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Pop Con & MEARS Auctions Open House

MEARS Auction of Memorabilia and More Ends February 3, 2018On Monday, February 19th, 2018, we will be hosting an opening house at the MEARS Museum located at 1234 Manitoba Ave., South Milwaukee, WI. The event is open to any and all interested parties. Guests can tour the MEARS Sports museum, see a very special limited run Pop Culture memorabilia display, and enjoy free pizza, snacks, and refreshments. The event runs from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM CST and is open to all interested parties. During the evening, we want to accomplish the following goals:

Consignments Wanted: Please bring your collectable in for a free appraisal which will be featured in our March MEARS Online Auction. We are accepting items in the fields of Sports, History, Pop Culture, Historic, etc. Items included but not limited to game used bats, game worn jerseys, autographs, pennants, military, toys, movie/tv related, horror, cartoon, comic, historic, etc. MEARS is the largest auction house in the Midwest and we look forward to working with you to maximize the value of your collection.

mears2-9-18Pop Con 2018: Marking our third year, Pop Con Milwaukee is quickly growing into the premier pop culture event of the Midwest. Past guests have included Pete Rose, John Schneider, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, Jackson Bostwick, Baron Von Rashke, Jim Steranko, Carroll Spinney, Felix Sila, and many more.

At the February 19th MEARS open house, we are looking for feedback from vendors, fans, autograph collectors, agents, etc. on how to improve and grow the event. Topics will include but not be limited to how to increase vendor sales and visibility, guests to invite, possible panel discussions, and how to improve the overall
Pop Con experience.

Our staff will be on hand to meet, greet, answer questions, listen to feedback, and help everyone have a great time.

Questions may be directed to or call the Pop Con / MEARS offices at (414)-301-9536 or Troy Kinunen at (414)-828-9990.

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