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Mastro Legends 2008 Live Auction Event Full Preview Now Online

The Mastro Legends 2008 Live Auction Event is currently available online at for preview. You won’t be able to bid until Monday, November 24th at 10 AM Central Standard Time, but you can peruse the entire auction and set up your watched lots list now so you can get a head start once the bidding begins. With 377 lots available, you should be able to find something that strikes your fancy in this auction. Have fun and bid often!

Here’s a special note about this “Legends” event:

When we took possession of the Legends of the Gridiron collection, one thing and one thing only immediately stood out for all to see. The overall game usage shown by the football jerseys in this incomparably wide-ranging assembly was above and beyond any gridiron grouping that we had ever seen, across the board. Many of the terms that we use in describing some of the items: “heavy,” “severe,” “hammered,” and the like, can be summed up in one term “abused.” The owner of this collection was unwavering in his resolve to acquire game used/”abused” examples that sum up the violence of this sport that millions of fans love so much.

Along with enjoying our catalog presentation for this Legends event, we encourage all bidders to visit our website for additional close-ups of this array’s phenomenal game “abuse.” The website features illustrations that show detailed resolution that’s superior to what can be accomplished on the printed page, so we’ve adopted an intensive dual-fold (catalog/website) approach to illuminating these key aspects for our bidders. Between the two resources, you’ll have the best perspective attainable for viewing these exceptional pieces, and you’ll be able to virtually “feel” the game action that brought about many of the jerseys’ particular team repairs, tears, abrasions, soiling, and yes … even blood stains!

We are highlighting many “abused” examples on our website, but any interested bidders who would like to have a more detailed description for any of the jerseys in the “Legends” sale can call our Chicago offices to speak to one of our staff directly. It should also be noted that all items in the collection of jerseys and helmets with minimum bids of $5,000 and higher will be available to preview live on Sunday, December 7th at the New York City Sports Museum. (Additional items can be made available on site through prior arrangement.)

Internet Proxy and Phone Bidding for all Live Auction Lots will close on Sunday, December 7th at 9 PM CST. There is no extended bidding for these lots – bidding will continue the next day via the Live Auction. All registered bidders are eligible to bid in the Live Auction Event, whether they have bid via the Internet or not. Please contact Customer Service at (630) 472-1200 or the email for more information.

Bidding Begins November 24th! Good Luck!

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