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Rare Autographs For Sale: Kevin Keating Of Quality Autographs New Inventory

This week Kevin Keating Of Quality Autographs has some really great items for sale and even more new acquisitions listed on our website at Be sure to contact us at 800-241-4809 or to reserve your finds early. Don’t miss out on some great new items! Visit to see our incredible inventory of vintage sports autographs emphasizing on Baseball HOF. One of the nation’s largest, most respected buyers and sellers of vintage sports autographs. New additions include autographs of John Meyers, Joe Wood, Ed Weiland, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, Huston Street, Joe Medwick, Dizzy Dean, Howard Cosell, Charles Hemphill, Jimmie Caveney, Harry Walker, Lou Perini, Lou Perini, Warren Giles, Phil Wrigley, Phil Wrigley, Horace Stoneham, Horace Stoneham, and Horace Stoneham.

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