’s many holdings. It was dissolved in 1892 by decree of the U.S. Supreme Court acting under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The certificate is stamped “Cancelled/Oct 21 1895” near the left border.

1888 Exceptional Example of J & E Stevens’ “Darktown Battery” Mechanical Cast Iron Bank
This cast iron marvel of the mechanical bank world debuted in 1888 and continued in production for years. Yet despite the bank’s lengthy production run, high grade examples are generally non-existent. This sparsity of well-preserved exemplars is a testimony to the bank’s captivating function. People just cannot resist trying one out. The bank’s moving components, including the pitcher’s head and arm, the cocking latch on the pitcher’s hand (that prevents cocking unless a coin is in place), the catcher’s head, stomach gate and hand, and the batter’s head and arms, are all complete and move freely as designed. All aspects of the bank are exceptionally well-preserved.


Bela Lugosi Circa 1931 Signed Photograph – An Intense Image!
When Bela Lugosi introduced himself to film audiences in 1931 it was clear that Hollywood had found one of its screen icons. This NM original photo (5″ x 7″) of Lugosi exhibits his finest vampiric stare and is inscribed in black ink, “To Jack, in remembrance, Bela Lugosi.” His signature projects “9-10″ strength.

1940s Disney Thermo Plaques and Art Tiles by Kemper-Thomas (11 Items) Plus One Original Box
This lot is comprised of decorative hanging tile artworks by the Kemper-Thomas Co., done in three styles. The two largest styles are both 6″ squares with a recessed area where a cardstock-backed thermometer section is mounted. The earliest of these bigger styles displays a Disney character next to the thermometer without any text, while the other depicts Donald involved in a sporting activity, accompanied by a personal prayer or a biblical-sounding statement that is appropriate for the depicted sport. This offering includes eight of the twelve documented examples, spread out over both styles. The third style of Disney tiles from Kemper-Thomas is smaller, measuring 4-1/4”-square. These have no checklist on their cardboard hanger backings and no thermometer sections on their fronts. Three different examples of the third style are included (the total number of different designs remains unknown).

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