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Mile High Card Company October 1st Auction Closes Next Week

The current MHCC auction which ends on October 1st has experienced major activity as collectors admired the compendium encompassing what Mile High President, Brian Drent, believes is the company’s strongest and most all-inclusive offering in the twelve-year history of the firm. When asked to sum up the 1,572 lots of the auction in one word, Drent responded that the current offering is, simply, “thorough.” Indeed, the catalog reads very much like a vast, high-grade type collection in which every issue must be represented by at least a dozen specimens. Multiple pages are dedicated to each of the following issues: N172 Old Judge Cigarettes, E90-1 American Caramels, E91 American Caramels (in uncut sheet form), E93 Standard Caramels

E96 Philadelphia Caramels, E104-1 Nadja Caramels, PC760 Rose Company Postcards, T3 Turkey Reds, T200s, T201s, T202s, T205s, T206s, T207s, T209s, T212s, Cracker Jacks, Zeenuts, Goudeys, DeLongs, Diamond Stars, Play Balls, Leafs, Red Mans, and, of course, the expected array of high-grade Bowman and Topps singles.  Â

The highlights to the extensive single card selection include the world’s finest T205 Gold Border Cy Young, a PSA 7 NM Babe Ruth RC, a T5 Pinkerton Cabinet of Joe Jackson, a 1914 Cracker Jack Jackson in SGC 80 (and brand new to the hobby), multiple 1952 Topps Mickey Mantles, as well a MINT or better example of almost every Topps Mantle card ever issued.

In addition to what is, arguably, the most comprehensive single card offering in recent history, Mile High is also pleased to present an equally impressive selection of unopened wax, cellos, and racks, as well a superlative array of complete sets, dozens of which rank in the top-ten of their respective Set Registry leader boards. Included among these sets are the following highlights: the #2 Finest 1910 E93 Standard Caramel PSA Set, the #1 Finest 1911 T209 Contentnea PSA Set, the #1 Finest 1939 R303-B Goudey Premiums PSA Set, the #1 Finest 1951 Topps Connie Mack’s All Stars PSA Set, the #2 Finest 1952 Bowman Large Football PSA Set, and the #1 Finest 1964 Topps Football PSA Set, among many other superior assemblies in completely graded, partially graded, and raw, ungraded form, both sport and non-sport. Â

Finally, to compliment this compendious cardboard offering, the current Mile High catalog also features a handful of select pieces of memorabilia, including a 1910-11 Pittsburgh Pirates Sweater attributed to Elmer Steele, a circa 1957 Ted Williams Game Used Bat graded GU-10, a sublime single-signed Babe Ruth ball graded PSA 7 NM overall, and an alluring selection of Type 1 Joe Jackson photographs and original Carl Horner studio cabinets.

As is usually the case with Mile High Card Company, its October 1st auction appears to offer something for just about everybody, from pre-war collectors to post-war, from high-grade aficionados to collector’s grade type enthusiasts. According to the Mile High’s auction coordinator, Ben Gassaway, the company is looking forward to “providing stability in the collectibles market by surmounting our firm record despite the current state of the economy.” Drent, the company’s founder, concurs: “We definitely expect this to be our best event yet. In the past, our operational capacities usually topped us out at around $2 million. We were bottlenecked. But this past winter we expanded our offices, hired new personnel, and put together a spectacular selection of material.”

All of the items listed as well as many, many more great items are available for bidding either by going to the company’s website at or contacting MHCC via telephone at (303) 840-2784. A full color catalog has been mailed to all registered bidders, and if you would like to receive the catalog you may either call or email and a copy will be sent to you free of charge. The auction will culminate October 1st. Mile High Card Company will accept bids either through its real time auction software or via phone or fax. To register and participate in this special collector’s event call (303) 840-2784. MHCC is already planning its next auction and is actively pursuing consignments at this time. Please call or email for a free consultation with Brian Drent or the company’s Assistant Acquisitions Manager, David Thorn.

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