SportsCardLink March Featured Auction is Underway

This first SportsCardLink Featured Auction of 2012 is underway!  The auction features important sports cards from the late 1880’s to the mid 1990’s, with a tremendous range of low, middle and high grade cards that will be sure to excite any sportscard collector.  Of particular note is a spectacular NM/MT 8 example of the 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth card #181. This waist up pose pictures the greatest hero of them all on a razor sharp gem that will improve any collection in the world!

The great batsmen Ty Cobb and Ted Williams are also well represented in the auction, with 4 separate T206 Ty Cobbs available: NM 7 “Bat Off Shoulder” and EX/MT 6 “Bat On Shoulder” varieties, as well as 2 “Red Background” Portraits in very presentable grades.  The Ted Williams cards include a PSA 8 NM/MT 1940 Play Ball screamer, a PSA Mint 9 1950 Bowman and an 88 NM/MT 1955 Topps “DoubleHeader”, a card that just doesn’t come up for sale too often.

Other key cards include a scarce 1887 Kalamazoo Bat card of Joseph Fogarty, a tough E102 “Anonymous Set of 25” card of the great Honus Wagner, 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter NM 84 examples of the Mike “King” Kelly and John Montgomery Ward cards, numerous Michael Jordan rookie cards, and SO MANY MORE!

Two Special Collections:

SportsCardLink is honored to have been chosen as the auction company to sell the greatest set of 1971 Topps Basketball cards in the hobby – an astounding 33 examples offered in this auction are the Highest Graded, with a total of 16 of them in PSA 10 Gem Mint holders!  This group of cards simply defies the eyes and mind, as the cards are so incredibly bright and fresh that they must be seen to be believed.  Spectacular “1 of 1” PSA 10’s include the Rookie card of Boston Celtic Hall of Fame great Dave Cowens  and the NBA Scoring Average Leader card which pictures Lew Alcindor, John Havlicek and Elvin Hayes.  Wow!

The 2nd very special find that’s being offered in this auction is a remarkable collection of over 80 late 1920’s to 1930’s Zeenut cards, with over 50 of the cards still with the original coupon intact!  As any collector of minor league or P.C.L. cards can attest, the Zeenuts are some of the scarcest and most sought after regional cards in the hobby.  Every card in this collection has been professionally graded, with many of the offerings existing now as the Highest Graded examples in the hobby.

Many More Seldom Offered Cards:

Other important clusters include cards from 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter, 1908 E102 Anonymous, 1909-11 T206 White Border, 1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders, 4 high grade cards from the 1951 Ringside Boxing Set, including a “1 of 1” PSA 9, a powerful selection of PSA 8 1954 Red Hearts, a sampling of key 1980’s – present cards including several ultra-high grade Michael Jordan rookies, and many other 1950’s to 1970’s PSA 9’s and 10’s from Topps card sets.

The auction also includes numerous graded lots, partial sets, and ultra-high grade cards for set builders.  There are highly ranked PSA Registry sets of 1952 Bowman Small Football, 1955 Bowman Football, 1955 Topps “Rails to Sails” Non-Sport set and an incredible, eye-popping set of the beautiful 1945 Mutoscope Artist Pin-Ups, all highly graded by PSA.  A small but powerful memorabilia section includes a stunning collection of baseball Hall of Famer single signed baseballs as well as an actual Hank Aaron signed baseball from the game Aaron tied Babe Ruth for the All-Time Career Home Run record.  The ball was signed by Hank on that very day, April 4th, 1974!

SCL Consignment Director Chris Porterstated, “This 5th SportsCardLink auction shows that SportsCardLink has arrived.  Collectors are able to bid in a truly competitive environment for the items that will enhance their collections.  Sellers have realized that the efficient process that SportsCardLink utilizes which combines the best qualities of standard auctions with the best qualities of ebay, makes for the ideal selling environment.”

This is the first of four sports card and memorabilia auctions that SportsCardLink will hold in 2012, and we hope that you will take a moment to register for this high quality auction.  It’s going to be an event to remember and this truly is an auction with something for every card collector!”

The March 2012 Auction can be viewed on SportsCardLink’s state-of the-art website at SportsCardLink is actively seeking consignments for their next auction of graded sports cards for the Featured Auction planned for June of this year. To inquire about consigning or with any other questions about this auction, contact Chris Porter (ext. 104, Josh Nathanson (ext. 101) or Douglas Gillock (ext. 102) at 617-517-0072!

The Auction will close on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012. also offers a full-service Sports Card Exchange and brokerage service for vintage, investment quality sports cards.  New cards are added daily by registered sellers and sellers may apply to be a registered seller at any time via the web site.

SCL Consignment Director Chris Porter stated, “This initial SportsCardLink auction of 2012 should serve to cement in collector’s minds the viability of our way of doing things.  Collectors are able to bid with confidence, in a truly competitive environment for the items that will enhance their collections, without worrying about competing against the house or its employees.  Sellers are realizing that the efficient process that SportsCardLink utilizes, which takes the best qualities of specialty auctions and the best qualities of ebay, makes for the ideal selling environment — one that truly maximizes their net take after the sale.”

With the first auction of 2012 now underway, SportsCardLink turns it’s attention to consignment-gathering for our June Featured Auction. The growing preview for this auction will be posted soon, and we encourage early consignments with preferential advertising exposure, better consignment rates, and very aggressive cash advance offers! We offer many selling benefits, including competitive consignment rates, generous interest-free cash advances, and the ability to pay for auction purchases entirely or in part with consignments to a future auction. Call Chris Porter (extension 104), Josh Nathanson (extension 101) or Douglas Gillock (extension 102) at 617-517-0072, or e-mail to see what we can do for you!

SportsCardLink also offers a full-service Sports Card Exchange and brokerage service for vintage, investment quality sports cards. New cards are added daily by registered sellers and sellers may apply to be a registered seller at any time via the web site.

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