PWCC Announces New Services Designed to Support the Trading Card Market as a Tangible Asset Class

PWCC is delighted to share that in 2019, PWCC will roll out a series of new services specifically designed to support the trading card market as a tangible asset class. Some of these services have been more than two years in the making.

  • The PWCC Vault is now available for active purchases. This roll out was timed to align with eBay initiating sales tax in the states of Washington and Minnesota. Note that clients can have purchases shipped to the vault made from PWCC Marketplace or any other venue. The vault will be made available for overall portfolios shortly.
  • PWCC’s new Digital Imaging System will be used for all auction and vault assets, starting with Auction #2. These landmark, state-of-the-art images offer higher resolution and crisper presentation than has ever been deployed in any collectibles marketplace. Examples of the images can be viewed here.
  • PWCC Capital is now a formal program which offers financing on purchases, zero-interest cash advances against auction submissions, lending against assets in the Vault, and the sale of high interest-yielding Notes.
  • The PWCC public website has been restructured, and now includes information about the PWCC Vault and the PWCC Capital program.
  • Your Member Dashboard has been reorganized to better align with the new services available to you.

Finally, as a reminder, PWCC will be holding twelve auctions in 2019.

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