Consign or Sell with One Click
Consign or Sell with one click

Over 5,600 Cards On Sale — More Than 3,800 PSA Cards Less Than $20

JustCollectCards has one of the largest PSA card inventories on the internet and is running a huge sale this week.  Over 3,800 PSA cards are less than $20, and more than 1,300 PSA cards are less than $10.  Act now to avoid missing out!  Continue reading to check out all of the highlighted items:

490 New Cards Listed Last Week
400 New Cards List Today-Wed.

Free shipping on every card
ON 5,600+ CARDS

1,350+ Cards Less Than $10
3,830+ Cards Less Than $20
Shop by Price:

(3,820+) $3 – $20
(2,010+) $21-$100
(100+) $101 and up


Shop by Year:
(970+) 1960s Cards
(1,430+) 1970s Cards
(1,740+) 1980s Cards
(1,200+) 1990s Cards
Shop by Sport:
(2,930+) Baseball Cards
(1,030+) Football Cards
(410+) Basketball Cards
(410+) Hockey Cards
(700+) Non Sports Cards

Whether on consignment or purchasing for cash, Just Collect is the best way to maximize the value of your collection.  Please call our office at (732) 828-2261 or email if you would like to discuss selling all or a portion of your collection.

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