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Sirius Sports Cards Current Auction Jan 1-13, 2011 Now Open For Bidding

If you have any PSA graded cards, memorabilia, or vintage cards you would like to consign, please contact Sirius Sports Cards today by clicking here. Our low 12.5% buyers premium and very competitive consignment rates that can be as low as 0% insure that our consignors keep a much higher percentage of the sale compared to other options. ¬†Starting next year we will be running at least two auctions per month. Expect at least one auction going on pretty much at anytime on the site.The consignment deadline for all Sirius Sports Cards Auctions is 10 days before the start of each auction. Items in this auction include PSA graded cards from: 1950’s PSA Graded, 1960’s PSA Graded, 1970’s PSA Graded, 1980-Present, PSA Graded Football Cards, SGC Graded Cards from 50’s-80’s, Hockey Cards, Non Sports Cards, Memorabilia, and More! There are 753 lots for auction that will end on Thursday January 13, 2011 at 11 PM EST using the 15 minute rule. A little bit of something for everyone. As usual most lots start at $1 minimum bid. Our current auction is scheduled for Jan 1-13, 2011. Bidding is now open!

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