Sports Collectors Digest Weekly Review (October 22nd Cover Date)

Each  week  on  Auction Report, we will take some time and review each weekly  addition  of  Sports  Collectors Digest that we receive in the mail.  We  will  point  our  all  that  is offered by the companies we feature  on  Auction  Report  that  are listed within the pages of the weekly  SCD magazine.  This weeks SCD  (October 22, 2010 cover date) highlights Heritage Auction Galleries upcoming November 4-5 auction  featuring   Babe Ruth Side Written Bat, 1910 T206 Sweet Corporal Wagner (Inside Cover). Also,  included  on  page  8 and 9 a fresh ad from Keavin Keating of Quality Autographs  featuring  some  new  autographed memorabilia. Other notes include:

Mile High Card Company: Consignment Ad For Future Auctions listed on page 19
Legendary Auctions: Quarter Ad on page 21 (Accepting Consignments 0% consignment rate on certain graded cards) Consignment Ad on page 23 (Looking for consignments for all upcoming auctions) Classified ad listed on Page 44 (Autographs Wanted)
Kevin Keating:  Classified ad listed on Page 44   (Autographs Wanted)
Memory Lane Inc:  SCD Cover Ad (Own It Now Auction)


Total Page Count for this weeks SCD is 48.  For more information on ordering a copy of SCD magazine, please click here.

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