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Spahn, Hodges, and Keating’s Answers To FAQ’s

This week we have some really great items on our advance preview list and even more new acquisitions are listed on our website We’re certain the items listed below will go quickly. Be sure to contact us at 800-241-4809 or to reserve your finds early. This weeks autograph highlights include: Curt Roberts, Bob Elliott, Gil Hodges, and much more. Check out our inventory today!

Kevin’s Weekly Collecting Tips & FAQ

Question:Â How does one identify a forger? (Continued from last week)
In the end, collectors should consider the following:
1)  Research the sources from whom you buyand don’t be afraid to ask around to determine who is reputable. A reputable dealer, moreover, should be willing to provide you with references and/or a hobby resume when asked for his professional credentials;
2)  When in doubt, stay away! You get what you pay for and its better to pay a little more to get an authentic example than to gamble on something for less that may be brought into question at some later time;
3)  Limit the circle of sources from whom you buy. There’s plenty of authentic material available from reputable sources. Keep the circles of those dependable sellers from whom you buy small to prevent the opportunity for seepage of ‘bad’ or questionable material into your collection;
4)   Reputable sellers ARE an insurance policy of your purchases-no one of great experience selling autographs is perfect. That is, I know of no one with a perfect record determining real autographs from those that are fake 100% of the time. But reputable sellers remain in business over time primarily because of two reasons: One, they almost never make mistakes; and two, if and when items they have sold come into legitimate question, they will honor the item with a refund or exchange. Thus, when you buy from reputable sellers you are also getting an informal insurance policy with your purchase.Â

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