MEARS Auctions: Special National Sports Collectors Convention Announcement & Update

This year MEARS Auctions has obtained two booths at The National Sports Collectors Convention (Aug 3-8, 2011). One booth will be for our products and services, the second is for collectors. If you are a MEARS member or a registered bidder or consigner with MEARS Auctions we would like to offer you the chance to showcase an item from your collection at the MEARS booth. If you are hoping to sell the item, you set the price and we will showcase it for you AT NO COST. If your item sells, 100% of the proceeds are yours. No gimmicks or small print, its your item, at your price, and your money if it sells.

The National. I can still remember when I planned my collecting year around it. I would make various lists of the things I wanted to try to find and the people I wanted to meet at the show. I would spend the year updating both lists and upon show time, worked hard to spend every minute on the floor. No sooner than the show ended on Sunday, the entire process would begin again.

Over the years the National became less fun. In my mind, it seemed a lot more like a large indoor display of products I that I could find on line. As a die-hard collector, it appeared the audience had become a collection of memorabilia day traders and the event just lost much of the luster it once had for me. It appears that I am not alone as my sentiments have been echoed back to me in various forms from a variety of people. I guess I could either continue to complain and long for the magic of yesteryear, or try to do something about it. I have chosen the latter.

I hope this offer attracts items like the old days and interest from collectors in them. This interest always seemed to spawn great discussion and that too is something I miss. In order to ensure we have diversity in the products, we will close submissions on July 15th. This will give us two weeks to finalize any supporting graphics and ensure that we can get your items covered by our insurance prior to taking them to the National. If you have an item you would like us to showcase or sell, please contact me as soon as possible. Once it appears we have been saturated with a particular type of item, we will have to decline potential submissions.

I have also asked Dave Grob to make time in his schedule to be on hand this year and he has agreed. What I have asked Dave to do is set aside scheduled time each day to meet with collectors and walk them through various research and evaluation topics. If you have a particular item or project in mind, simply e-mail Dave at and describe your item and project. Dave will coordinate with you to meet exclusively for an hour or so between Thursday and mid-day on Sunday. As with submissions for display, topics and projects will have to be agreed to no later than 15 July so Dave has a chance to begin to build research packets and gather data.

My hope is that in some small way, MEARS Auctions can begin working to rebuild the magic of the National as I remember it. Great Stuff, Great Discussions, and Great Collectors have a Great Time.

Troy R. Kinunen
President, MEARS Auctions

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