Small Traditions Ends This Saturday 11/3: DiMaggio, Mantle, Koufax & Jeter Headline Fall Classic Auction

Nearly 30 items from the Joe DiMaggio PSA Master Set Registry checklist can be found in Small Traditions LLC’s 6th Annual Fall Classic Auction, which is scheduled to close this Saturday night 11/3. Gone is the 15-minute rule and extended bidding format. Instead, the auction will end with a “hard closing” procedure at precisely 11pm PST (2am EST). Bidders are encouraged to bid early and to consider placing maximum bids within their strategic limits in order to avoid disappointment.

“The Joe DiMaggio Set Registry is an interesting collection,” says Small Traditions founder, Dave Thorn. “There are very few current collectors seeking to complete a comprehensive DiMaggio collection. Because of the Great Depression and WWII, the Yankee Clipper only appears on seven mainstream issues over the course of his 13-year career, an incredible nine of which saw World Series championships for the Yankees. He also appears on several dozen oddball items like matchbooks, photo premiums, team issues, and cereal boxes, many of which aren’t yet recognized by PSA.”

The Joe DiMaggio PSA Master Set Registry checklist currently numbers just 41 items, and only six collectors can be counted among its competitors on the current finest leader board, only two of whom appear to be chasing complete sets.

“The bottom line,” continues Thorn, “is that Joe DiMaggio will forever be one of the greatest players in baseball history, one of the most celebrated Yankees ever, and a respected American cultural icon. Why collectors tend to overlook his cardboard is puzzling, but the opportunity for anyone to put together a world class Yankee Clipper collection is wide open. Nearly half of the 30 items we’re offering in our current auction are the highest graded on record, and they certainly won’t cost a fortune, nothing like comparable items for Ruth or Mantle.”

The current Small Traditions auction also offers a bevy on PSA 10-graded rookie cards and inserts from the Yankees most recent captain, including some of the most coveted modern cards in the hobby. Other highlights include a wide selection of Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente, and Pete Rose cards, including several highest-graded regional and oddball issues that will significantly impact the Set Registry races for those popular players.