PWCC Announces The First Trading Card Market Price Research Tool for Investors

pwcc2018Investors demand market data to make wise investment choices. Free to the public, the PWCC Market Price Research tool represents the world’s largest archive of trading card sales ever assembled, dating back to 2004 and containing over 200 million individual records.

Trading cards have always been a highly-competitive asset class with tremendous investment opportunity. However, the absence of free market sales data has always been a hindrance to would-be investors in the trading card space. PWCC believes that access to historical sales data is paramount to smart investing.


PWCC is proud to announce this new research tool, launched in partnership with eBay, designed to provide prospective investors the largest-ever database of market sales. The PWCC Market Price Research tool is a largely unfiltered historical record of all eBay sales dating back 15 years, affording research and analysis opportunities for all genre of trading cards, regardless of value.

Try it here: PWCC Market Price Research

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