SportsCardLink Accepting Consignments For Inaugural Featured Auction Of Sports Cards And Sports Memorabilia

SportsCardLink will soon be launching SportsCardLink Auctions, which will have a bit of a different structure. We already have received extremely impressive material on consignment for our inaugural Featured Auction of Sports Cards and Sports Memorabilia. The event will be held in January 2011, and we are still accepting consignments and dishing out generous cash advances for this auction. It is, quite frankly, shaping up to be a blockbuster event! To inquire about selling within this auction, call Josh Nathanson or Douglas Gillock at 718-246-0400. SportsCardLink is a full service exchange and brokerage house for vintage, investment quality sports cards.

Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers of vintage sports cards the most comprehensive and secure buying and selling environment in the industry. We pride ourselves on our vast experience in the collectibles industry, extensive client base of collectibles buyers, and a reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism. Though the web site is automated for your convenience, customer service is a top priority and the SportsCardLink staff is accessible to answer your questions throughout every weekday.

SportsCardLink functions similar to our sister company, ComicLink. Established on the Internet in 1996, ComicLink is well-known throughout the collectibles industry for enabling sellers to obtain record-breaking prices and for bringing buyers a wide selection of the best vintage items for their collections. As many collectors know, there is considerable crossover between the sports card and comic book industry, and over our 14 years in business we have nurtured strong relationships with many clients that buy and sell both vintage comic books and vintage sports cards. We are proud to offer the following sports card services:

The Internet Sports Card Exchange TM, also referred to as the For Sale section, works like the stock market – it is a bid/ask system where sellers list available items at a set asking price. Interested buyers can either place a buy order at the asking price in order to secure the desired item or submit a bid (that is, make an offer below the asking price) in hopes that the seller is willing to negotiate. An order is filled when item availability is confirmed and both parties agree on price.

Outright Purchase Option
We will also assist sellers that need immediate cash for their graded sports cards or vintage sports card collections by purchasing them outright and issuing immediate payment.

Top Credentials

SportsCardLink President Josh Nathanson is a lifetime sports card and comic book collector, and has transacted in tens of millions of dollars worth of vintage collectibles. Nathanson is also founder and CEO of ComicLink, bringing together buyers and sellers of vintage comic books and original comic art. Nathanson was selected for Gemstone Publishing’s Diamond Dialogue and Scoop “Star Collector” interview in 2005, a privilege shared by the most honored collecting aficionados. He graduated Cornell University in 1995 with a bachelors degree in Business Management and Marketing, soon after which he worked on Wall Street for a trading subsidiary of Barclays bank and then decided to pursue his passion for collectibles full-time. Nathanson received an MBA in Marketing in 1999 from Long Island University at CW Post, where he received the Dean’s Award for graduating first in the University’s MBA class of 1999.

SportsCardLink Operations Manager Tomis Erb has been working in the collectibles industry for 20 years and is skilled in operations management. Erb performed quality assurance for VUE, Pearson’s digital test publishing unit, and was production manager at a high volume Kinko’s branch. Erb graduated magna cum laude in business administration from Regis University in Colorado and attended the Grand Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Jouy-en-Josas, France for his MBA program at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota

Daily/Weekly Auctions

(*) Indicates Auction in Progress
(*) JG Autographs: May 26 - June 1
(*) Steve Novella: May 26 - June 1
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: May 21 - June 2-3
(*) NBA Auctions: May 28 - June 3
(*) Sirius Sports Cards: May 24 - June 3
(*) Steve Novella: May 28 - June 3
(*) Lelands: May 9 - June 4
(*) Detroit City Sports: May 29 - June 5
(*) Goldin Auctions: May 28 - June 5
(*) MEARS Auctions: May 28 - June 5
(*) CollectibleXChange: April 28 - June 6
(*) The Collector Connection: May 19 - June 6
(*) Sirius Coins: May 15 - June 6
(*) Auction of Champions: May 26 - June 7
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: May 27 - June 7
(*) Hindman Auctions: May 17 - June 8
JG Autographs: June 2 - June 8
(*) Clean Sweep Auctions: May 12 - June 9
Kevin Savage Cards: June 1 - June 9-10
(*) MeiGray Auctions: May 24 - June 9-10
NBA Auctions: June 4 - June 10
(*) Iconic Auctions: June 3 - June 12
(*) Classic Auctions: May 24 - June 15
JG Autographs: June 9 - June 15
(*) RR Auction: May 25 - June 16
Kevin Savage Cards: June 4 - June 16-17
(*) Heritage Auctions: May 24 - June 17
NBA Auctions: June 11 - June 17
Sirius Sports Cards: June 7 - June 17
REA: June 10 - June 20
Auction of Champions: June 9 - June 21
Kevin Savage Cards: June 10 - June 21
JG Autographs: June 16 - June 22
Kevin Savage Cards: June 14 - June 23-24
NBA Auctions: June 18 - June 24
RR Auction: June 17 - June 24
Sterling Sports Auctions: June 10 - June 24
Grey Flannel Auctions: June 4 - June 26
Heritage Auctions: June 4 - June 26
Iconic Auctions: June 19 - June 26
Goldin Auctions: June 7 - June 26-27
Pristine Auction: June 1 - June 27
Lelands: June 13 - June 27
Kevin Savage Cards: June 18 - June 28
JG Autographs: June 23 - June 29
Kevin Savage Cards: June 22 - June 30
NBA Auctions: June 25 - July 1
Sirius Sports Cards: June 21 - July 1
MEARS Auctions: June 29 - July 3
Auction of Champions: June 23 - July 5
SCP Auctions: June 23 - July 9
Memory Lane Inc: June 21 - July 10
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