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PWCC – The Eye Appeal Scale, An Industry First

pwcc2018PWCC is proud to announce a new scale designed to describe the inherent variance of eye appeal in the trading card marketplace. “On average, vintage trading cards with superior eye appeal have sold for 165% of market value.” 


Eye Appeal Matters.

For nearly three years, PWCC has identified trading cards that possess superior visual presentation, equating to a 3+ on the eye appeal scale, with our PWCC Certified High End (PWCC-HE) designation. The PWCC-HE designation called attention to these eye appeal outliers and the market responded with sale prices on average of 165% of market value. Complete sales records and market statistics of cards with the PWCC-HE designation is available for download here: Eye Appeal & Vintage Cards.

New Certified Premium Quality Designation.

Starting June 1st, PWCC launched “Certified Premium Quality” (PWCC-PQ). This was largely in response to an industry desire for greater transparency on eye appeal and its affect on market value. This new designation is designed to highlight cards which have exceptional visual presentation, equating to a 3 on the eye appeal scale described above. In our estimation, the top 15% of cards within a given grade may receive the Premium Quality designation.


As a key investment variable, the eye appeal of a vintage trading card seems destined to have an increasingly significant impact on market value for the foreseeable future. Investors are encouraged to take notice of this topic and invest accordingly.

Eye Appeal & Professional Grading

While eye appeal varies, the technical accuracy of an assigned grade generally does not. Some trading cards simply appear better than others, but on technical merit, PWCC fully supports the assigned technical grades assigned by the industries most respected professional graders.

PWCC Marketplace relies heavily on the expertise of the professional grading companies PSA, SGC, and Beckett. All three companies were involved in the brainstorm surrounding eye appeal and its long-standing effect on market value. Their collective support of this venture was influential in our willingness to create the Eye Appeal Scale and unveil the new PWCC-PQ designation. They were also partners in the creation of the already-adopted PWCC-HE designation which began in 2015.

Please visit our website to learn more about the PWCC Eye Appeal Scale, how market value of vintage cards is impacted by eye appeal, and how the scale was designed: Eye Appeal & Vintage Cards

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