Mastro Auctions Live `Connoisseur` Event Scheduled In December

Mastro Auctions will conduct a live `Connoisseur` event at 10:00 am on Saturday, December 13, at company headquarters: 7900 S. Madison, Burr Ridge, Illinois. A preview is scheduled on Friday, November 24 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., and private previews may be arranged by appointment. Call 630-472-1200 for more information. The more than 500 lots will provide an outstanding array of fine collectibles. Sections of the auction will be dedicated to: Decorative art, Lalique glass, fine art, luxury goods and gifts, perfume bottle and historical items.

According to Doug Allen, COO and President of Mastro Auctions, one of the key areas to watch in this event is the Lalique category. `The response to the Lalique items we have offered in the past has been extremely encouraging,` says Allen. `As we have continued to record solid prices for these items and expand our reach into this market, we have continued to increase the number and variety of high quality consignments in this collecting genre. Lalique collectors will find this auction especially exciting.`

Specific highlights of the live December 2008 Connoisseur auction include:


1937 Lalique Opalescent Chrysis MascotÂ
This is a very rarely seen and highly desirable opalescent version of Rene Lalique`s classic automobile mascot design, one of only two featuring a full female nude. Chrysis is considered an icon of the Age of Elegant Motoring and emblem of the Age of Speed. It remains one of Rene Lalique`s most popular Art Deco designs. The Lalique Company has produced versions for over eighty years in clear, amber and even black glass, but nothing approaches the luminescence and latent energy evoked by opalescence. Height 5 ½ in. Mp. 505, No. 1183. Minimum bid $25,000.

Bacchantes Vase, Opal, BaseÂ
Vase Bacchantes is widely considered Rene Lalique`s crowning achievement as a glassmaker. The timeless design brings the ancient world of classical mythology onto the cutting edge of glass design in a modern era. The offered lot is one of the few opalescent Bacchantes vases that can still be found today. It is presented in very fine condition with deep opalescence heightened by an effective touch of blue patina. An opalescent Bacchantes vase on this base holds the world record for the model at auction, selling recently in London for over $90,000.00. Overall height 12 ¾ in. Mp. 438, No. 997. Minimum bid $20,000.

Amber Suzanne on Base
Few Suzanne statuettes were produced in color or opalescent glass. The offered example combines both into a highly successful `butterscotch` appearance. This example is a superb, untouched original condition with full base and extremely fine molded detail, including crisp signature lower rear. It is presented on a bronze base of `Peacock` pattern, suitable for illumination (not fitted). Mp. 399, Overall height on base 11in. Minimum bid $12,000.

Sirenes/Bouchon Vase, Clear/Sepia – Meplat
This is an exceptionally scarce and decorative creation by Rene Lalique, who conceived this vase using elements perfected in perfume bottle design, including a large scale version of his famous `Amphritite` stopper. It is in exceptional condition with finely formed figural details on body and stopper, all finished in warmly toned original sepia patina and engraved with full signature including design number. Height 14 in. Mp. 411, No. 883. Minimum bid $10.000.

Acanthes Vase, Blue
This large and bold vase design is from Rene Lalique`s earliest range of mold-blown vases, made possible by the new factory at Wingen opened in 1921. Lalique has wrapped the acanthus plant around the bulbous body, highlighting the thorny leaves with frosted finish. As further contrast, the body is polished to a high gloss, especially effective in this rare color evocative of a Mediterranean sea. It is a scarce example of Lalique`s large, colored vases. Height 11 in. Mp. 417, No. 902. Minimum bid $10,000.

Tourterelles, Opal/Blue
Among Rene Lalique`s most appealing and romantic vase concepts, `Tourterelles` features a pair of superbly modeled turtle doves locked in the embrace that earned them the nickname `lovebirds`, on an elegantly formed, egg-shape base. This example is in fine condition with strong opalescence, pale bluish patina, original cover and clear, engraved signature. Height 11 ½ in. Mp. 431, No. 963. Minimum bid $6,000.

1921 R. Lalique “Trois Sirenes” Inkwell with Original Cover in Opalescent GlassÂ
This is the largest and most spectacular from Rene Lalique`s range of seventeen inkwell designs created from 1912 to 1927. This model is rarely found in any state, and is especially scarce with the original domical cover. It is engraved “R. Lalique France” and attractively finished with subtle blue patina. Mp. 317, No. 435. Diameter 9-1/4in. Minimum bid $5,000.

Sultane Box/Cover
Here is an exceedingly scarce figural cigar box featuring an alluring harem temptress as the finial. It is generally in very good condition and excellent presentation, with warmly toned sepia patina and bold, wheel-cut signature. Height 5 ¾ in., box 5 ½ in square. Mp. 239, No. 83. Minimum bid $4,000.

Pair Swans on MirrorÂ
This superb and classic design was conceived by Rene Lalique in 1944. It was inspired by swans at his country estate outside Paris. The swans are becoming increasingly difficult to find (and expensive) from Lalique at retail. They are presented in excellent condition with clear signatures. Length of mirror 28 in. Minimum bid $3,000.


F Remington PaintingÂ
Seven black laborers toil on a road project in this original oil painting attributed to the Western master, Frederic Remington (1861-1909). Three of the men are tasked with carrying trays of bricks, two men smooth the dirt with rake and shovel, and the last two men crouch to place the bricks in parallel rows. The oil-on-board artwork is of a haunting, grisaille style, rendered in a limited palette favored by Remington—tones of gray, brown, and black. Its dimensions are 12-1/2″ x 14″, and it is housed in an antique, gold-bordered, cloth-matted frame. The artist`s distinctive, meticulous signature resides at lower right, “Frederic Remington.” Minimum bid $15,000.

Madsion Portrait by MorseÂ
The fourth President spent much of his life and career living reverently in the deep and powerful shadow of Thomas Jefferson, eventually retiring to a Virginia tobacco plantation near Monticello. Upon Jefferson`s death on July 4th, 1826, nine years after his two-term presidency, Madison continued his homage by assuming the role of Rector at Jefferson`s University of Virginia, and held the position until his death a decade later. It is likely the offered portrait was prepared in honor of this appointment, and depicts a 77 year-old statesman in the somber tones and garb befitting his new position. The recently discovered offered portrait is not a magnificent or academically styled work comparable to Morse`s likenesses of Lafayette. It is the work of Morse as a humble, journeyman commercial portraitist, probably created in studio conditions involving the painting in of background by assistants, and certainly not resulting in a large fee. It remains however, a historically significant and highly compelling work, painted at the confluence of two uniquely American careers, one near its end and one heading definitively upstream. The canvas verso is boldly stenciled `NY` in oval on reverse and inscribed by hand: “James Madison, Rector of the University of Virginia, 1826. Painted by Samuel F.B. Morse of the National Academy of Design, N.Y.” Minimum bid $10,000.

1939 World`s Fair Bronze “Abe Lincoln, Rail Joiner” by Louis SlobodkinÂ
Few images portray Abraham Lincoln before his presidential years, and this may be the only representation of him as a young man before he embarked on a political career. This remarkable tribute was created for the Federal Building at the New York World`s Fair of 1939. The original was tragically destroyed following the fair, but a copy was commissioned the following year for display at the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C., where it remains today. This offering presents a rare opportunity to acquire an authentic example of this important sculpture in desktop scale. Signed “L. Slobodkin,” the item is in a very fine state with rich brown patina. Height 8.5″. Minimum bid $2,500.


1980s Asprey Falcon Bookends in Crystal, 18K Gold, Diamonds, Rubies
Commissioned by a Prince (at a value exceeding $120,000), these magnificent bookends each present a Peregrine falcon comprised of hand cut rock crystal, mounted in 18K gold, perched on a black marble base, which has minor flaking to the finish. The bird’s eyes are set with large rubies and the beaks are covered in diamonds. Offered in fine condition, they are in the original chamois lined presentation case. Minimum bid $18,000.

c.1911 Tiffany & Co. 18K Gold Fountain Pen -Â Used at 1911 Inauguration of New York Governor John Alden Dix.Â
The pen is hand crafted in a classic style, with a detailed rendering of the arms of New York (adopted 1778), and a foliate oval frames the inscription: “This gold pen and holder was used by the Honorable John A. Dix upon his taking the oath of office as forty-first Governor of the State of New York at Albany on January 1, 1911”. The pen is set with a ruby and a pearl. The nib is marked 14K- Tiffany & Co.- New York. It is presented in its original Tiffany box with legend on cover. Minimum bid $7,500.

c.1906 Tiffany & Co. 18K Gold Picture Frame
This luxurious Tiffany & Co. photo frame is made of 18K gold, with doors inspired by the grand ironwork gates of financial institutions of the time, with elaborately chased moldings and three dimensional open work flourishes on the doors. It is presented in excellent condition. Marked Tiffany & Co. 5870 Makers 18KT, and inscribed `February 19th, 1906.” Minimum bid $7,500.

c.1910 Gorham 14K Gold Picture Frame
The Gorham silver company of Providence, Rhode Island, is recognized for generations of quality silver, but little is seen of their gold production (1895 to 1915), which was made in response to special orders. This 14K gold photo frame with easel is engraved to resemble striped French fabric with floral garlands. Marked Gorham, 14 KT, and numbered. Height 9 3/8 in. Minimum bid $3,000.

1993 Hermes Large Birkin Bag for TravelÂ
The “Huat a Courroies” is the largest Birkin bag made by Hermes. Presented in red leather, it comes with lock, two keys, clochette, and dustcover. It is in fine condition and marked Hermes. Height 22 in. Minimum bid $4,000.

1980s Chanel Black Crocodile Camera BagÂ
Here is the ultimate little black bag. The1980s Chanel black crocodile camera bag comes complete with shoulder strap. It is in fine condition and marked Chanel. 28 cm. Minimum bid $2,000.


Hoard of Signed and Graded President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1943/44 Wartime Checks (15)Â
Each item has been encapsulated with Autograph Grade NM-MT 8 by PSA/DNA. Attractive, blue fountain pen scripting of “Franklin D. Roosevelt” graces the appropriate line of this collection of fifteen bank checks, each of which has been drawn on FDR`s personal account at the Guaranty Trust Company of New York. Each document measures 2-3/4″ x 6-1/2″. Minimum bid $5,000.

1940s The Ultimate Collection of WWII Propaganda Posters Including Numerous Rarities (160+)Â
The vast majority contains painted imagery or line drawn illustrations with an accompanying message. Some use photographs for their graphic elements, while others may be text heavy. The subject matter within this collection is even more diverse than the variety of sizes, delivering messages that deal with industry and production, general safety and industrial safety, women in the work place and on the farms, conserving, recycling, rationing, resisting inflationary pricing, buying war bonds and stamps, taking on a war job for the duration, farm production, Rail Road jobs, Civil Defense, “Loose Lips” messages, patriotic and anti-propaganda themes, war maps and maps of the world used for training, V-Mail, forest fires, Victory Gardens, military orientation, the relief funds for China and Russia and the support fund for the Free French, work to win and much more. Minimum bid $5,000.

House of Representatives DeskÂ
Philadelphia architect Thomas Ustick Walter led the ambitious renovations to the U.S. Capitol that were completed in 1857, more than doubling the edifice`s previous size. This beautifully ornate, carved oak desk was installed, along with its brethren, in the new House chamber and served there for almost two decades. Crafted by Doe Hazelton & Co. of Boston, the antique desk measures 3 feet high, 29 inches across, and 21 inches deep. It features a hinged leather writing surface, an iron pen well, and an inner drawer. The impressive decorative ornamentation includes a U.S. federal crest, an orb engraved with “AMERICA,” floral and vinyl flourishes, star shields, a portcullis-like lattice barrier, beaded borders, a trestle base, and scroll feet. A small, coin-shaped, gilt disk on the thin hutch provides a chamber floor location: “No. 38 W.” A reproduction brass cover for the iron well is also included with this rare, distinguished offering from a political era spanning the presidencies of Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson and Grant. Minimum bid $4,000.


1920s Vintage Czech Hoffman “Nude Dauber” Perfume BottleÂ
This is an extraordinary and rare model of the Heinrich Hoffman `nude dauber` bottle, in grey crystal with a pink stopper, set in a flourished gilt metal stand with white enamel, set with purple jewels. It is in fine condition and the only known example. Height 6 1/2 in. Minimum bid $7,500.

1970s 19K Gold Perfume Bottle With Jewels
The bottle was likely crafted in Barcelos, Portugal based upon its hallmarking, but has not been fully attributed to its maker. This little gem is encrusted with fully faceted European cut diamonds, faceted rubies, and faceted sapphires. Most of the faceted stones are held by hammered bezels and prongs except for the four largest that compose the central floral decoration, which use bezels hold the rough cuts. There are three channels of white gold prong set faceted diamonds comprising the foot, neck, and stopper seal. The shape is of a flattened ovoid with a domed crown that screws into the neck with the attached spoon. The total weight is 67.85 grams or 2.18 ounces including the stones! There are approximately 2.07 ctw of faceted Diamonds, 2.67 ctw of rough Diamonds, 3.14 ctw of Rubies, and 1.35 ctw of Sapphires. Minimum bid $6,000.

1920s St. Louis Bichara “Rameses” perfume bottleÂ
Here is a magnificent Saint-Louis crystal perfume bottle shaped as an Egyptian obelisk with engraved hieroglyphics and lettering highlighted with grey patina, with inner stopper. Height 9 1/2 in. Minimum bid $4,000.


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Mastro Auctions, of Burr Ridge, Illinois, is part of the Silkroad Equity family of companies. The firm is the nation’s leading high-value collectibles auction company. The company has been involved in the sale of many of the most famous and valuable Sports and Americana collectibles ever publicly offered, including the most expensive baseball card ever sold at public auction (a 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner for $1.62 million), the most expensive baseball card set (1914 Cracker Jack, $960,000), and the bat Babe Ruth used to hit his first home run in Yankee Stadium ($1.2 million). Mastro Auctions also sold Norman Rockwell’s `The Dugout` original oil painting ($355,000), Roger Maris’ 1961 jersey (worn when he hit home run #61, $302,000), the bus Rosa Parks was riding when she refused to stand for segregation (nearly $500,000) and the famous Steve Bartman Cubs foul ball (more than $100,000). For more information, call Mastro Auctions at 630-472-1200 or go to

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