Premier Collectible Conference & Exhibition Announces Schedule, Speakers and Topics

Elite group of industry leaders tapped to offer collecting insight, answers and advice. The Premier Collectible Conference and Exhibition (PCCE), the world’s first event dedicated to bring serious collectors and the sports memorabilia and sports cards industry’s most respected sources together in a professional environment, will be held April 17-20, 2008 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. After months of careful planning, the PCCE coordinators have finalized speakers and topics for the event drawn from the industry’s top tier of collectible-associated businesses and forward thinking collectors.

“It’s an All-Star line-up,” says Ryan Friedman, co-creator of the PCCE. “I think attendees will be very pleased at the caliber of the speakers, the events we have planned and the topics we have chosen. If collectors are looking for exposure to the very best in the business, they won’t have to look farther than the PCCE.” Friedman says one of the most exciting elements of the PCCE schedule is that it has been developed with a emphasis on direct interaction with the conference’s attendees. “An elite group of collectors are going to be attending this event,” says Friedman. “We want to make sure we connect with them and give them the information they specifically need for their collecting pursuits.” As a result, Friedman says that each keynote address and panel discussion will include dedicated time for a question and answer session.

Friedman also points out, that collectors from around the world have a unique opportunity to submit their questions in advance of the PCCE by going online at “We want every collector to have the chance to be involved in the panel discussions and have the opportunity to share in the knowledge of so many great experts that will be speaking at the PCCE.” “Some people are shy to speak up in person and some might not be able to attend, but we are giving all collectors the chance to ask important questions, in person or via our web site.” The questions submitted online will be asked by moderators during the most relevant question and answer session.

“One of the primary goals of the PCCE is to provide information and educate all types of collectors the industry is creating as it evolves into big business,” says Friedman. “We want to encourage everyone to come with at least a couple questions they want answered and walk away with more knowledge than they came in with.”

Following a special public opening night on Thursday, April 17, the conference opens to the public all day on Friday, April 18 with the keynote address focusing on the PCCE’s overall theme, “Building a World-Class Collection.” Doug Allen, president and COO of Mastro Auctions will be the speaker with special guest and renown collector, Marshall Fogel. Friday’s panel discussions will concentrate on autograph authenticity, game used authenticity and card grading. On Saturday, April 19, Joe Orlando, president of PSA and PSA/DNA and Dave Forman of Sportscard Guarantee, will discuss, “The Importance of Third Party Grading and Authentication.”

Panel discussions on Saturday will include information on the auction industry, specifically for memorabilia and graded cards. On Sunday, April 20, Ryan Friedman will detail, “The Internet Age of Collecting and its Effects.” This session will take a look at the evolution of technology in the sports memorabilia and sports card industry. A panel discussion on retailing sports cards and memorabilia will follow. A complete conference schedule, inclusive with times and participants is provided in the accompanying sidebar. Exhibitors are also noted.

Admission to the PCCE is free for all participants if they register online at before March 31, 2008. Admission after that will be $10 per person. For more information, go to

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