RMY Auctions Offers Over 1,100 Rare and Iconic Sports Photos – Ends Oct. 5th

rmyauctionlogoRMY Auctions is offering over 1,100 Rare and Iconic Sports Photos in their current auction that ends Saturday, October 5, 2013.   Bid and register here at rmyauctions.com. It’s one of those “yard sale shopper discovers famous painting” type stories. Recently, Historic Images purchased a sizable collection of photos which had been held in private hands and locked away for several decades. Many of the boxes were still sealed and the contents unknown.

Contained within were hundreds of original date-stamped sports photos; including all the big names: Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Satchel Paige, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Walter Johnson, Bobby Jones, Yankee Stadium including photos by Charles Conlon and Louis Van Oeyen. Several Teams, Rookies and Artistic Study Shots: Grips, Arms, Feet, Equipment. But it’s not just the subject matter, it’s the rarity of the photos that have people talking. Many have never been seen before, anywhere.

And these are not just amazing images, but amazing stories. Rhys Yeakley has spent the last several months curating these photographs carefully describing each image and WHY it’s so significant.

If you have any interest in seeing (or owning) unique sports photographic history, visit www.RMYauctions.com – you must register to bid and you must bid on lots to be included in “extended” bidding. This auction has over 1,100 lots and RMY expects items to sell for $50 – $5000+. There is something for everyone in this auction, including non-sports like Truman, Einstein and Dillinger.


RMY Auctions is a partnership between Rhys Yeakley (a trusted name in collectables, photographs, autographs and trading cards) and Historic Images (one of the worlds largest collectors and sellers of historic and vintage photos).

Other highlights Include:

  • Lot #2: 1939 Ted Williams, Iconic Rookie Year by Herman Seid, THE BEST IN THE WORLD!
  • Lot #31: 1961 MICKEY MANTLE & ROGER MARIS, The M&M Boys Pose During their Epic Season
  • Lot #780: c. 1919 BOBBY JONES Teenage Phenom Golf Swing Photo, One of the Earliest Images Ever Offered!
  • Lot #3: 1918 “Shoeless” Joe Jackson Batting Grip, Legendary Slugger “How He Holds It” Artistic Batting Grip Study
  • Lot #524: 1919 Chic Harley, Ohio State Football Vintage Photo, Extremely Rare!
  • Lot #130: 1919 Chicago “Black” Sox CHICK GANDIL, The Mastermind DATED October 1919!
  • Lot #20: 1926 BABE RUTH, The Yankee Slugger Chooses His Weapon, Plans his Attack
  • Lot #1054: 1948 DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN! Iconic Image by Frank Cancellare, Greatest Political Photo of ALL TIME!
  • Lot #6: 1921 BABE RUTH with Bird, Famous E121 American Caramel Baseball Card Image
  • Lot #29: 1951 MICKEY MANTLE, Switch-Hitting Rookie Phenom, MLB Debut Photo!
  • Lot #460: 1961 Roger Maris 61st Home Run, Iconic, Vintage United Press Photo
  • Lot #1: 1921 BABE RUTH, Young Yankee Slugger Examines his Bat, AMAZING Image!
  • Lot #82: 1925 Jimmie Foxx, Seventeen Year Old Athletics Rookie, RARE IMAGE!
  • Lot #1040: 1936 Winston Churchill Beautiful Portrait W/ Cigar, Edward VIII & Wallace Simpson Reference
  • Lot #536: 1924 FOUR HORSEMAN of Notre Dame, Classic & Iconic Image
  • Lot #8: c. 1911 WALTER JOHNSON Pitching by Charles Conlon, Baseball Card Proof Photo
  • Lot #7: 1911 BUCK WEAVER San Francisco PCL Beautiful Horizontal Pre-Rookie Fielding Image
  • Lot #13: 1872 FRALEY RODGERS by Warren Studios of Boston, Early Red Stockings Star
  • Lot #4: 1939 SATCHEL PAIGE, Guayama Campeon Mundial Baseball Team Composite Photo, Baseball Card
  • Lot #9: 1927 LOU GEHRIG EYES, Iconic Image, Artistic Photo Study Pre-Dates Conlon “Watch Your Laurels Babe!”
  • Lot #10: 1927 Lou Gehrig Batting Grip, Artistic Hand Study & Unique Photo Rarity

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