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PSA/DNA Introduces Protective Holders For Photos

Protective holders for certified original photographs and for the grading of autographs on 8X10 and slightly smaller-size photos will be used by PSA/DNA Authentication Services beginning June 14, 2010. The new holders make it easer for collectors and dealers to organize and store their photos.  “We’ve listened to what collectors and dealers wanted, and this new holder should take collecting of original photos to a new level,” said Joe Orlando, President of PSA/DNA, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT).

“Hard plastic holders used for trading cards are too cumbersome for large-sized items, such as photos. So, we’ve devised a semi-rigid holder that has a tamper-evident seal, similar to holders that are successfully used and widely accepted for certified paper money. This new holder is sturdy enough for safe storage but thin enough so you can easily frame certified photos for display on a wall, desk or table.”

The new holders are designed to accommodate 8X10 photographs. However, slightly smaller sizes also may be suitable for encapsulation and, if appropriate, possibly other “flats,” such as a one-page letter. For original photographs, the labels contain a pertinent, brief summary of the photo’s significance.

“Just like the summary information included on the holders for PSA/DNA-certified tickets, the clean and simple summary will make it easier to understand the significance of each certified photo and can help attract new collectors,” said Orlando.

“This is perfect for the authentication of original photos and for grading the autographs on any photos. Just as the introduction of special holders helped improve the market for certified cards, tickets and unopened packs, these new photo holders will be more appealing for collectors to store or display their pictures and for dealers to store in their inventories,” he predicted.

One of the first certified photographs placed in a new PSA/DNA holder is an original Type I print of one of the sports world’s most famous images,”The Babe Bows Out.” “There is no doubt that if a collectible can be encapsulated inside of a PSA holder, the collectible tends to become more marketable. The holder creates more liquidity, it makes the collectible easier to sell via the Internet, it helps protect the collectible and provide better presentation.”

One of the first certified photographs placed in a new PSA/DNA holder is an original Type I print of one of the sports world’s most famous images, “The Babe Bows Out.” It was shot by New York newspaper photographer Nat Fein on June 13, 1948 at Yankee Stadium when the ailing Babe Ruth was greeted by the crowd the day his jersey number, 3, was retired. The iconic photo was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

“Only a few Type I photos of this dramatic image are known, and this particular one has a PSA/DNA-certified autograph by photographer Nat Fein. It is being offered by SCP Auctions in an auction on June 10,” said Orlando.

PSA/DNA certified photos are classified as Type I, II, III or IV, a system based on determination of the photograph’s originality or reproduction, development process and publication date. Type I is a first generation photo that was developed from the original negative within approximately two years of when the picture was taken.

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