New to the Hobby T206 Wagner Offered in Current Goodwin and Company Auction

Goodwin and Company’s Masterpieces & Uncommon Commons XLIII is perhaps there finest auction to date. The highlights are far too numerous to list here, so we will mention just a few of the favorites. A recently graded, new to the hobby T206 Wagner is offered and represents one of the last opportunities for the collector to add the hobby’s most coveted baseball card to their collection without spending over half a million dollars.

An eye-appealing Babe Ruth rookie card with a Standard Biscuit reverse, the only PSA graded Tin Top Joe Jackson and a fabulous single-signed Babe Ruth baseball graded PSA 8 are all items that would be the ultimate treasure in even the most advanced collection. T206 collectors will find over 18 Hall of Fame cards graded PSA 8 along with rare backs that include Brown Lenox, Red Hindus, Uzit and a blank back proof. A Ramly Eddie Collins and an E121 Ty Cobb graded PSA 8 are simply breathtaking.

The rookie cards of Rogers Hornsby (Collins-McCarthy), Sam Rice (Boston Store), Harry Heilmann (Collins-McCarthy), Vic Willis (Breisch-Williams) Joe Jackson (E90-1) and Negro Leaguers Pop Lloyd and Cristobal Torriente are presented in outstanding grades. The post-war collector will find a rare 1952 Topps Frank Campos black star variation in a PSA 8, a Wilson Franks Ted Williams, a 1959 Yoo Hoo Mickey Mantle and scarce Topps test issues including a 1967 disc of Willie Mays.

All cards will be on display at this years Baltimore National. We will be located at Booth 813P and will be accepting consignments for our September auction.