Personal Memorabilia Paul Hornung Featured In SCP Auctions November 2012 Auction

SCP Auctions is proud to offer significant rings, awards and memorabilia from Paul Hornung’s extraordinary Hall of Fame career. On behalf of Paul Hornung, SCP will feature the collection as part of its fall online auction beginning Wednesday, Nov. 14.

The man who ended up at the most-storied franchise in NFL history quite appropriately came from the most-fabled college football team ever known. “The Golden Boy” Paul Hornung put together an incredible 1956 season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and ended up with the Heisman Trophy. Hornung captured the 1956 Heisman in one of the closest votes ever, edging out John Majors of Tennessee and Tommy McDonald of Oklahoma. Even more notable in the awarding of the famed trophy to Hornung was the fact that the Irish finished 2-8, making it the only time it has been awarded to a player on a losing team.

A bonus draft pick for the Green Bay Packers in 1957, Paul Hornung was one of the most important contributors to the Packers’ “dynasty years” of the 1960s. Said to have a “nose for the end zone,” Hornung scored 760 points in nine seasons on 62 touchdowns, 190 PAT s and 66 field goals. As his record clearly shows, Paul did more than just score points. He gained 3,711 yards rushing and 1,480 yards on pass receptions. In addition to his placekicking, he was a superb blocker and highly effective on the halfback option pass. Known as “The Golden Boy,” Hornung was above all a leader to whom the Packers looked for the big plays in the big games.

He reached the zenith of his colorful NFL tenure with three exceptional seasons in 1959, 1960, and 1961. Paul led the NFL in scoring each year and, in 1960, he posted a record 176 points. Hornung was the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in 1961. In the 1961 NFL Championship Game, he was on Christmas leave from the Army when he stunned the New York Giants with a record smashing 19-point outburst as Green Bay won, 37-0.

“I hope…to find new homes for some of these prized possessions,” said Hornung. “I’m doing this now as part of my family planning. My health and finances are good, so please understand that they have nothing to do with this sale. While Angela and I were not blessed with children, I have some charities that have long been very near and dear to my heart and I want to be around to see them benefit from some of the things that I’ve been honored to receive over the years. I am grateful to SCP Auctions for helping me do this.”

Following are highlights of some of the lots that will be offered from Hornung’s personal collection.

Heisman Memorial Trophy (authentic Herff Jones reissue) commemorating his 1956 season at Notre Dame
The trophy presented here is one of four trophies made for Hornung in acknowledgement of college footballs’ highest honor. The original, presented to him in 1956, is in the hands of a private collector. This and two others were made later for Hornung. The other two are currently on display at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and Notre Dame University respectively while this one previously held a position of prominence in the Hornung home.

1961 Green Bay Packers NFL championship ring – reissue
Although the re-issued ring is very similar, it is not exactly the same as the original. The size 13 1/2 gold ring has “JOSTENS 10K” stamped on the inside with a real diamond set into a raised, football-shaped green stone with “1961 GREEN BAY PACKERS WORLD CHAMPS” around the perimeter. On one side is the name “Hornung” with the detailed image of a runner below and the No. “5” on a football beneath. The other side has the score of the 1961 Championship game “Green Bay 37 – New York 0” with large “NFL” lettering below.

1965 Green Bay Packers NFL championship ring – reissue
Offered here is a re-issued version of Hornung’s NFL Championship ring. a Size 13 ring, consisting of 10k gold, a green Tourmaline base stone and .50 ct round brilliant cut diamond in the center. “Hornung” is stamped on its left shank, with his No. 5, an engraving of Lambeau Field and the word “Character.” The championship game score appears on the right along with the NFL and Packers logos, plus the word “Dedication.”

1966 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I championship ring – reissue
This ring was produced by Jostens in recent years at the approval of the Green Bay Packers for Hornung to replace the original he no longer possessed. Keeping to the exceptionally detailed original design, the superb quality gold ring features a diamond atop a globe motif setting encircled by the words “WORLD CHAMPIONS 1966 GREEN BAY PACKERS”. The “JOSTENS 10K” stamp appears inside the band.

1960 Green Bay Packers Western Conference Champions gold and enameled football charm
This charm, approximately 1 inch, from the Packers’ 1960 Western Conference Championship. The 10K Gold football has a green enamel “GB” across the laces and blue printing that says Green Bay Packers 1960 Western Champions on top and bottom. The other side of the football has P. Hornung in all-caps printed type.

Each lot (317-340) comes with a Letter of Provenance signed by Paul Hornung.

Bidding will be open to registered bidders on Wednesday, Nov. 14 and conclude on Saturday, Dec. 1. The auction will be conducted online at The fall auction will also feature hundreds of other historically significant sports memorabilia items and cards, including The Angelo Dundee Estate Collection of boxing memorabilia, The Ozzie Smith Collection of baseball memorabilia and personal basketball memorabilia of Basketball Hall of Famers Oscar Robertson, Sam Jones and David Thompson. For more information on how to participate, visit or call (949) 831-3700.

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