Small Traditions Summer Premium Auction – Ends August 31, 2019

Small Traditions Summer Premium Auction, will open for bidding on Sunday night 8/18 and run through Saturday night 8/31. The auction is shaping up to be our best yet of 2019. Highlights include a Pop 1 Highest Graded 1922 W573 Babe Ruth, a gorgeous 1950 Bowman Jackie Robinson PSA 8, the #2 Finest 1976 Topps Basketball Set Registry, selections from the Frank McKee “Chairman of Ebbets Field” Signed Baseball collection, and many others. As always, there will be dozens of rare and high-grade cards you simply won’t see anywhere else.


Bid, view and register for the auction at  The current auction may be one of our best and most eclectic sales yet, with page after page of rare PSA and BGS graded cards you simply won’t find anywhere else.

As many of you know, we have entirely eliminated the Extended Bidding portion from our auction closing process. The current Summer Premium Auction will close precisely at 11pm PST (2am EST) on Saturday night, August 31, 2019, not one second sooner, and not one minute later. There is no more 15-Minute rule, no Extended Bidding whatsoever.As such, we encourage all interested bidders to consider placing their bids much sooner than the final minutes or even final day of the auction. Please consider placing maximum bids to ensure your winning position on the items that interest you most, and please remember that placing a maximum bid on top of an already winning bid will NOT increase the current bid; it will merely provide you the protection of an additional bid (or bids) if another customer bids beneath you. However, if you place a straight bid above the next bid increment, that action will raise the current bid to the corresponding bid price, even if you are already the highest bidder. (In short, unless it’s part of your strategy to scare other bidders off, please don’t do that.)

Finally, a strategy for those who intend to bid in the final moments of the auction: consider opening a new tab in your web browser for each item you intend to win. This will significantly speed your bidding process, but only if you are bidding from a laptop or a desktop. If instead you want to secure winning bids on items that interest you, then, once again, we invite you to please bid today!

Dave Thorn & The STs Team