Mastro Auctions Website System Status Update

Mastro Auctions internet service provider has advised us that they have repaired the damage and restored service on our primary, fiber optic cable network. We will be performing testing on this connection today. Assuming that we find everything acceptable, we will switch the system off of our backup and onto the primary network tomorrow afternoon (Friday, June 27th), between 2 and 3 PM Central Daylight Time (7 and 8 PM GMT). During this cut over, there will be a short period of time when the site will be inaccessible.

This should be relatively short (15-30 minutes), but some people, such as those on AOL and some other service providers may experience slightly longer delays in connecting due to the way these companies have their systems configured. We will send out an email once the cut over is complete. Again, we are appreciative of customers patience, understanding and support during this time period.