PSA Unveils ‘Phase 2’ of Set Registry Achievement Program

Following the successful launch of its Set Registry Achievement Program in December, Professional Sports Authenticator ( is pleased to unveil a second round of reward medals and points this month to the online collecting platform. Drawing its inspiration from fantasy sports, the program continues to challenge existing PSA Set Registry members as well as newcomers to the field in all facets of set collecting where they can earn points and digital medals for their efforts. Additional enhancements to the program are expected to roll out throughout the year.

“We want to keep things fresh for our Set Registry members,” said PSA President Steve Sloan. “As a result, we are adding new medals, more points and wider features to the Registry gradually over the course of 2019.”

Unlike the initial launch, which included 28 unique reward medals divided across four collecting categories – Completion, Competition, Collection and Community – this month’s expansion to the program consists of 10 new reward medals. These will cover only the first two collecting categories, however: seven in Completion, where members add inventory and complete sets; and three in Competition, where Set Registry members ( compete to outrank their opponents.

The reward medals and points add up over time and are stored digitally on the Set Registry dashboard. Every collectible you add to the PSA Set Registry moves you toward a series of rewards. Every completion you accomplish within the Set Registry will boost your medal count and point total. For example, as part of this month’s further enhancements, within the Completion category, one of the new actions is to start a baseball rookie player set. Once you’ve started the set and added your first item or collectible, you will receive a notification that you have earned the “Kid’s Got Something” medal along with 100 points. In addition to appearing on each member’s personal Achievements page, this information also appears on a new public leaderboard so that collectors can see how their achievements stack up against fellow Set Registry members.

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