Recent Hobby Discovery of 60 different 1916 M101-5 Holmes to Homes Bread Baseball Cards

Bryan Dec Sports just returned from a buying trip, where we turned-up a “Fresh to the Hobby” discovery of 60 different baseball cards from the scarce 1916 M101-5 Holmes to Homes Bread series. To show the scarcity of these cards, to date, there are merely 6 recorded sales of 6 different players on VCP. We are going to keep the group fully intact, so someone in the collecting community has the chance to build a set, but at the same time, it is a great opportunity for a dealer to break-up the lot as well. This significant collection of Holmes to Homes Bread baseball cards will be sold on eBay, under seller JKAYMAC, and the lot will close on Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 10:45pm est. Our freshest inventory is being added to eBay at “Fixed Prices” on a weekly basis, and check out our website for additional inventory, along with our future show schedule. We are always buying & selling the finest in vintage sports cards & memorabilia, and feel free to provide us with any wantlists, or 810.664.1790.

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