Mastro Auctions Offers Bidders Another Hour Of Sleep

Mastro Auctions Offers Bidders Another Hour of Sleep! Thank you for participating in our most recent Premium Auction event. Since our switch to the new and improved bidding process (employed in this just-concluded sale), we’ve had incredibly positive feedback from consignors and bidders alike. With a defined end to the process, there’s no secret or confusion about when the bidding will end, and no “discretionary close” that leaves participants with a feeling of frustration.

With Mastro Auctions’ system, the battles are fought, the time runs out and you get to go to bed! That being said, our bidders have indicated that one aspect could be improved: why do we have a 2-hour cooling-off period from initial bidders to the 30-minute timer? The reason lies in the fact that some individuals still wish to take advantage of callback service. For these bidders, we need some time to set up callbacks so that no bids are missed when the 30-minute timer is initiated. After once again giving the process a hard look, we’ve determined that to best accommodate our clientele’s preferences we don’t need 2 hours to regroup.

And so, effective with our next auction, initial bids will be due at 9:00 PM Central Time, and the 30-minute timer will kick off at 10:00 PM Central Time. We trust that you’ll enjoy the extra hour of sleep … after the conclusion of an exciting session!


Doug Allen
President & COO
Mastro Auctions