SGC December Grading Specials!

Crossover special: Cross over any card from another holder: $6 per card, $500 maximum value, 10-day service, no minimum*.  Auction House special: Submit your December auction winnings $9 for any card, 20-day service, $2,500 maximum value, no minimum.

Complete set special: $5 per card, 200-card minimum, $250 maximum value, 20-day service. All cards, 1972-present: $5 per card, $75 maximum value, 10 card minimum

* All specials begin December 1, 2007 and expire December 31, 2007. Bulk rates are available for crossovers of large submissions by contacting customer service. Grading specials include tall boy cards. Oversized cards or cards requiring custom-cut inserts may not be submitted as part of the current grading specials unless stated otherwise.

1. Orders must be postmarked by the expiration date in order to receive the special
2. Cards that require custom inserts cannot be included with this special
3. SGC accepts submissions from all customers. There are no special membership fees to submit cards.
4. Questions on bulk-deals please call Michael Goldberg at 1-800-742-9212, or email Michael Goldberg.

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