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R&R Enterprises December Auction On-Line Now

December Auction On-Line NOW! Don’t Forget to Bid. Some Auction Highlights and Current Bids: Albert Einstein Typed Letter Signed, $14,150 – Beatles Signed Photo, $8,166 – Charles Dickens Signed Letter, $7,259 – Collection of Presidents, $6,490- Wilbur Wright Signed Photo, $5,069- Oversized Elvis SP, $4,506- Bogart’s Original Letter to Fans, $4,957 – and much more! For details on these and any other items in the December Auction, call 800 937-3880.

Not A Bidder yet? The deadline for applications is 3pm Eastern time Wednesday, December 12th, so go on line to and complete the form, now!

Don’t Forget – Update your contact details and shipping address before the auction closes.  Change of payment method? Let us know via telephone or email.

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