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Memory Lane’s Own It NOW! Consignment Deadline February 1st!

Four times each year, Memory Lane, Inc , the southern California-based sports memorabilia auction company will create a new catalog through its Own it Now program with items available for straight sale.  The consignor sets a selling price with a first-come, first-served opportunity available to buyers for two weeks.  At the beginning of the third week, Memory Lane will invite potential buyers to contact their office and make an offer on any unsold items.  Owners of the consigned items will then opt to accept or reject the offer.  The new program is aimed at taking any risk out of the equation for sellers who may prefer not to place items into an auction format where items are sold wherever bidding ends.  It will also present potential buyers with a decision: pull the trigger and buy now or wait to get a better deal, hoping another collector doesn’t decide to grab the item in the meantime.   Sellers will pay a 20% premium for sales made under the Own it Now program.  Buyers pay nothing over and above the price of the item plus shipping costs.  Memory Lane anticipates that between 100 and 200 items will be available in its second Own it Now catalog, set to be released early this spring.

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