R&R Enterprises January Auction Update

Start 2008 with R&R’s January Auction Last Day Wednesday, January 16th. Along with extensive listings in the nine distinct categories, R&R is pleased to offer a selection of outstanding items related to the Indian Wars. All can be viewed on line, items 313 to 369. Go to pages 6,7,and 8 of the Notables Gallery View.

Highlights include letters and documents from members of the Seventh Cavalry and other figures from the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn; a very rare letter to Custer from his younger brother and Little Bighorn comrade, Boston Custer; a letter from Custer himself to the future official historian of the Battle of Gettysburg; a letter from General Philip Sheridan to Custer, hoping to see him at a military reunion; a handwritten roster of Seventh Cavalry officers penned more than fifty years later by Charles A. Varnum; a scarce photo with the thumbprint “signature” of White-Man-Runs-Him; and the very rare ink signatures of Sitting Bull and his nephew, One Bull, obtained during their 1884 visit to St. Paul to observe “civilized” society firsthand.

For details on these and any other items in the January Auction, call 800 937-3880.

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