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Paragon Auctions Seeking Consignments for our December 10, 2016 Catalog Auction

Time to Consign with Paragon Auctions Next AuctionParagon Auctions already has many high-end items consigned with these items appearing on our website within a few weeks. We are currently seeking Game Used and Game Worn items including baseball bats, gloves, and jerseys or complete uniforms from any sport, especially baseball, football, basketball, and boxing. Paragon Auctions is always seeking Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and all other Hall of Fame players.

We also acquired a large collection of sports card sets from the 1950s through the early 1970s for our December auction, including high-grade football sets from the 1960s. We will aggressively pursue all sports cards for our auction to complement this run of sets.

We are always ready to travel for fresh collections and will either take on consignment for our auction or purchase outright for private sale. We have collectors who prefer to buy outright and we could possibly get you MORE for your items via private sales. If you know of a collection which might be available, we also pay finder’s fees for any leads which we eventually acquire.

We also allow consignors to place what we feel is a reasonable reserve for higher dollar valued items. We know no one likes losing money on their items, and this might offer protection on your most treasured pieces.

We have made a few additions to the rules of our auctions, both which have an emphasis on increasing bids for your consigned items.

At Paragon Auctions we allow any bidder to bid on any lot as long as they have placed a bid on any lot in the Auction before extended bidding period starts. For example, if you have bid on Lot #100, but did not bid on Lot #200 by the end of the first bidding period, you may still bid on Lot #200 during extended bidding as you already placed a bid within the entire auction.

Both of the above exclusive features within Paragon Auctions should help you attain the best possible prices for your consigned items.

Thanks and we look forward to speaking with you about your items.

Keith Vari LLC



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