Space Exploration Auction: Cancel Any Other Plans for May 9th and 10th

(Written bu By Michael Riley of Heritage Auctions) – I’m sorry I missed doing an article for last month’s newsletter but our superb Rare Books staff took over and brought you some fascinating articles about their recent auction (which, by the way, was very successful). It’s been extremely busy the last few months putting together Space Exploration Auction #6206 scheduled for May 9-10 at our Dallas Design District Showroom. We’re past the Consignment Deadline now and doing our best to process all the incredible material in-house, both from The Armstrong Family Collection™ and our regular consignors. Wow, this is going to be an amazing sale.

On the first day (May 9), we will be offering Part II of The Armstrong Family Collection™. After the $5.27 Million result from last November, what do we do for an encore? Well, not to worry as we will be offering 600 lots from every facet of Neil Armstrong’s early life (his Baptism Certificate from when he was two weeks old), his college career at Purdue (his Signed First Semester Class Schedule Card ), his career as a test pilot (a NASA “Meatball” Patch Worn While at Dryden), his near-disastrous Gemini 8 mission (his NASA Exceptional Service Citation), his trip to the moon on Apollo 11 (a number of flown flags including examples from CaliforniaOhio, IllinoisIndianaColoradoWisconsin, and, of course, Texas), and his post-NASA life.

Not only do we have exciting Space material from The Armstrong Family Collection™, we will be offering hundreds of awesome lots from an additional 50+ consignors, including several astronauts and their families. I’ll do a full preview next month but I will point out a few highlights.

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Flown Spacesuit Comfort Glove Originally from the Personal Collection of Mission Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin, Signed and Certified with Signed Letter of Certification, in Framed Display. A left-handed glove liner that was flown to the lunar surface in the LM Eagle during the first manned lunar landing, July 20, 1969. From a NASA document: “The comfort gloves may be used by the crewman for comfort. When used, they are worn beneath the EV or IV PGA pressure gloves to avoid chafe between the skin and the gloves. The comfort glove provides for easier donning of the pressure glove and acts as a sweat absorption layer between the hand and the pressure glove bladder.”

The Collection of Apollo 9 Lunar Module Pilot Rusty Schweickart: We are honored to have been chosen to offer forty-one lots from his personal collection, most flown on Apollo 9 just over 50 years ago! Click on the images above a view just a few of his lots.

We will also be offering exciting pieces from the collections of Buzz Aldrin, Richard Gordon, S. David Griggs, Jerry Ross, Wally Schirra, and John Young. A lot more next issue. Now, back to the cataloguing!