Small Traditions Feb. 28th Auction In Progress

Small Traditions is pleased to invite you to our Monthly Masterpieces Plus #28 Auction, which is open for bidding and will close this Saturday night February 28th.

Did you know that the vast majority of the graded cards listed in this auction are new to the hobby and were graded by Small Traditions on behalf of our consignors and at no cost to them? Please keep reading to learn how you can list for free in our monthly auctions and pay absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses to grade and authenticate your best cards and collectibles.


Consign For Free to Our Exclusive 100-Lot Spring Premium Auction & Other 2015 Events

Reserve space for your treasured collectibles in our highly anticipated Spring 2015 Premium Auction, which will be our best ever. Both space and time are running out fast, so we invite you to take full advantage of both our Cost-Free Grading Program and our Collection Management Services detailed below. Please call 303.832.1975 or write if you’re looking for a convenient and trusted service to grade and authenticate your old cards and collectibles to their fullest and most profitable extent and to then auction them off for a reasonable fee: nothing!

Grade & Authenticate with PSA, SGC & BGS at No Cost

Certified third-party grading is an expensive and delicate process that typically adds multiple factors of value to properly handled and selected cards. In the grading process, experienced professionals scrutinize every square millimeter of both surfaces of a card, and even a pixel-sized print dot can lower a card’s final grade. A simple smudge from a fingerprint can lower a grade a full level, and the tiniest imaginable nicks and scratches from handling can impact a grade even more.

Use your discretion to select 10 to 100 of your best “raw” or ungraded cards to submit to Small Traditions, and we’ll use our expertise to further screen them for grading with PSA, SGC, and/or BGS, the hobby’s leading third-party certification companies. We’ll consult before and after the grading process to discuss your expectations and to ensure not just your satisfaction with the process but also your understanding of its many challenges. After initial consultation, we’ll then do the delicate work of sorting and preparing your cards for grading. We’ll pay to ship them off, we’ll pay to grade them, we’ll pay to ship them back, and we’ll pay to auction them. We will pay for all charges up front and then deduct only your grading fees after the completed auction of your items. This service is entirely free. You keep 100% of the final bids placed on your items.

Collection Management Service: Grade & Auction Your Entire Collection for 10-20%

Small Traditions is pleased to promote our Collection Management Service, a consultation and asset liquidation program aimed at maximizing the sales value of groups of cards in excess of 10 to 100. Whether your collection consists of 200 cards or 200,000, instead of selling it for far less than its potential market value — sometimes far less, as most dealers will usually pay at most 60-65% of book value for cash deals, and often as low as 25% — we’ll organize your entire collection, identify candidates for grading, auction off the graded cards, and then sell the leftovers in detailed groups. This labor intensive process typically increases the value of the collections with which we work by multiple factors. Instead of earning $10,000 for your collection, for example, our hard work will earn you $20,000 to $30,000, or more, all at a modest cost of just 10-20% of your sales, depending on the size of your collection.

Did you know that your common cards from the 1950s through the 1970s can be worth as much as (and in many cases more than) your Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays cards? If the grading process is new to you, we invite you to explore our informative collector’s blog for a candid explanation of why these little pieces of cardboard can be worth so much (or so little), depending on their condition.

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Thank you for supporting Small Traditions,

Dave Thorn and the STs Team