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Paragon Auctions Accepting Consignments For Next Auction

Paragon Auctions consignors pay ZERO consignment commission fees. Just one low flat rate reserves a place in our auction catalog! NO BUYER’S PREMIUMS – FLAT-RATE CONSIGNOR FEES!!! Let Paragon Auctions represent your treasured collection and help keep money in your pockets. Paragon Auctions consignors pay ZERO consignment commission fees. Just one low flat rate reserves a place in our auction catalog! NO BUYER’S PREMIUMS – FLAT-RATE CONSIGNOR FEES!!! We are accepting consignments for our upcoming 2011 Summer auction and discussing the new, exciting way the auction business is changing to be more consignor friendly.

Bidders and consignors were extremely happy with our first ever NO BUYER’S PREMIUM auction, generating a million dollars in sales, of which most was sent directly to the consignors.

For example:

1) The 1912 Boston Garter Christy Mathewson (Lot #1), one of only a handful known, sold for $60,000. The consignor received $59,000.

2) The outstanding lot of 1915 Cracker Jack cards (Lot #22) went for a hammer price of $50,566, and our consignor received $49,566.

3) The 1915 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson card (Lot #23) sold for $55,612, and our consignor received $54,612.

4) A Sidney Crosby Rookie Game Used jersey (Lot #326) sold for $9,202, and our consignor received $8,202.

As you can see from these prices, nothing was lost in our 100 page catalog. Many items were sold for thousands of dollars with a quarter page ad which cost the consignor $275. Without excessive buyer’s premium, the sales generated more money into the consignor’s pocket.

Feedback from bidders in our first auction was that they bid more freely; not having to worry about a buyer’s premium. They loved our concept and bid higher than they normally would have in a more conventional (ie: costly) auction. Why let the big auction houses grab 15% to 20%* of what an item sells for?

As we did in our first auction, we are limiting our catalog to 100 pages. We are already at 50 pages of quality material for the July auction because many of the consignors who had consigned in our February auction have chosen to continued to consign for our Summer auction. Once we hit that 100 page figure we will be closing the auction for consignments. Please contact us early to consign your quality material so you do not get shut out.

We have acquired one of the larger Philadelphia collections of sports memorabilia to hit the market and this collection will be sold over our next few auctions. Included in this selection of high-quality items are various 1950 Whiz Kids World Series jerseys, a scarce Jim Bunning jersey, a Johnny Callison jersey, many different style jerseys dating back into the mid 1930’s, various 1964 Philadelphia Phillies jerseys and numerous game used bats and gloves from many great Phillies players.

As I mentioned earlier, we will be in the Boston area this weekend. We have two private appointments booked and can be available to make additional house calls to discuss your quality consignments. Or if you prefer, please stop by our booth at Rich Altman’s show this weekend.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and discussing the consignment of your quality items to Paragon Auctions. Feel free to contact Keith at 732 261 9355 to set up an appointment.

Keith Vari
732 261 9355
*Commissions vary by Auction House

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