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This week we have some really great items on our advance preview list and even more new acquisitions are listed on our website http://www.qualityautographs.com. We’re certain the items listed below will go quickly. Be sure to contact us at 800-241-4809 or qualityautographs@msn.com to reserve your finds early. Items include: Joe DiMaggio and Willie Mays have both signed on the cover of a Sport Magazine that shows them both, Bill George 8×10 photo boldly inscribed and signed on the light portion, and much more.

Kevin’s Weekly Collecting Tips & FAQ

Question -Â How are the current economic conditions affecting the sports autograph market and the sports collectibles industry in general?
Like anyone else, autograph collectors and collectors in general are concerned about the value of their collections in the context of their long-term investments. Regardless of financial storms, we have never seen a pronounced depreciation or “correction'” in the value of vintage sports autographs and collectibles, certainly not in the type that we deal with. What we do often see is an increase in the number of people who are anxious to sell their collections to raise capital, though surprisingly we have not seen that yet this time. During difficult financial times we also typically see price trends temporarily plateau and stabilize, unlike traditional assets like stocks, real estate, and precious metals-all of which see drastic and stomach-churning price fluctuations during times like these. Vintage sports autographs, particularly those from whom I like to call the ‘blue-chip’ names like hall of famers, hold their value and often even appreciate during recessionary times. In short, it’s a great time to buy when prices are holding and people are anxious to sell-a dynamic true in any market!
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