Outstanding Autographs and Game Used Bats at Love of the Game Auctions Jan. 30th Auction

Love Of The Game Auctions Procures New-To-Hobby Gehrig Game-Used BatLove of the Game’s Winter Premier Auction features a host of beautiful, high-quality autographs and game-used bats from the game’s biggest names. Bid, register and view items at loveofthegameauctions.com. We hope you enjoy our largest-ever assortment of high-quality autographed baseballs, cards, letters, postcards, and flat items yet. Plus, check out our large collection of memorabilia, cards, and game-used bats!

Highlights include:

  • Lou Criger Appreciation Poster
  • Exquisite 1954 New York Giants team-signed baseball w/spectacular clarity, and gorgeous 1928 Philadelphia Athletics team-signed ball w/Cobb, Grove, and Cochrane.
  • Incredibly rare Matty McIntyre signed & inscribed photo album cut, and 1936 National Chicle Hank Greenberg/Bill Dickey, signed by both.
  • Interesting Babe Ruth single-signed baseball, inscribed to his paperboy.
  • Bradley Sweater Endorsements
  • Four signed letters from 1920s Major League Managers, each endorsing Bradley Big League Sweaters.
  • Fantastic 1958 Minneapolis Millers team-signed ball w/Jimmie Foxx
  • Fantastic 1924 Honus Wagner handwritten letter to Harry Prevost on Wagner letterhead
  • Spectacular 1917 James Naismith handwritten letter to his wife.
  • Outstanding collection of team-signed baseballs from 11 different Pacific Coast League franchises, ranging from 1946-1961, including many PCL Hall of Famers and future Major League ballplayers.

Game Used Bat Highlights:

  • Incredible 1928-29 Lou Gehrig Game-Used Hanna Bat: PSA/DNA GU 7
    Among the most rare Hall of Fame bats in the hobby, it is said that approximately 20 Lou Gehrig game-used bats are known to exist. In fact, for every Babe Ruth bat in the hobby, there is just one Gehrig. This gorgeous Hanna Batrite is a new discovery, dating to 1928-29, likely one of the first Batrite bats that Gehrig used during his career.
  • 1952 Roy Campanella Game-Used All-Star Bat: PSA/DNA GU 9
    Spectacular, rare bat from the peak of Campanella’s Hall of Fame career – graded GU 9 by PSA/DNA.
  • Rare 1928-29 Jimmie Foxx Game-Used Hanna Bat: PSA/DNA GU 5
    Beautifully-designed Hanna Batrite model 766, with evidence of heavy use, graded GU 5 by PSA/DNA.
  • 1965-68 Willie Mays Game-Used & Signed Louisville Slugger: PSA/DNA GU 8.5
    Extraordinary Game-Used bat from one of the greatest players of all-time!
  • 1927-28 Tris Speaker Game-Used Hanna Bat: PSA/DNA GU 6
    Rare Tris Speaker game-used bat from the tail end of his Hall of Fame career.
  • Ralph Kiner 1954 Game-Used Louisville Slugger – PSA/DNA GU 6.5
    Gorgeous bat from Kiner’s next-to-last season w/signs of excellent use.
  • 1966-68 Al Kaline Game-Used Bat w/Excellent Provenance – PSA/DNA GU 8.5
    Tremendous bat, from the collection of a former Tigers batboy!
  • Great Gary Carter 1973 Pre-Rookie Game-Used Bat: PSA/DNA GU 8
    Spectacular bat from “The Kid’s” pre-MLB days, dating to 1973, signed by Carter and graded GU 8 by PSA/DNA
  • Incredible 1978-79 Ozzie Smith Rookie Era Game-Used Bat: PSA/DNA GU 8
    Beautiful Louisville Slugger dating to the “Wizard’s” early days with the Padres, graded GU 8 by PSA/DNA
  • 1944-48 Bobby Doerr Game-Used Bat: PSA/DNA GU 7.5
    Well-preserved Louisville Slugger with signs of heavy use, graded GU 7.5 by PSA/DNA


Plus a large assortment of player-signed replica and commemorative bats, including Cal Ripken, Jr., Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey (father and son), the 500 HR/3000 Hit club, and many more.

The Auction closes January 30.

About Love of the Game Auctions
Love of the Game Auctions is an internet sports auction house catering to thepassionate collector of memorabilia and cards, brought to you by longtime hobbyist Al Crisafulli.  A collector for more than 30 years, Crisafulli’s successful track record in business led him to found an advertising and marketing agency in early 2004, where he combined his business acumen with his passion for the hobby, enlisting several hobby-related companies as advertising clients.  During this time he was responsible for providing marketing strategy, business consultation and overall strategic direction to auction houses, grading and authentication companies, and card dealers.

An avid communicator, Crisafulli has also been a vocal and frequent contributor to many hobby message boards, and for more than five years was editor and publisher of Collector Magazine, a publication devoted to the sports card and memorabilia hobby.  Crisafulli has authored many hobby-related articles and was a keynote speaker at the PCCE 2008 hobby seminar.

We aim to help restore transparency and trust to the hobby.  We recognize the many different types of hobbyists, the many things they collect, and the many different approaches they take to build their collections.  We understand that each collector is different, and has taken a different path in the hobby.  But while each collector’s path may be different, every approach originates from the same place:

A love of the game.

Whether you’re a consignor or a bidder, contact us today to become part of something new.  Bid, view, register and consign items by visiting our web site at loveofthegameauctions.com.

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