Consign or Sell with One Click
Consign or Sell with one click

R&R Enterprises EARLY Consignor Payoff For FEBRUARY!

February – Presidents, primaries, and the opportunity to take advantage of another EARLY CONSIGNOR PAYOFF! “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.” Busy schedules are predicted for the next several weeks. Send your February consignments to R&R now and you’ll be thankful you did! Let our professional consignment services do the work that will present your quality signatures to their best sales advantage. Get the strongest sales results and be paid two weeks ahead of schedule. To qualify for the early February consignor payoff, consignments must be delivered to R&R by Monday, December 17.*

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Take advantage of consignor-friendly services that will make the most of your consignment opportunity:

*Immediate Notification of Package Delivery
*Detailed, Researched Lot Descriptions
*Generously Sized Lot Illustrations
*Cash Advances
*Reasonable Lot Reserves**
*Free Pickup Service for Qualifying Collections**
*10% Commission for QUANTITY/QUALITY**
*5% Promotional Commission for IN DEMAND Items

Contact Elizebeth at or (800) 937-3880 to have your quality signatures included in R&R’s upcoming auction. Get exceptional results for your exceptional consignments.

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