Place Your Bids: SportsCardLink Vintage Card And Memorabilia Auction Bidding Closes Thursday January 27th – Special Ending Rules

This auction features important and exciting sports cards and sports memorabilia from the late 1800s to the present day. Bidding is now open and ends on January 27, 2011.  Graded sports card lots date from the late 19th Century through 1980, and memorabilia is centered around vintage items ranging from game worn articles and game used bats, to vintage photos and pins to signed balls and world series awards. Unique and historical items are showcased within this auction, including the only card we’ve ever seen certified as “Once Owned by Mantle” and it is his 1952 Topps Rookie Card in a tightly graded SGC 6 (80),  Mickey Mantle’s 1951 rookie cleats with Phil Rizzuto provenance is another historical lot within this auction, and the 1915 Boston Red Sox Championship pin with Babe Ruth and Tris Speaker may be a singular item in as high a grade as is offered here! Within this auction we also feature many items from the personal collections of both Ralph Terry and Ed Kranepool.    SportsCardLinks inaugural Featured Auction will close this Thursday, January 27th. Auction lots will begin to close starting at 8:00 PM EST, and we would like to take a moment to explain how the auction ends, as there are numerous ways in which one can end an auction, and bidders need to be familiar with the way we do it here.

Auction lots close at least 30 seconds apart (“ebay-style”, meaning there is no extended bidding), at the exact end times specified next to each individual lot on the SportsCardLink web site. The first lot closes at 8pm sharp. The winning bid for each lot will be the highest current bid received for the lot before that lots end time. The time left until the final close of each auction lot is counted down in real-time.

While the time is counting down, if you would like to view price updates on lots from the main auction section, click the “Update” button for the item of interest. Make sure to track prices in this way rather than to refresh your browser, since you will only be able to refresh your browser screen once every 15-20 seconds. Should you attempt to refresh your browser screen more often than this you will be notified the additional amount of time it is necessary to wait before refreshing again.

There is no “auction watch” functionality but you can follow lots by placing tracking bids (which you must honor if you win) and then looking in your My Bids section accessible by clicking on the Review Your Bids link from the auction page. Please note that graded card population information and SMR Price Guide information is updated regularly and may have changed slightly from the time we write descriptions.

Bidders cannot bid against themselves – in other words, if your max bid is $200 and you have the current bid at $180 and you want to raise your max bid to $250 “just in case,” the current bid will remain at $180 until someone else submits a higher bid. Sellers are also prohibited from bidding on their own auctions. We also have a strict fair conduct policy for our auctions. Sellers are prohibited from placing bids on their own lots and may not have bids placed on their behalf by agents of any kind. Shill bidding is not allowed in SportsCardLink auctions. All SportsCardLink owners and employees are ineligible to bid in SportsCardLink auctions. All auction lots specified as “No Reserve” lots do not have any hidden reserves.

Auction payments are due within 10 days of the close of the auction (by Monday, February 7th). We accept checks, money orders, and we also do accept credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover). In some instances, we may require a wire transfer for expensive purchases (at our discretion). We both appreciate and require prompt payment. For payment requirement details, click here. You must also agree to the terms and conditions before submitting a bid.

Finally, we would like to graciously thank everybody who has participated in this premier SportsCardLink Featured Auction, either as a buyer, a seller, or both. We look forward to offering more exciting and unusual material in upcoming auctions and in helping our clients build their collections and maximize their returns.

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