Small Traditions: Grade Your Cards for Free at The National

Grade Your Cards for Free at The National by Small Traditions. All cards considered for this offer will be entered as consignments in Small Traditions’ August 2019 Summer Classic Auction, which opens on Sunday 8/18 and closes on Saturday 8/31. All cards must be received at the Denver offices of Small Traditions, LCC no later than Tuesday 7/30.

Interested consignors attending the National Sports Collectors Convention may also drop their cards off at the show with Dave Thorn of Small Traditions from Wednesday 7/31 through Saturday 8/3. Whether submitted to Small Traditions in Denver or in Chicago, Mr. Thorn will consult with consignors and provide reasonable expectations for their graded card results, which he or another representative of Small Traditions will confirm with consignors before their items are processed for the August auction.

This offer is also open for consignors who wish to have their previously graded cards reviewed and/or re-holdered at the show. Please call 303.832.1975 or write to arrange your consignment today. Enjoy the show!

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