Most Famous Card On Earth Turns 100

It’s not the oldest card. It’s not the rarest. It’s nice looking, but certainly not the best ever.  It may not be any of those things, but it’s often referred to as the Holy Grail of baseball cards. As the year winds down, we have to pay tribute to the Honus Wagner T-206 card as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. You don’t have to be a card collector to have your ears perk up when they hear that the last time it sold in a SCP Auction in 2007, the gavel price was a cool $2.8 million.  Jefferson Burdick, acknowledged as the man who came up with the idea of cataloging cards and having price guides, designated the classic 1909 American Tobacco Co. set as T206 when he put out his American Card Catalog in 1937. Even then, Burdick recognized the Wagner as something special, assigning it a $50 value when he listed most other cards at a quarter or so. Read full story here.

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