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MEARS January 29th Monthly Auction Last Day To Bid -IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT : MEARS Auction Ending protocol

Our January 29, 2011 auction ends today. Items  include more offerings from “The Sporting News” archives, a collection of 7,500+ fresh to the hobby golden/silver age comics, a collection of Bowman baseball card sets from 1948-1955, more high grade game used bats and jerseys, and several prominent collections originating directly from the estates of those individuals directly associated with professional sports.  MEARS current auction is January 20-29, 2011. Bidding Ends Today! For the MEARS January 20th – 29th, 2011 auction, we will be keeping 9:00 CST ending time, and the 15-Minute per lot rule will be in place. This means the auction will continue after the 9:00 CST time until there has been no bid placed on any lot for 15 minutes.

The one change will be that bidding will close at 2:00 AM CST, (3:00 AM EST), regardless of the remaining bids.

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