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PSA Set Registry Unveils Revamped Activity Page, New Digital Medals

Professional Sports Authenticator ( has just launched a new and improved “Activity Page” for its dedicated Set Registry members. The revamped online archiving and registration tool provides members with the means to keep track of a range of activities related to their sets, including: individual set ranking changes; pending removal requests; pending slot requests; and any comments made about their Set Registry sets and showcases.

“The ‘activity page’ already existed, but now it’s been completely overhauled to include all of these important functions,” said PSA Set Registry manager Cosetta Robbins. “It provides a level of convenience for our members, so they’re able to keep an eye on everything they need to see, all in one place.”

In addition to set ranking changes, members can now keep track of pending removal requests. Removal requests occur when members attempt to add a card to his/her inventory that is already registered to another. Now, members can take actions such as releasing the card or canceling a generated request, and also have the ability to upload images pertaining to a removal request, all right from the activity page.

Another component of the activity page’s renovation includes monitoring pending slot requests. Members request additions to existing set checklists in which they are competing with requests previously being tracked via generated emails. Now, members can keep track on their activity page. Actions for slot requests will include linking to the checklist, linking to the item’s CardFactspage, and uploading images of the new card in question.

In conjunction with the new functionality surrounding collectors’ individual activity pages, PSA is proud to announce its latest, Phase 5 round of new digital medals that will be rewarded to ambitious Set Registry members for their card collecting efforts. The four categories that make up the Achievement Program include completion, adding inventory and completing sets; competition, outranking your opponents; collection, the use of Set Registry website or application features; and community, the act of connecting with fellow collectors on the Set Registry. Actions related to each of these areas result in the accumulation of various virtual medals and points.

Five new digital “Completion” medals are being added for Phase 5 and four of them center around hockey. They include: “One-Timer,” starting a hockey player set; “Young Gun,” start a hockey rookie player set; “Top Shelf,” start a hockey key card set; and “Home Ice,” start a hockey team set. The fifth medal is entitled “Master Diamond” and is achieved after adding 500 cards to one’s inventory. Each of the five new medals is worth 100 points.

The program was introduced in December 2018 and its continued intent is to reward Set Registry members for reaching various milestones on their way toward building collections. The medals and their accompanying points add up over time and are stored digitally on the Set Registry dashboard. The PSA Set Registry currently boasts 25,405 active users and 168,376 registered sets. Log into your Set Registry Account now to view the new Activity Page and Phase 5 digital medals.

PSA is the world’s largest trading card, autograph and memorabilia authentication and grading service. Since 1991, PSA has examined and certified over 36 million collectibles with a combined value of over $1 billion. For more information, visit

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