REA Spring Auction Highlights Posted – Bidding Runs April 6-30, 2016

REA Auctions spring auction highlights posted to at there web site now! Catalogs mail April 4! It’s almost that time of year again! REA’s blockbuster Spring Auction is slated to open for bidding on April 6 and ends on Saturday, April 30. Catalogs mail April 4. The auction is highlighted by a Exceptional 1952 Topps #312 Jackie Robinson PSA MINT 9. Bid, register and view items at

We’ve posted a sneak peek of some incredible auction highlights on our website:  Click Here For Auction Highlights

rea3-16-16If you would like to register to bid or have not received our catalog before, you can sign up and receive a free catalog on our website:  Click Here to Register to Bid

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We’re Already Working on the Fall Auction!
It’s not too early to consider consigning to REA’s Fall Auction, which will take place in October. REA can provide the most desirable terms for early consignors, including cash advances, discounted consignment rates, free grading and authentication, and increased advertising. It would be impossible for us (or anyone!) to process the entire auction with REA-quality care and detail in just the last few weeks before going to press, so it makes sense for us to offer the best deals to early consignors so we can keep busy all year long. We work tirelessly to provide the finest auction service possible for consignors.


We are always interested in large collections of cards or memorabilia, 19th century items, game-used material, unopened wax and cello boxes, complete sets, advertising and display pieces, and single graded cards.

Robert Edward Auctions provides for consignors:

  • The largest catalog circulation.
  • Reasonable reserves.
  • The most trusted and detailed descriptions.
  • The fastest post-auction payment of consignor proceeds.
  • The fastest post-auction shipment of auction items to buyers.
  • The most advanced authentication processes.
  • The most secure and trusted bidding processes and auction policies.

For more information about why, if you are even THINKING of selling your quality material, you should contact Robert Edward Auctions, please visit:


About Robert Edward Auctions
Each year, an endless sea of auctions presents an overwhelming array of buying and selling opportunities. Collections go to auction; buyers and sellers rely on the integrity of the auction house; and millions of dollars change hands.

In this environment, trust is critical.

As a buyer, you need to trust that you are participating in an honest auction. An auction where the house acts as a facilitator of transactions, and not as an active participant. The auction house should not own any of the material, set any secret hidden reserves, permit its employees and executives to bid in the auction, provide inaccurate descriptions, make undisclosed restorations to the material, or intentionally not disclose any conflicts of interest.

Anything less would be unfair, and unethical.

As a consignor, you need to trust that your material is being presented in the best way possible to the largest audience. In an auction where there are no conflicts of interest, where the house does not own any lots, where the material is offered with the most detailed and thoroughly researched descriptions, and with the widest possible circulation. Where bidders can have the greatest degree of confidence in every way. Anything less would not do your material justice.

With all the auction houses at your disposal, there is only one that can boast all of the above. Robert Edward Auctions. For both buyers and sellers: The most trusted auction house in the hobby.

Robert Edward Auctions, LLC, PO Box 7256, Watchung, NJ 07069
908-226-9900 – .

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