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PSA Unveils Set Registry Matching Program

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) has introduced the PSA Set Registry “Matching” Program, an innovative new program to assist its members in building their PSA Set Registry sets. With this program PSA matches the Set Registry members’ want lists with what an auction company or dealer is offering at auction or for retail sale. The Set Registry member receives a direct email that specifically lists the cards or memorabilia a dealer is offering that matches their want list.

“This is an important service that makes it unnecessary for our members to constantly monitor numerous auctions and dealers’ inventories. We do it for them. We know how important each and every card can be for a member who is building an all-important collection. Imagine getting notified when a card or piece of memorabilia that you’ve been looking for is offered,” said Joe Orlando, President of PSA, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT).

“There is nothing that the Set Registry member needs to do other than be a participant in our PSA Set Registry program. The entire program is confidential. A registrant’s personal information is not disclosed to the dealer. If the member decides to contact the dealer or bid on the item(s) in auction, it is entirely the member’s option. PSA will not disclose the hobbyist’s identity to the dealer. We are merely notifying them of what is available to help them complete their set/s,” explained BJ Searls, PSA Set Registry Manager.

“PSA is constantly looking for ways to improve its services and hobbyists’ collecting experiences. The PSA Set Registry is the largest and most recognized program in the hobby with nearly 60,000 sets registered. New collections are added every day. As the registry continues to grow and more hobbyists assemble unique, high-quality collections, the competition for choice cards and memorabilia can be difficult. And hobbyists may find themselves too busy to monitor the number of auctions and inventories offered. Our goal is to offer the PSA Set Registry “Matching” Program as an invaluable service to assist loyal set registrants in building their collections. Not only will this service help collectors, it can also help consignors achieve higher prices realized with participating sellers,” Searls added.

“We are excited to announce that PSA will be launching this new program in conjunction with Mile High Card Company’s next auction which closes November 18th. Mile High is one of the premier auction companies offering three to four quality auctions each year and also conducting bi-weekly eBay auctions,” said Orlando.

Headlining their November auction, Mile High is offering the 1914 Cracker Jack #1 All Time Finest set on the PSA Set Registry, with the single highest-graded examples and an impressive 6.59 GPA that has allowed the set to be ranked as the Number One All Time Finest set for the last nine years.

Mile High is also offering an amazing, high-grade 1933 Goudey Complete Set which is the #5 All Time Finest in the Registry. It will be broken up and offered in the auction. All 240 cards will be auctioned individually including the exceedingly rare #106 Napoleon Lajoie graded PSA NM/MT 8. This along with over 1,500 other items will be offered in Mile High Card Company’s auction that ends November 18.

Brian Drent, President of MHCC says, “We are excited to be the first company to partner with PSA in their new Set Registry ‘Matching’ program. We believe that utilizing a program like this will enable MHCC to stay out in front of our competition and to more effectively work with our clients and help our consignors realize a greater return on their prized material.”

If you have some missing “puzzle pieces” in your Set Registry, you may find yourself receiving an e-mail directly from PSA alerting you to any PSA-graded cards or graded memorabilia you’ve been looking for that will be offered in Mile High’s auction.

For additional information about this service, contact Rebecca Tran, Director of Advertising at PSA, by e-mail at or by phone at (949) 567-1356.

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