MEARS Auction of Memorabilia and More Ends February 3, 2018

MEARS Memorial Day Celebration Auction Ends Saturday May 30thMEARS Auctions launches there February 3, 2018 auction.  As tradition dictates, we are offering a large selection of items than span all collectors’ budgets and tastes. Lots may be viewed and or to register go to Hundreds of items including autographs, memorabilia and game used items! 

Historic Items Featured In Current MEARS Auction

Our current auction features an array of both historic items and multiples lots which will appeal to the generalist’s nature of all collectors. Dave Grob provided some additional support to the Catfish Hunter glove which further supports the likelihood of its use during Jim “Catfish” Hunters’ Perfect Game from May 8th, 1968. Lot #23

Consigned from a direct family member of the Jim Catfish Hunter family, this collection of three gloves were housed in Jim Hunter’s personal Oakland A’s footlocker which according to our consignor in great detail, was “stored in the middle bedroom” of the relative’s house. It was stored in the house after Jim Hunter was declared a free agent and traded to the Yankees.  While the Wilson fielder’s glove is of little consequence (retail offering), the catchers mitts are well worth addressing since according to the Hunter family member who consigned this lot, “one of those catcher’s mitts was the one used in Hunter’s perfect game.”

While the MacGregor mitt is in fact a Top of the Line “Pro Customized Model”, it is the Spalding Model that deserves the most attention.  Now what do we know about the Spalding Pagliaroni Model 42-585 catcher mitt?  That mode (42-585) l was introduced new in 1968, but the retail models would have been stamped with Joe Torre’s name (as confirmed by Spalding catalog) and this was a top of the line catcher’s mitt.  With this being a Top of the Line mitt, but NOT stamped as Torre, it would have been ordered by Pagliaroni so this is NOT a retail mitt, but a major league gamer of Pagliaroni.  So unlike the other two gloves (one clearly a retail model), we can place the Spalding mitt to having been a Pagliaroni gamer.

Hunter appeared in 36 games for the A’s in 1968, and 34 of them as starter.  Pagliaroni appeared in 66 games and only caught Hunter on 13 occasions in 1968. As for 1969, Pags was purchased by Pilots on 27 May 1969.  As such, he NEVER caught Hunter at all in 1969 (also confirmed by box scores). 1968-1969 were the only two years that Hunter and Pagliaroni were together and he only caught Hunter 13 times, to include the perfect game on 8 May 1968.  Getting back to 1968, prior to the perfect game, he had only caught Hunter twice.  He caught the 8 May perfecto, and then caught Hunter in his next five straight outings.  After the 4th of July, he only caught Hunter 5 times.

As for why this Splading Pagliaroni mitt would feature Hunter’s name and number on it, in an interview conducted with Sal Bando, who was both Jim Pagliaroni and Jim Hunter’s teammate, he specifically recalled that Jim Pagliaroni maintained a glove specifically for the days he had to catch Jim Hunter.  With catching Hunter so sparingly, we doubt that Pagliaroni had two such special “Catfish Only Gloves”.  The repaired webbing suggests he got the most use out of the one he set aside and marked for this pitcher.

 The combination of all of this information is what allowed us to answer the question of the consigner about “one of these catcher’s mitts” was the one used in Hunter’s perfect game.  It was the Spalding model. In the course of our additional research, we found no other personal or professional connection of note between Hunter and Pagliaroni, to offer any reason or explanation , outside of the perfect game connection, as to why Hunter would have kept one of Pagliaroni’s 1968 game used catcher’s mitts for some many years.

For game worn jersey collectors, MEARS offers a very special 1966 Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds Game Worn Road Jersey (MEARS A7.5)   ,one of only four 1960s flannels evaluated by MEARS.

Other Highlights Include:

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